Who’s to blame? Wolves are going down and we need scapegoats!

Wolves 2-3 Bolton.

What the fuck? What the fuck is going on?

What happened to Molineux? What about winning at home? An Englishman’s home is his castle you know, so Molineux is Steve Morgan’s prison! By deduction.

Where are our clean sheets? Sid the shitty shitting shit artist who suffers chronic night time sleep induced shits has cleaner sheets than us! When did we last have a clean sheet in the Premier league? I mean we managed a 0-0 with Blues in the FA Cup in January but in the Premiership it was…. Oh man… it’s on the tip of my tongue… (When was it?) Go back to September and we beat Millwall 5-0 in the League cup… but that still aint Premier league… when was it… Oh yeah!

0-0 away at Aston Villa, that was it, August 2011. We’d won our first two league games and then after a 4-0 league cup win against Northampton we got a point at Villa Park that took us to top of the Premier league for a tiny while. I remember now. FUCKING HELL!

So we’re bottom of the fucking league, we’re six points behind 19th place. Six points, two wins away from still being relegated. Our goal difference is -35, that’s 9 goals worse off than Wigan Athletic who are 19th. We have seven games left out of which we will get zero points, maybe one or two in our dreams. Yes we are almost Derby County!

Let’s not waste a week, a day or a moment. We are a championship team. Terry Connor, the suffering Terry Connor needs first, an honour bestowed on him by the club for doing this job that no one wanted under Steve Morgan, and secondly he needs, for the best of the club, to ask the players who wants to stay and who wants to go and start getting the transfer ball rolling for the summer (Terry needs to go too, and will, he needs to be a coach). We are going to lose Fletcher without a doubt, Doyle may go to try and save his international career, Jarvis may go but then again he may not, the same with Kightly and big lad Wayne Hennessey will certainly go unless of course he sees an immediate return to the Prem with us. Roger Johnson should be given taxi money to the nearest Wetherspoons and told to fuck off, what a waste of money and what a fucking let down. Every time he pulls on the shirt I’ve felt let down, all season, he aint a captain. He’s a fucking loser. What ever he cost write it off and let him go, let some other club deal with his bullshit and inability. But at least he’s consistent; he’s played in successive premiership relegation defences now. Good form Johnson, cement the proof that you are shit! Lanky streak of… BALL CHEESE! Every other player we can keep if we want them. Eggert, get the fuck in your car and drive off a cliff or prove me very wrong next season. Karl Henry et al get on with it chaps, take us back up, you know you can.

We need to plan now and not miss the boat when it comes to transfer targets and new managers. I know it’s early but our fate is sealed so accept it and prepare!

Then we can have the autopsy of the season ahead of doing it mid-May.

My Autopsy.

The fans: They booed and jeered from October onwards and they hoped for a pre-January transfer window sacking to give a new man a chance, but it never came, but they kept booing until Mick was sacked… after the transfer window. Well done! The booing is understandable but the small numbers of actual fans who stood outside Molineux after the Albion defeat, imbecilic. A bad manager who has been in this position before, two years running and knows the score, is better than a coach in charge (and I say that with the utmost respect for Terry Connor).

Mick McCarthy spent poorly: Mick spent a lot of cash, not as much as you see reported, but nevertheless a lot of cash. It was millions, but it was his squad and his team and they played for him. They stayed up two years running (no matter what you say about the last day stay up in the summer of 2011) and they beat some mighty fine teams too (one of them was invincible apparently!) Mick did his job, fans will breakdown his transfers and make up their own minds but still, he took us up, but never took us down. He was sacked for losing, not relegation. Remember that.

The players are hot and cold, from game to game, half to half, touch to touch: The explanation for why decent players suddenly start to play badly then good and then badly again is a mystery. But we can only guess that off the field and behind the scenes things took their attention such as a chairman storming into the dressing room or the sacking of a manager after a few fans protested a defeat; or maybe the uncertainty from fans patting them on the back and then booing them within minutes of a goal scored and a goal conceded.

