My End of Season Predictions 2012 (aka Keep The Faith Wolves Brothers!)

Last year I wrote some end of season predictions for Wolves and was mostly wrong. It doesn’t matter. It’s like any predicting or gambling, it happens or it doesn’t. At work I play in a league of five people on the talksport predictor league and often get everything wrong. But like anyone I enjoy a punt or a gamble and I’m sure you do to. So here are my predictions for the coming season under the stewardship of Terry Connor.

We are overdue pasting someone so I reckon against Fulham we’ll score four or five and win easily. Home to Blackburn we’ll win and then Man Utd will beat us at Molineux the week after. Norwich away is a point but we could get robbed, Bolton at home is a must win and I think we will. Stoke away is tough but a point wouldn’t surprise me (but don’t be surprised if we lose), Arsenal at home we’ll lose unless they go a man down like at the Emirates then it’s anyone’s guess. Sunderland away we need to get something, Man City at home is a zero pointer and then Swansea away, Everton at home and Wigan away are all winnable. In total I reckon we can pick up about 18-20 points and add that to what we have now (22pts) and we’d finish with around 40-42 points. Yes I know everyone will say that my predictions are hopeful, they are. But I reckon 35-36 points will keep us up so we are allowed a few little stumbles along the way too.

Keep the faith Wolves fans! TC is here to save the day!


Bail outs, public sector cuts and free mugs for kids.

The current Conservative (with a pinch of Lib Dem) government has proven time and time again that it isn’t working and it isn’t offering any positive benefits to the people of this country. The fact that the Tories have to pander occasionally (very occasionally) to Nick Clegg and his rag tag army of clowns and idiots only slightly waters down their usual centre right, look after the rich, fuck the poor, privatise everything attitude that they have had since the year dot.

They’ve protected b(w)ankers by mortgaging taxpayers for the next fifty years by bailing out the banks (OK Labour has to take some of this blame) but they have done nothing substantial to quell the big business, large bonus attitude of the city of London or in banking establishments. Why? Because they are all in bed together, they are mates, or they are getting paid well as advisors by these people. Wow, democracy in action. Fairness and equality for everyone? No wonder they hate socialism, the idea that they share some of this wealth with the rest of us makes them sick, it’s there money NOT YOURS! I know slavery was outlawed many, many years ago but the poor and the working classes are still stuck in a slavery like poverty trap where they do the lowest paid jobs (and pay the taxes) and are told to be grateful and it’s these people who own the majority of British wealth that engineer society to be that way. It stinks.

This government whilst cutting health spending and police officer numbers have overseen public riots like we haven’t seen for twenty years and an increase in unemployment that we haven’t seen since Thatcher. Then they blame yob culture, drug and alcohol abuse and the welfare state that has molly cuddled people into feeling it owes them a living. This is bullshit. Of course there will always be examples of ‘Next on Jeremy Kyle’ people and families who do sit at home smoking weed and popping out kids as we all stand by and pay for it, but most people on the dole are normal people wanting to work, with bills to pay, who can’t find work that pays them well enough to cover all of there outgoings. Some jobs offer grown men with mortgages, a wife and kids stupidly low wages to work full time, do you really expect a man in this situation to work for £15k-17k-20k a year? Its 2012 not 1986! It’s called inflation! The way out of recession is spending, not cuts, yes in the short term the debt will get bigger but if we’d have let some of these rich assholes and banks collapse rather than saving them we could have spent our way out of recession and not been any worse off.

Right, my reason for all of this ranting: This is a specific and hopefully isolated event but I doubt it very much. I’m sure I could search the local news up and down the UK and find more examples (if you know of any let me know in a comment). Woking Borough Council have decided that they are going to spend (up to) £27k on commemorative mugs to celebrate the Queens 60 years on the throne and give them away free to kids in local schools as mementos. Most kids I know would find this the coolest thing on the planet, a mug with the Queens face on it. I bet they’ll all be walking around with them on show, like gang bling, for years to come!

I jest of course. When I heard this I was stunned; as nurses are being given their P45’s, kids in Woking are getting a mug that will get smashed, lost or end up in a cupboard or attic for the next decade or two. Why? What does this serve? Surely that £27k would be better spent on a nurse who could save and better lives rather than on this hopeless idea. If money exists for this kind of bollocks it exists to create jobs or alleviate poverty here in Britain. I love the monarchy, I think they do a great job, but I reckon even the Queen would agree that at this time this kind of spending by a public body such as Woking Borough Council is a total waste of money.

