If Tyell Morton goes to prison it’s because he’s black.

Some of you may know the name Tyell Morton and some of you might not. He is a teenager who played a prank at school which might land him with eight years in jail. No one was killed and no one was injured (physically or mentally) by his actions but because of the fear created by the fact he was seen carrying a package into a girls bathroom and then leaving with nothing means he may end up spending time in jail as a terrorist because it was feared he had planted a bomb. The package he was carrying was an inflatable sex doll. A bomb squad were called and they found not a package lying on the floor, but a blow up doll. Had anyone else seen it, it would have been reported as a prank. But because CCTV operators had seen him they’d gone to town and called the bomb squad. OK in their defence they did the sensible thing but upon finding out that it wasn’t a bomb surely the kid should have been left to be punished by the head teacher of the school. Instead Tyell, who is described as “normally well behaved” (surely that’s like character testimony to the good?) was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief.

His school, rather than supporting him or trying to get the charges dropped have instead turned their back on him. He has been banned from school grounds and will miss his graduation because he’s being held in custody.

Rush County Prosecutor Phil Caviness says that he has no sympathy for the teenager because, “the post-Columbine world has created a zero tolerance stance in the community.”

Would that be the same Columbine where Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 people and injured countless others by leaving a blow up doll in a toilet, or am I mistaken?

As far as I can see, this teenager is a naïve and foolish lad. He’s not a terrorist or a bomber or a threat to the security of his school. He’s just a kid who thought he’d win some kudos with his mates by making some girls scream at the sight of a sex toy. It’s not even a good practical joke, on the whole it’s pretty crap.

If he is convicted and jailed I can see only one reason for it, because he’s a black kid in America. Barack Obama should get involved because this new America with it’s Black president shouldn’t be the racist, divided country of old. This kid needs freeing, America knows it can do the right thing. You can America, yes you can.


Congratulations to Charlieissocoollike.

I have to say congratulations to Charlieissocoollike for becoming the first Brit on YouTube to reach 1m subscribers. He’s been a guy who has entertained me on YouTube for the past couple of years and he thoroughly deserves to reach this amazing milestone. Well done Charlie, keep making those vids kidda and we’ll all keep watching.

On an almost polar opposite youtube matter, my latest video has hit an all time low for videos on my channel. Despite having 281 subscribers and 1,312 friends on YouTube this latest offering of mine has managed to achieve only 10 views in 2 days. I have toyed with the idea of stopping making videos for about a year now. I have considered closing my channel or just keeping it just to watch the people I’m subscribed to and I think based on this latest failure of mine to keep even my tiny audience entertained I no longer need to consider doing it, I have to do it. The people have spoken… with their feet. They’ve gone and deserted my channel. But let’s face it. My channel has lacked any direction or entertaining content for months and months now. I enjoy making videos, but no one enjoys watching them anymore.

Why are we subjected to news about Pippa Middleton?

I’m sure, before I write this, that Pippa Middleton never asked the world to judge her ass at her sisters wedding as she bent over on TV before a worldwide audience. I’m sure before her sister married into our royal family that she never wanted fame, infamy, tabloid attention or arse pictures on Google images.

I don’t care about Pippa Middleton’s arse. It’s a nice enough arse but it’s nothing special. Remember, she sits on it and shits out of it. It’s just an arse and nothing special. She’s being made into something of a sex symbol and (I don’t want to be cruel) she aint one. She’s a nice looking woman but not stunning, not beautiful, just nice. She looks like every other woman you might see walking down the street in Bilston, Wolverhampton or Walsall (or anywhere in Britain to be honest).

The media seem to have learned from their murder of Princess Diana this: “William is getting married, if we hound his wife it’ll be seen to be the same old shit and we’ll look bad, let’s hound her sister instead, start with non-stop coverage of her arse, that’ll get peoples attention. Then we can chase her down the street on motorbikes as her drunk driver tries to shake us off.”

Now the news informs me with its “can I believe them or anything they say anymore?” informative way that Pippa Middleton has sacked her chap, she’s single, should we all care? This is now apparently news. As our soldiers die in Afghanistan and our RAF bomb Libya and as people lose their jobs and the NHS is being fucked and liberals and Tories rub bell-ends so we no longer can bear the cheesy stench of government; whether or not some woman who no one had heard of only months ago is considering moving abroad and likes to watch the tennis is single seems to be elevated to a level of importance as to be vomit inducing.