Jez Moxey and Steve Morgan: Management speak, bullshit, hyperbole, looking like David Brent, all strings to Jez’s bow but we cannot blame a man who is a yes man. He is essentially Waylon Smithers to Morgan who is Mr Burns. Morgan has to carry the blame for the sacking of Mick he ultimately had the final decision. Mick would have been better to have in charge in a relegation dogfight, not Connor, he’d have had the players on side and owned the dressing room. We’d have had some fight and some spirit. Terry is trying hard and doing the best in a bad situation. A very bad situation.

So who do you blame? Fans, players, board?

I think we all have to carry a little bit of blame for the way we have reacted this season. It was our third season and we expected more.

But still I will remember this season simply for this – sacking a manager after the January transfer window had closed and then failing to have a replacement or find one and then having a chairman who became mute after appointing a coach from the club. Where is our big man chairman now? He aint saying much and we lost heavily to Man Utd and Fulham since the Albion debacle. He’s gone mute. Perhaps he’s waiting to offload us so he can attempt to buy his beloved Liverpool. Cus we are nothing but an investment to him, an entity to make cash. We’re not Stan Cullis, Billy Wright, Honved victory, John Richards, Bert Williams, Willie Carr, Emlyn Hughes, League Cup winners, FA Cup winners, Steve Bull, Sherpa van trophy winners, Graham Turner, out of darkness cometh light, Wolverhampton Wanderers. To him we’re – spend a tenner and make millions, short term business deal.

In football you can own a successful club and lose some money, or you can make money and watch a team struggle.

What kind of owner do we have?

Why are we bottom of the Premiership tonight?

Why are we blaming everyone else but the man who’s to blame?


P.S. Maybe lessons will be learned and next season we can see the start of something good, I hope so Steve Morgan, I hope so. 25+ years of support and I’ve never known weak leadership like this. Bring back Jack Hayward, that don’t sound so mad to me. Do what it takes, even if you have to finish off your precious stand and sell the club. Just give the fans their confidence in their club again and let us dream of 17th every season in the Premiership. That’s not a lot to ask.


My end of season predictions (redux)

OK so earlier this year I made some predictions, they were hopeful, I knew that when I made them, and now I want to edit them in light of our current form. Hindsight is an amazing thing I know but I reckon I can be more accurate now that we have a steady ship that just keeps on losing.

We have 22 pts, and 8 games left. 4 at home and 4 away. I’ll start with the home games (in order) then the away.


Bolton Wanderers. Winnable, but we’ll probably end up scraping a draw, but at least it’ll put an end to our losing streak.

Arsenal. No points, nothing more to say, they’ll beat us.

Man City. See Arsenal.

Everton. Maybe a glimmer of something but let’s be realistic, we’ll lose and we know it.


Stoke. They are too good at home for us to go and get anything at all. We’ll lose.

Sunderland. Here we can cause an upset by only allowing Sunderland to increase there goal difference by say two when they will be expecting four or five. We’ll lose.

Swansea. They should’ve beat is at Molineux, they will beat us away.

Wigan. The last game of the season and we’ll already be long relegated, they might still be fighting for survival so they’ll win because by then the entire playing squad and club will be so depressed we’ll simply capitulate from the whistle.

So in conclusion to my new predictions we’ll get (maybe) another point all season and end the season bottom of the league, with 23 points, relegated and to be honest we’ve earned it. The effort the players have given, the poor defending, a double defeat to The Shit, the dodgy board decisions, the failure to make the most of opportunities, expecting a goalkeeper to be your back four, all of this and the fact we have played some great football in 10 or 20 minute spurts in games we’ve gone on to lose because we switched off. We fucking earned bottom, the only position anyone is guaranteed no matter what. All of the hard work of everyone has amounted to a position that requires no effort at all.

For some reason the same squad that were top of the league after 3 games played is now bottom of the league and looking like whipping boys. Every club we have to play between now and the end of the season will see the game against us as an obvious 3 points for themselves. It’s time NOW to start rebuilding and looking to life in the Championship. The board need to start searching for candidates to take over from the awesome Terry Connor and they also need to make sure Terry has a job to return to at Molineux after this stint in charge. He has been a long serving and loyal staff member to Wolves and no one should forget that.