Good old Tories – what will you do next?

You saw someone you know online…. WELL DONE. Have a biscuit!

“People who act like idiots because I’m on WordPress blogging, twitter tweeting and youtube uploading utter shite annoy me. I know I’m on youtube and twitter thanks very much and I’m not ashamed or bothered by it, if I was I wouldn’t do it would I you fucking cretinous, blob-like, bearded, unwashed, brain-dead, inbred, soulless, jobsworthy, bunch of effing clowns!”

Ahhhh I’ve wanted to say that for a while.

I’ve found that as time passes and so more and more people in my real life know that I’m active online, I’ve found myself in situations where I find people treading around the issue of youtube, twitter or wordpress. I ask why?

They are all free platforms for expression and so I use them. Not for any specific topic or reason, I just find the whole process fun. Take making a youtube video such as… er let’s pluck one of mine out and let me talk about it…. Say

I enjoy the process of coming up with an idea, which usually happens at work during a particularly tedious conversation with a customer about o-rings or thread gauges or the diesel he uses and the friend of a friend of a friend who can take the red out of agricultural diesel… (Really mate? You’re full of shit…. Bullshit… bullshit industries! Ta da!)

I enjoy writing it. Yeah I write it. Or at least I have an idea of what I want to say and do and make a few notes that are stuck around out of site to keep my beer addled brain focused.

I enjoy the process of filming a youtube video which usually consists of moving a sofa to film against a wall or sitting on a sofa so I can do a rambling talking head. Then I take an old tripod from a telescope I had as a kid (that my camera just happens to fit) and hey presto, I’m Martin fucking Scorsese! I enjoy getting it right and getting it wrong and then editing all of the footage together. I enjoy uploading it and seeing those early hits and early comments.

The video in question has amassed an amazing viewership of 131 views in about 20 months. The effort involved cannot be equated in views, it just can’t. If I sat down and looked at statistics I’d never make any videos but hits aren’t important. I’ve never made a youtube video for popularity; I’ve always done it because I had an idea I wanted to share, that was it. Nowt more, nowt less. If I’d tried to explain that video idea for a laugh down the pub no one would get it, but as a finished video it works better (whether it’s funny or not is down to the viewer) and is in context. It’s odd and surreal and weird (sure) and I think it can only work as a visual piece rather than a joke.

I’m not an internet loser (well not much, hahaha)  because I don’t want attention thanks; and I don’t have too much time on my hands (honest!) I just fill the bored time with internet stuff (like right now ranting about all of it). And the fact that anyone can see it doesn’t interest me at all. Leave a comment and move on, or unsubscribe and fuck off. It really doesn’t matter either way.

Now go and subscribe and follow and stop being a penis!


The Value of Nothing

Some people are hard work and do you know why? They only speak in money. They cannot speak in life or people or relationships or fun in any other medium than money.

With me? No… Let me explain, and I bet you all know at least one person like I’m talking about, (they are usually small businessmen or sons of small businessmen who only know daddies wing and live under it until he hands them a company he can sink into the ground with the obvious incompetence that a 2:2 in Geography can offer.)

They cannot talk about LIFE because they have no understanding of it. Sure they can talk about the walk they took up a hill but not from a point of view of “I’M ALIVE!” It’s usually from the point of view of, “IT’S COST ME £25 IN PETROL TO GET HERE AND £8 IN SANDWICHES AT THE SUMMIT SHOP. So soulful, you’ll fucking agree.

They cannot talk about PEOPLE because they hate everyone, you, me, their friends, families, loved ones. They are selfish. But not normal selfish like we are when we’re tucking into a plate of cake, they are selfish because they are angry at there dad for spending their “inheritance” on a holiday to New Orleans or Florida. Yes folks I’ve recently learned this new and depraved level of the spoiled, selfish, twattish person that some people exude. I heard a son of small business owner (a guy who’s worked hard for what he has only for his son to say…) “Dad, can you die and stop spending the millions you’ve earned so I can have millions too?” Sickening, inhuman, twisted, Satanic. But not unexpected or shocking.

They cannot talk about RELATIONSHIPS because every relationship they have is built around lies and deceit and gain. Sure they love people but not for themselves, there value to them is the cash they are holding or leaving them. It’s true! Parents and kids and sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers are just commodities to these people. I feel sick even thinking about them.