I don’t care about Pippa Middleton, she’s a party organiser who was born in Reading. She’s not a celebrity, a creative beacon, a national treasure, a proven business success, a philanthropist, the curer of AIDS and Cancer, the first woman on the moon, an organ donor, the defeater of injustice, or Princess Diana reincarnated. She’s an in-law, nothing more, nothing less.

Miami Police can kill a man with excessive force and pull a gun on a civilian for filming it.

It won’t have made any news here in the UK, but it certainly has made some waves in the United States. Here is a video that shows shocking police brutality against (what is not surprising in the United States) a black man. The story simply goes… The guy driving the car had earlier that day hit a police officer, or as they describe it, had used his car as a weapon against law enforcement officers. OK that’s a crime, hit and run is an offence. You can understand as one of their own has been hurt they are upset and want the guy arrested. But to stop his car and then unload all 15 bullets from their standard issue Glock 22’s (thanks AmazingAtheist for that statistic) is just killing overkill with overkill. It’s insane; nothing about this story makes any sense at all. The police reaction is such a violent and mindless one. These aren’t the actions of people who ‘serve and protect’. These police officers don’t uphold the law, they think they are above it and according to reports they’re getting away with it too. I can’t help thinking if that was a white kid in the car, maybe with a rich daddy, he might have been gently cuffed and lead away for the puppet questioning before being bailed for twenty quid, and then the charges getting dropped and an apology being issued. This story is fucking disgusting. America is such a great country in so many ways – sport, medical breakthroughs, technological advances, commerce, entertainment etc but a big pile of shit of a country when it comes to fairness or justice, especially for black people. That guy was someone’s son/brother/friend/father/husband (delete as applicable) but to these scum bags he’s target practise. A life lost and for what? It really is shocking. His death is murder, and several policemen are to blame. Will they ever be brought to trial? I doubt it. If that happened in Britain and was recorded and televised the shit would hit the fan and some cops would be going to jail. No doubt about that. But then we don’t arm our police to the teeth or have a fear of brown people that is integral to who we are.

Here is the video to watch if you want. It contains gun fire and a copper pointing a gun at the man filming it, be warned if easily upset.

Here is a short news story containing quotes from the guy who did the filming. 

A week I needed.

Anyone who follows my blog or tweets knows that I’m a bit of a depressive looking at the negative side of life. Well this last week I’ve done as much as I can to remedy the situation. The major factor it appears is alcohol, I do enjoy a drink. I like to think of myself as a functioning alcoholic but honestly that would be disrespectful to all of those people who suffer with chronic alcohol use. Anyway, this week I took the time to avoid alcohol on any school nights, with last Monday being a bank holiday I managed to get plenty down my neck on Sunday evening but this Sunday being a proper school night I’m keeping clear. Last week felt much longer as a result but it’s much clearer in my head. At night rather than simply sit in front of my cranky old PC wasting time playing Cityville (or watching it freeze every ten seconds) or watching Youtube videos with half a dozen cans of Export I actually did stuff, boring stuff, but still stuff that I wouldn’t normally do. I tidied the house properly, man that layer of dust in the living room looked more noticeable through sober eyes. I started reading again, I even had a go at writing – jeez it’s been a while, I started and broke the back of Red Dead Redemption (yes I am that far behind in gaming terms) and managed to sup my way through those Twinings teabags that I brought with good intensions (to drink instead of beer) after of course carefully dusting them off too.

I’m hoping that I can keep this up. I’m taking it a day at a time of course. Only having a few on Fridays and Saturdays will mean I can look forward to and enjoy a drink like normal people, and it’ll mean I can reconnect with my family and friends who have been severely neglected by yours truly over the last year or two.

6 months ago I quit smoking and haven’t touched a single cigar since. I mean I’ve wanted too on several thousand occasions but I’ve avoided it. If I can do this too my health should benefit too and maybe I can lose some weight cus the late night munchies after too much beer isn’t doing me any favours either. Here’s to sobriety. Good health each.