We all need to understand and realise one thing at Wolves. We aren’t a big club, we think we are, we need to earn the right to be as proud as we are. Yes it’s fair play to be proud of our history and the great players and teams of the past but we have to now stop and realise that if we want Premiership we have to earn it. Us the fans have to cut the manager and the players some slack. We cannot judge every pass or shot or throw in as “How we did it in the  50’s/70’s under Graham Turner” we cannot demand a season we aren’t capable of.

In the future Wolves fans we need to bring the best out of average players and greatness from those that are good with our support. Not our boo’s and our protests. We need to win our credibility back as fans too. At the moment we are the guys who boo and criticise everything, not the things that matter. We need to support the club, fuck everyone outside the club, and be a positive force again. It’s easy to sit in Molineux when you’re winning, it’s a great place, but it’s dire when you’re losing. We can make the club win again with our voices, our singing, our support. But it has to be unconditional support for a while, just to let a few cuts and bruises heal at the club.

We need to be supporters again.

46 games next year, let’s win at least 25 of them and bounce right back.


What are people searching for?

I’m a sucker for statistics. I love taking a nose through my wordpress stats to see how many hits I’m getting and from where and what kinds of searches on Google et al are bringing people to my site here. Well it’s frankly shocking what search terms are bringing traffic this way but what I find the most disturbing is the actual terms that people are sticking into there browsers to begin with. I will share some of the weirdest ones now and I promise they are all genuine search engine queries that have lead to a hit on my blog…

“Small Cock” – I have had 14 hits from this search query and frankly I find it very offensive.

“Is Stephen Merchant gay?” – 3 hits for this odd one. I think the answer is “No” but who cares… three of you I guess.

“Trick or fuck” – 3 hits from this one too. I suppose a fuck is a treat, so I can see where they are coming from, but why are they trick or treating Google?

“Dungaree strap tied” – Again 3 hits from this search query. The web is a global network of servers holding information and websites on millions of different subjects where thoughts and ideas are born and grow, where relationships have been created, where revolutions have been spawned… and a place where a few wieners have asked the question, “Dungaree strap tied” I don’t even know what they are getting at or trying to find.

“Everyone hates Nick Clegg” – Yes, Yes they do.

“Plane Hijackers” – Aye?

“Magots (spelt incorrectly) put down my Japs eye” – Get help. If you see creatures going into or coming out of any part of your body, don’t grab your laptop, get yourself down to an NHS walk in centre.

“If there are porn videos of Lorraine Kelly lets see them.” – Yeah, let’s see them, I’d watch it and so would you!

“Older women want sex in Bilston.” – Not with Bilstonjay they don’t so you won’t get to see me in any Lorraine Kelly porn videos.

“Ruby encrusted dildo comic relief” – This is my favourite one. I have no idea what the person searching for it was looking for or what they’d heard might exist at Anne Summers but I’m pretty sure that Comic Relief don’t use the money they raise on supplying any sort of sex aid to the third world, let alone ones with bling.

“Cock shock collar” – This is just bizarre.

I assure you all of the above search terms are real and are driving traffic to my little sweet and innocent blog. They are a little disturbing but like I said at the start, more worrying that people are searching for them in the first place than the fact they are finding my blog.

I’m still offended that ‘Small Cock’ has brought me so many hits. Is there anything that Google doesn’t know!!!!??


People Power Wins: No Bail Hostel For Moxley/Darlaston.

Congratulations to the people of Moxley and Darlaston who have fought plans for a bail hostel and have seen those plans changed by Walsall Council. The site of the former Moxley Infants School was earmarked to be the location of a new bail hostel to house various prisoners before their release back into society. Over 4000 people signed the petition against the hostel with 200 people taking part in a public protest last month to voice concerns and with over 300 people taking part in what was to be a protest this Saturday just gone by which turned into a celebration of the news that land will be put up for sale with a development brief that it should be used for housing.

This wonderful result is a great example to all that communities, families, friends, teachers, school kids and people in general still hold the balance of power and that if we all stand together there is nothing that we cannot do or achieve for the good of everyone.

In tonight’s Express & Star it says this is not the end and that the battle goes on until houses are built on the site. I say good for you Moxley and Darlaston.  You’ve won a victory that will help safeguard the community for years and decades to come.

