Carr Vs Cameron: Who’s worse?

Jimmy Carr is now evil, it would seem. He is a little bit but let’s not nail him to the cross just yet. Let’s think for a moment about the man that outed him; who named and shamed him like some kind of tragic episode of ‘Rich Wankers Fall Out on Jeremy Kyle,’ it was our terrible, out of touch Prime Minister, David Cameron.

David Cameron is from a privileged background and is the man who leads our government. The government legislates on tax and investments and can open loopholes and also close them. The House of Commons make the rules (as well as break the rules of course) and in this case could have had a debate or a private members bill or what ever they needed to do to close the K2 Offshore tax scheme. Plus if you’re going to name one man who has taken advantage of such a scheme surely you should name all of them, including your friends and party donors, Mr Cameron.

Yes Jimmy Carr has starved the coffers of millions of pounds of tax, but David Cameron is a hypocrite to name him alone. And how many millions and even billions of pounds have the treasury lost out on from huge corporations who have been allowed to get away with not paying taxes because they have threatened to pull out of the UK if they do so. The UK is a massive place and corporations that leave will soon be replaced or won’t leave at all, because 50% of their UK profits is better than none of their UK profits at all.

Jimmy Carr you are stupid for taking part in this scheme, David Cameron you are moronic to name one man in relations to an issue that you have the power to change and stop anyway. Tax isn’t a matter of choice, but politicians need to think carefully before slinging mud when we are only a few years past a huge expenses scandal that saw many politicians lose their seats, become disgraced and even sent to prison.



England are boring! (aka we didn’t lose.)

So England avoided defeat in their opening game of the 2012 Euro championships giving themselves a good chance of qualifying. They didn’t win which would have been a better start to the group but still. They didn’t lose. A lot of people have written off England before they start, unfairly. We are not 6th in the FIFA world rankings for nothing. France are a good team but we have to accept now that we can hold our own against decent teams when we play to the plan. Today the plan was containment, it was boring, but it got the job done. England was just taking care of business. Nowt more, nowt less.

Think of the group stage as the grind, the shit and piss and bollocks of the tournament. The real surprises and shocks come in the knock out stages, not in the group. The whole point of having more groups after you’ve already had groups of qualifying is to separate the wheat from the chaff. The best teams qualify from across Europe but to make sure that UEFA has the best advert for its game they give us groups again. It gives small, crappy teams a chance to sneak a result and maybe go through and let’s face it after a year of qualification every team that goes to the championships deserves three games, you’ve gotta give them that.

The groups stages are necessary because when a team wins the trophy they can say, “We earned it!” England avoided defeat against the team that everyone is screaming about in their group. France are expected to win the group. But that’s not so certain. Ukraine are top, Sweden are bottom and the two ‘best teams’ are sandwiched between them. In a knockout only comp we’d have had to win or lose on penalties after a draw but that’s not the way it goes.

England under Roy Hodgson  are undefeated, played 3, won 2, 2 clean sheets and undefeated so far in Euro 2012. Yes it was boring, yes it was sometimes stilted, but it was tidy, it achieved what we hoped, NOT DEFEAT. That’s good.

We might bore our way out of the group and then all you need is a result, deserved or not in the Quarters and you are one game away from the final. Now we can’t get ahead of ourselves of course, but Ukraine and Sweden shouldn’t offer us any more threat than France did tonight. Sweden looked weak and Ukraine are containable. We might win the group on goal difference with 7 points, we might finish 2nd with 5 points. But I don’t think we’ll finish anywhere else.

And then it’s up to the right refereeing decisions, the right performance from our players and the right decisions from ‘Woy’.

But you can’t argue with a point. Bland as it might have been. No one talks about the group games from 1966, they talk about the final.

Well done England. Keep proving us all wrong.

What will the papers say?


Google is killing Youtube.

I’ve recently tried to rekindle my account on Youtube but it seems that it’s going to get harder and harder to get any subscribers or viewers.

Google has made changes to the site since it acquired it. Some to the layout that means that subscribing isn’t as easy as it used to be. The Subscribe button used to be a big yellow Subscribe button that was easy to see and click on, that has gone. Random videos used to be recommended on the home page and it used to share a little bit of that massive home page traffic with people like me who don’t make videos professionally or for a living, but for fun. Also the integration of Friends with subscribers is a big mess I feel. Before, I used to subscribe to channels that I wanted to see and I used to friend people who clearly watched the same content as me or made vlogs and videos so often that I didn’t want them clogging up my uploads feed. So I used the Friend option like a bookmark or favourite so I could dip in and out of the friend activity as and when I felt like it just to see what was going on. Now that has all gone and it makes the site feel worse for it.

Ever since Google took over they have tried to integrate all of their services such as Gmail and Google Plus into the Youtube (excuse me for saying this) experience. They want all of the services connected… why? Well it’s obvious to me. Google Plus is a pile of shit, no one uses it socially. It’s more of a professional thing like LinkedIn so you can profile your self for employment. Which is OK, but we don’t all need to be on there using it. Facebook might be becoming an evil corporation to stand nose to nose with Google in the future but it is the best platform for that kind of stuff. They are trying to persuade people to use a service, like Google Plus, which isn’t as suitable as other already available website. Google please – leave Youtube out of it.

Youtube worked better as a stand alone brand. If Google had expanded on Youtubes success and built on it independently of their own brand they might not be seeing so many of the small channels whining about stuff right now. But frankly they are killing these channels. They seem to forget that people who surf by might be watching one video or maybe two or three because they were sent by a link on Facebook or Tumblr or in a viral email. What they seem to forget is that people with channels and accounts who visit regularly are probably subscribed to two hundred channels and watch hundred of videos a week… not just the popular viral stuff but content made by people they want to see more of. When smaller channels and accounts close hundreds and thousands of views go away too. They are still online and they are still watching videos but they are doing it on competitor websites!

The weird thing is that my account in recent months and years has been enabled to upload videos longer than 15 minutes and to share ad revenue which I have now started (and expect to earn about 50p a year). They offer great video editing even after a video has been uploaded but at the same time as appearing to help channels create content they are minimising views, scaring off heavy viewers of the site and therefore feeding the exodus of channels who now are watched by fewer and fewer people, in some cases no one is watching (I am one of those pissed off channels).

It’s a massive shame as the things that people have done and achieved through this medium is pretty amazing. But the internet evolves, as it always has done, and the next major video sharing website will be just around the corner.