They cannot talk about FUN, because they’ve never had any, ever. Everything has a cost or a price, everyone is a prick or at least lesser than they are…

Yes I’m talking about small businessmen. They might have money but they don’t know how to save it or spend it or begin to enjoy it. They throw it around haphazardly and look to people with none to give them credibility with smiles and applause and sycophantic gush.

Good luck to them, they’re rich, but they are certainly not happy. They know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

I know when I think of family or friends I think of people, when I think of lost loved ones I miss them and I sometimes cry, no shame in that, I loved them.

But small businessmen… they are just the worst example of humans on the planet. They know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Nothing.

Mick McCarthy – Thanks For The Memories.

I have to be honest and say that in the days before we lost so heavily to West Brom and then sacked Mick I had started to turn on him and moan that we were “Stuck With Mick” it appears I was wrong, we aren’t stuck with him any more and I now feel sad that he’s gone. The club I love and support felt like it had started to go into meltdown after Steve Morgan in his infinite Scouse wisdom had gone into the dressing room after the Liverpool game and started ranting at players in front of Mick, thus undermining him. I think the win at QPR is incidental as they had ten men and let’s face it, are very, very poor at the moment. Things weren’t right at Camp Molineux, maybe something more juicy and meaty had happened behind closed doors that we know nowt about.

But let’s ask ourselves, as Wolves fans, ‘why are we angry about being bottom three?’ Is it because the Premiership position we feel we so richly deserve was being taken from us by a man who’s abilities had turned a championship club with no players or direction or hope into a Premier league team who’ve managed to struggle but compete in said Premiership for two full seasons? Cus that’s what’s happened! We’ve sacked the architect of our success.

‘Success?’ Yes success. Mick McCarthy saved the club at least three more years of playing Championship football and gave us some great memories which I shall get on to shortly. In his first season (06-07) he managed to make a team made of begged, stolen and borrowed players along with some youth team members and the 14 or so pro’s we had left reach the play offs. We finished fifth with 76 pts in a league where we had previously (with full squads of players) struggled to reach a top 6 finish. He was truly Mick the fucking Merlin! I still don’t know how he did it and I’m pretty sure that Derren Brown and that guy who lived in a box for ten weeks or what ever don’t know the secret to that trick either. Of course we all know we missed out on the play offs to Watford the year after on goal difference but hey! 5th, 7th. Not bad for a manager with a transfer budget as big as your average kids lunch money!

And now for the great memories.

A lot of the footballing memories we have are single games, and this blog will be no different, but the 2008-09 season is a year long, season long memory that we all cherish. It was like the olden days (which for me where the 1987-1989 years when we won two league titles and the Sherpa Van trophy) and we had Sylvain E-scores loads on fire. It truly was party time for all footie fans in Wolverhampton and Mick will never know the joy he gave the city. It was truly, fucking, magnificent.

Our first top flight season will live in the memory of us all as our best league finish for a few decades. Fifteenth might be terrible for many people but for us it was our first top flight survival since the very early 80’s and we notched a nice double over Tottenham Hotspur too (and we aint seen the like of it since!)

The second season will become the season of legend, mostly because we are now on the edge of a very steep cliff and about to fall off it and we need something to hold on to. But it was again another fine season of struggling and heartbreak but some ‘god damn it’ great results. Taking points off the teams around you in a relegation battle is a must, but taking them off the top teams is unlikely, we managed to turn this philosophy on its head and we lost to shite teams but ate up so called great teams for lunch. Invincible Man Utd came to Wolves and they lost for the first time that season. We even gave them a goal head start. We beat Man City earlier in the season too 2-1 and also grabbed great results against Chelsea at home (1-0) Liverpool away (1-0) Villa away (1-0) and dunked Albion at home (3-1). But most importantly we stayed up and these results went a long way to us achieving that. (18 of our 40 pts came in these 6 games alone.) This season also gave us our first full England international since Steve Bull in 1990. Matty Jarvis came on as a replacement for Jack Wilshere with 23 minutes left to go against Ghana at Wembley in March 2011. It’s nice to see your own playing for your country and I know every Wolves fan enjoyed it.

And so I’m now talking about this season, with 13 games left to play I know we’ll talk about it for one reason and one reason alone and that is the sacking of Mick. The man who made all of the other stuff I just talked about happen. Will we stay up or won’t we? At this stage we just don’t know, but I’m hopeful… the groundwork has been done, by Mick McCarthy. We’re in a troublesome but not impossible situation; let’s not forget that this season we have managed to take points away from home against Arsenal and Spurs, teams who we’d expect to lose against. Mick left us those two points right there. If we stay up by the odd one or two points we can raise a glass to Mick and say, thanks for those.