Fair play to you all!

Falling out of love with Facebook.

I’m sick and tired of Facebook. It’s relevance to me has diminished slowly over time. The amount of time I spend on it has gone from all day to about five minutes here and there when I can be arsed.

Just as you get used to a layout or a way something works they change it, and now they are introducing this god awful timeline that makes us all look like extremely self important, self obsessed assholes with specific boxes on our profile for this likes and links and friends and we can move to a specific year in someone’s life and see “highlights,” what a pile of shit.

If we are friends with people on Facebook then surely we don’t need to communicate through it because we’ve got phone numbers and addresses so we can speak to and visit our friends. Facebook seems to me to be these days a way of managing your personality. Anyone can make themselves look interesting or charismatic or charming with Facebook. We all have one photo that we appear in that makes us look slim or attractive or happy, so we can use that as our profile picture. We can all select films and books and TV and other hobbies to look intelligent or well read or a film buff but is any of it really relevant? Really?

These days I find myself just playing games on Facebook and even then it’s out of sheer boredom not love.

The general public seem to like it and a few people who own the site are getting extremely rich from it, fair play to them. They probably hate the site as much as I do but have a vested interest.

Or perhaps I’m just a miserable bastard.

Wolves 0-5 Man Utd, we’re back baby! COME ON WOLVES! YOU CAN STAY UP!

I think today might have been a turning point for our club. The fans are back!

Singing their hearts out as they watch a poor performance against Man Utd as we conceded five goals again for the third time in the last five games but instead of silence or booing or chants against the club the fans turned into the super-fans we all know they are.

I’ve never heard quality football songs like the songs I’ve heard at the Molineux, Wolves fans are poets of the highest order when it comes to a good song that takes the piss out of themselves or the opponents. Today was no exception.

The first half was quiet and a few boos were to be heard as we went in 3-0 down but the second half was fabulous, totally fabulous. Not only did 10 men only concede 2 goals in 45 minutes against the Champions (rather than 3 like the first half) but the Wolves fans turned up.

“Who the fuck are Man Utd?” and “It’s like watching Bilbao!” sounded around Molineux and it just made me laugh out loud, a proper LOL for once. We lose to a team obviously better than us and then we compare our plight to Man Utd in the Europa League only days before… funny as fuck. Nice to remind the mighty how far they have fallen. Beating us means nothing to Manchester United but losing in a second tier European competition means everything, good call Wolves fans, and good song! Who the fuck are Man Utd anyway?

“You’ve only scored 5, you’ve only scored 5, how shit must you be, you’ve only scored 5!” Fulham did it, West Brom (ultimate shit) did it, and now Man Utd did it. Well done Man Utd. After your defeat to Bilbao you are now equally as good as The Shit and a team who are known as the Cottagers.

“Boring, Boring” a chant that we heard for a brief time every time Man Utd got the ball and it’s true. Boring, same old, bollocks. Man U’s days of success are almost over. They have no youth academy like they once had fifteen or twenty years ago so they have to buy players and they even have to get ginger-haired, burnt out race horses like Scholes out of retirement to keep them afloat. I fear the balance of power in Manchester has started to tip… hahahaha funny shit.

We were 5-0 down and we sang louder and with more passion than the Man Utd fans that’ve seen titles and European cups. Not only that but over 100 Man Utd fans were arrested today, over 100! (Twitter sources: @Strongo_1983 @oldtraffordarmy). Who gets arrested at a 5-0 away win, let alone 100 people? What are they like…? Oh yes animals! Of course I forgot. Fucking idiots. They should sit back and enjoy the football and not act like pricks.

I hope Man City win the league and we can stay up for another season of sarcastic songs to Billy Big Bollocks clubs; and we can stay up now, d’you know why? Wolverhampton Wanderers won its fans back today, all of them. We lost with pride and we sang with passion, we let the footballing world know we are a team with the best support in the world. Now we all know its time to drop the sneering, the booing, the moaning and the whinging and shout loud and proud, “WE ARE WOLVES!” For the players, for the manager, for the city. The struggle is uphill, the odds against us, but fuck it, we wouldn’t want it any other way.