Last Season and Getting Things Off The Chest.

I was going to write a review of the season, but as I’ve lost track of time it seems a bit late to do so now. Plus it doesn’t feel like we’ve had an end to the season what with the Euro’s starting next Friday and then the Olympic football to come and then it’ll be pre-season again. So instead I’m just going to get a few things off my chest that annoyed the crap out of me towards the end of last season.

My bile today is created by those Sandwell nob-heads just up the road here, yes the shit, the scum, West Bromwich Albion.

The first thing I have to say is that not all Albion fans have these opinions but I’ve certainly heard more than one Albion fan voice them. Most Albion fans have a blind hatred of Wolves and cannot put aside differences, where as Wolves fans do often say, “They are the Shit but they’ve earned that point; that win, or they earned the right to stay up.” That is mostly because we are brutally honest with ourselves and even with our rivals. We hate them but only an idiot would criticise any team, whoever they are, when they’ve done well. (I can remember Albion fans still mocking Wolves when they beat Man Utd and Chelsea etc, etc, regardless of the Wolves performance. Great sportsmanship you clowns!)

So last season I heard Albion fans say, “We won 5-1 and got Mick sacked and sent you down!”

No you won a game of football and we lost. You got 3 points and we got none. We didn’t go down because you beat us in a single game. We went down because we lost 23 games out of 38. Mick was only sacked because of the results leading up to that day. The board helped us go down too by not sacking Mick before Xmas or keeping him to finish off the season. Albion had fuck all to do with us going down; blame was shared by Mick and the board.

Leaving the Wolves-Albion rivalry: I also heard Albion fans say, “Because we drew against Bolton in our last but one game, we saved Aston Villa from relegation.”

No you drew a game and both you and Bolton had a point each. Villa stayed up because the teams below them (somehow) managed to get fewer points over 38 games. End of. It’s a league, you know, a marathon. The only game out of all of them last season that had a significant effect as a stand alone match was the QPR-Man City game on the last day of the season, but even when you say that, without the results in the previous 37 going the way they did they could have already won or lost it so that game was only building on top of the games gone by. Seeing your stupidity yet Albion fans? I hope so.

And finally, my favourite one of all: “We gave England a new manager.” No you didn’t Roy Hodgson and his years of managerial experience coupled with his decision to jump ship as soon as any other offer came his way, gave England a new manager. West Brom just kept a very capable man in employment until he was able to find something better. But good luck in your search for a new manager. We can see how good you are next season without the skills of Roy. I think you might find yourselves wanting a little.

Yes Albion fans you really are deluded. But congratulations for staying up. Enjoy it. You really have played well and earned it, but you didn’t save Villa or relegate Wolves or give England ‘The Messiah.’

All you did was scrap your way through 38 games like every single other team in the Premiership.

Onward and upwards Wolves.

Stale’s in town, the war chest is being prepared, the players are talking about being refreshed and hopeful of a new start under a new manager, there will be players leaving and players coming in… and an extra 8 games to pick up league points.

Bring on the 46 games, and hopefully 90+ points.



Kevin Beattie has nothing to apologise for.

Kevin Beattie has nothing to apologise for at all. The man is having his name dragged through the news online like he’s a common criminal. But let’s just take a look at the facts.

Kevin Beattie was a footballer for Ipswich Town and he earned about £250 a week in 1978. A good wage but with inflation he wouldn’t be earning £250k a week like Carlos Tevez, not even £10k or even 5k a week. Inflation over the last 34 years means he earned the equivalent in today’s money of £1225 a week, great money but not Premiership by any stretch of the imagination.

At Ipswich Town FC, Bobby Robson described him as the best English footballer he’d ever seen and as a player there he won The FA Cup, the UEFA Cup and 9 England caps. Now he’s a 58 year old man who has earned the odd £45 here and odd £75 there commentating for BBC Radio Suffolk. He spends most of his time looking after his wife who has MS.

I understand that benefit fraud is illegal and that what he did was silly but the fact that he now has to be fitted with an ankle tag so he can’t leave his house between 8pm and 7am is insane. I hope he doesn’t have a medical emergency through the night because he will look after his wife first and he will then get arrested as a result and it stinks.

This man was a credit to his profession, a successful footballer and is now a modest man. I suppose a week night here and a Saturday there is a little bit of restbite from the care he gives his sick wife, and it’s not a crime to get a bit of bunce for it either, but to treat him like this is sadly pathetic.