Jez Moxey said in his statement today after he had sacked Mick, “The thought process is when you look back over the last 22 matches, where we’ve only picked up 14 points, we honestly looked ourselves in the mirror and thought that unless we made a change there was a sense of inevitably about our plight.” OK, that’s 0.64 points per game. Make sure we average more than that per game for the rest of the season Jez cus if we don’t questions will be asked of you and Steve Morgan too. Relegation is a possibility but not a certainty… right now. We could fly upwards or downwards quickly after your decision to sack Mick. You’ve rolled the dice Jez.

But what is a certainty is Mick McCarthy’s legend status at Molineux whatever has happened today. Build on his foundations and build well, or he’ll be the guy who gave us those years of football no one can replicate. It’s up to the club now, the players the board and whoever we take on in Mick’s place.

As a fan I know managers come and go, as do boards and owners, but we’re the guys who are around forever. You can’t sack us the fans just because you don’t like what we are doing or saying. We’re here to stay. We moan and whinge, we celebrate and shout and sing, we’re always doing something to keep you on your toes. Jez and Steve I hope you know where you are steering the Good Ship Molineux.

UP THE WOLVES and thanks Mick, thanks for the memories. Good luck to you in what ever you do next. You were a great manager and a great character and you always seemed like a bloody good bloke. As a Wolves fan I wish you all the best and plenty of success in whatever you choose to do next. Take it easy dude.


A win at last, now bring on the Albion.

To see Wolves come back from behind to get the spoils on Saturday against QPR was superb, not just because we were losing and we came back, but after the week the club had had prior to it following the 3-0 home defeat to Liverpool and then the much publicised Steve Morgan rant at the players in front of McCarthy in the dressing room.

The win has taken us back out of the relegation zone and hopefully we won’t have to drop back in there any time soon (at least this season anyway). It’s a win that should offer a lot of confidence to the players and the fans. I know it doesn’t solve the issues that fans are feeling at the moment but to see the players show some resolve and to see Doyle finally notch a goal this season will surely help everyone (players and fans) start to realise that we are good enough to stay up and Mick is still the man to do that job (without any input from Morgan, thanks very much!)

We’ve certainly shown a few flashes of brilliance this season with points away at Arsenal and Spurs when no one thought we had a chance in hell of taking anything. We saw a brilliant display from the team in the first half against Villa to come back from 1-0 down to being 2-1 up at half time (the second half we now need to conveniently forget) and the same against Liverpool, despite looking a little jittery on occasions the first half against Liverpool was a decent performance and we went in at half time 0-0 with at least some hope of taking something from the game. Let’s not forget that Wolves have now taken more points after coming from behind than any other team in this seasons Premiership, a stat that proves the players never give up, and a stat Mick needs to reiterate to them.

So far this campaign Wolves have played vital home games that should have been winnable against QPR, Swansea, Stoke and Aston Villa and they’ve lost, drawn, lost and lost respectively, we should have won them all. That’s 11 points dropped lads. This coming weekend we take on the Albion and we can start to put that dismal home record right… that and we owe them! We owe them for there win at the Hawthorns earlier this season and despite all the doom and gloom around the Wolves at the moment there is not a lot between us and the Albion at the moment.

Look at Albion’s last five games (in all competitions): They lost at home to Swansea, drew away at Fulham, lost at home to Norwich in the cup, won away at Stoke and lost again at home to Norwich this time in the league. In there last 7 Premiership games they have picked up 1 win and only five points.

Now look at the Wolves last five games (in all competitions): We beat QPR away, lost at home to Liverpool and Aston Villa, lost to Blues in the FA Cup at home in a replay and then gained an awesome point away at Spurs having lead during the match. In our last 7 Premiership games we’ve picked up 1 win and six points.

Add to this the fact that it’s a derby day and we’re at home I feel we’ll give them a great game and come out on top. I know the fans have been on the managers and the players backs for a while now, but this is different, it’s Albion at Molineux. The entire home crowd will be behind the Wolves and they’ll be the 12th man that roars you all to victory. I really do fancy us to win by two or three clear goals, and a clean sheet would be nice too!

Come on Wolves, give Mick a birthday treat (Feb 7th he’s 53) and stuff the Baggies, do it for him, do it for us, but most of all do it for 3 more lovely points on the board!