We watch overpaid thugs like Joey Barton kneeing and headbutting opposition players just to stay in the news because they have nothing else to offer, and then we have unassuming old school legends who wouldn’t stand out anywhere because they are too modest to do so.

This story is sad. If you break the law you have to be accountable but this seems like a man being too accountable for a very minor misdemeanour… in the grand scheme of things I mean. How much time in prison did the bankers skimming off millions get again?



I have been a stranger somewhat around my blog so far this May. In fact if Roy Hodgson had not been named as England manager this would be my first post this month. Well I’ve not had a lot to talk about and I’ve not felt moved to write anything. I don’t know why. I suppose it’s because it is the time of year that the weather dictates when I’m online. What I mean is when the weather’s nice I’ve been out enjoying the garden and getting all my edibles going so I’ve essentially had a lot of time to think about stuff and ideas and have failed to actually get any of them down.

But during this month I have managed to do a little writing, I’ve penned a few more gags for the ‘will I, won’t I’ stand up attempt that I am hoping to get done at some point this year. My mood towards this venture swings from “I can’t bloody wait” over enthusiastic confidence to “It’ll never happen, I’m never going to even try because I’ll fail!” self defeatism. But a guy I know through twitter has encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction so hopefully I can tick this box off the to-do list in 2012. Maybe 2013.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of regenerating my Youtube channel aptly titled “Bilstonjay” as again it’s something that I’ve barely touched in the last year. Youtube at one time was an addiction in my life unparalleled by anything else I’ve done online (apart from maybe this blog for a while). It was not unusual for me to upload between ten and twenty videos a month at my height as well as watch hundreds and hundreds of videos every single week. This too has faded but sometimes life just gets in the way and lets face it I only have so much time online and I can only be making videos, watching videos or writing, I can rarely be doing all three.

But despite having plenty of hobbies and interest (that also extend into football, beer, movies and fiction writing) I am still thinking about new projects and new ideas, collaborations and so on and so forth. I guess I’m one of those guys who starts something and never sees it through to the end, but then when does a blog or a youtube channel really end?

Ten reasons why Roy Hodgson is a better choice for England than Harry Redknapp.

  1. Roy Hodgson has managed three other countries, Harry Redknapp has managed Bournemouth, Southampton and West Ham.
  2. Roy Hodgson speaks fluent Norwegian, Swedish, German and Italian and has some conversational Danish, French and Finnish; Harry Redknapp talks wiv wonna dem voy-sees you see, he’s a lad innit, one-a da boys! And he ‘nevva gid a seccon fort to the Ing-land job. Not wuns! Eee gotta graaaaaaaay-ttt job at Spurs innit!’ (Hahaha what a liar!)
  3. Roy Hodgson won countless titles and two cups in Sweden, The Danish league, the Danish cup has played in the UEFA Cup final and the Europa League final as well as having international experience coming out of his arse and he was LMA manager of the year in 2010; Harry Redknapp won the FA Cup with Portsmouth and lost a league cup final with Spurs.
  4. In 2008 Roy Hodgson saved Fulham from what looked like certain relegation from the Premiership. In 2008 Harry Redknapp won the freedom of the city of Portsmouth and despite winning the cup for the city he still got booed by some fans.
  5. Roy’s younger than Harry Redknapp….. barely but still. Youth is always the key! Yes they’ve both had the same amount of time on this Earth (give or take a month) and yet Harry has achieved substantially less as a manager. Fact.
  6. Roy Hodgson was born in Croydon… that’s in Surrey. Harry Redknapp was born in LAAAAAAANDON TOOOOOOWN! Which makes him automatically, by default, but not his fault, a massive prick.
  7. Roy Hodgson looks like a 64 year old man. Harry Redknapp looks like something rubber that failed to set properly at Jim Henson’s Muppet Creature Workshop.
  8. In 2009 Roy Hodgson spent £48.56 building a Fulham team that would get to a European final. In 2009 Harry Redknapp spent £10m on Peter Crouch.
  9. Roy Hodgson’s appointment might leave West Brom in the shit and they may see a massive decline or even relegation next season. COME ON!
  10. And the most important reason he’s better…. The Football Association, after weeks of deliberation, chose him and not the tabloid favourite ‘Arry! Maybe, just maybe, picking the right man for the job and not pandering to the popular press and opinion might just be what England needs.

Good luck Roy, looking back over history, you’ll fucking need it.


PS – What are the bookies offering on Harry being the next England manager? Worth a quid I reckon.