Why do we blog?

Here is a question for you. Why do we blog?

You know I don’t have a clue what the answer is. I mean my blog is neither on a specific subject or topic and yet it is neither a journal of my day to day life and happenings. So why do I feel compelled to write any of it down and then share it with you? It’s strange, I truly don’t know.

Maybe it’s all about getting things off the chest. Sharing my high’s and lows, my ideas and my bile. Telling you is telling someone and it doesn’t bother my friends and family with my mad ideas, crazy theories and silly bollocks (even though many of my friends and family choose to read my blog anyway and then think it’s all a load of silly bollocks). Maybe I blog for this reason sometimes.

Maybe I think I actually have valid things to say that will educate and enlighten people… OK, it’s not that reason!

Maybe I blog because I simply enjoy social networking and connecting with people. Maybe it’s because I like to see the spikes in hits and comments when I publish a post and then watch them tail off until the next post. Maybe I’m just a bit of a sad, geeky, nerdy twat who loves WordPress and messing about with the platform, with keywords and appearing high up in Google’s search rankings. Yeah there is certainly an element of this reason in why I blog.

But maybe it’s simply because I enjoy writing. I’ve written for many years but never regularly and the very act of sitting down once a week or so and actually hammering out a blog post is keeping me practised in the craft of writing and keeps me disciplined. Actually now I’ve said it to myself I think it probably is for this reason more than any other. I often do sit and write a blog post and don’t upload it because its rubbish but I’ve still had to sit down for twenty minutes and write, the effort and the writing has still happened.

So in conclusion: I don’t really know why I blog, but it’s probably just because I enjoy writing, well that brings me nicely to this announcement. I am going to be contributing sporadically to a new football blog called ‘The Dugout Football Blog’ I have published my first blog post there tonight and I’ll link to it here.

Go over and have a look. You can even contribute too. If you love football and follow a club you’re welcome to join. Hopefully it can become something special and unique in the world of football blogs.

Anyway thanks for reading, keep blogging.



Why selling good players for good money hurts more than buying good players for nowt.

Sometimes knowing you have outstanding players and have to sell them is difficult. Many clubs are knee high, or even hip high in debt (unless you’re Portsmouth and then it’s eyebrow deep) and when you get a good player you sell, sell, sell.

Up at our Wolves we aye gotta worry about that kinda shit. We aye got no debt, but got some ‘alf decent chaps knockin’ round!

So the sale today of Matty Jarvis and Steven Fletcher isn’t much of a surprise.

We don’t need the money, but they are better than the division we are playing in. It’s tough to stomach but true. Wolves are not historically a team that sells players for a huge, huge profit. We often get players that are ok, use them for a bit, sell them or they retire and the cycle of life goes on.

Today we have sold two decent players for unbelievable profit and we even have Burnley and Gillingham printing headlines about their share too. We are so rich we are leaking crumbs to lesser clubs that actually need it.

£600k we paid for Jarvis rumour has it and we sell him for £10.75m five years later when he has given us great performances in a promotion season and three Premier league seasons which saw us do the double over Spurs in season one and then beat Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool in season two. He even gave us a reason to give a shit about the last twenty minutes of an England friendly against Ghana by coming on and looking like a lamb in a field of lions. He owes us nothing, he is a great winger, an old fashioned winger who never goes down in the box and takes the ball to the line and crosses it with perfection. Wolves fans need to be proud he was ours for a while and that he is who he is today because of us and our clubs decent run we had for a term or two. We made him, like we made Joleon Lescott or Robbie Keane. Another great player with his successful roots forever in Wolverhampton.

Fletcher cost a bit more than Jarvo, £6.5m from Burnley and signed a couple of years later. He is our record signing (equal with some guy called Kev Doyle, oh we still got him, cool!) What ever anyone thinks of Fletch for leaving he did score 22 goals in 61 games including a brace against the shit in a 3-1 home win, lest we forget.

Jarvis has (alleged) previous for ignoring fresh offers from his current club. According to Wikipedia he ignored an offer from Gillingham that was the best the club had ever offered to a player of his age in 2006-07 and then his agent later said “he was happy to stay at the club if the club demonstrated that it could match his ambitions.” But that is irrelevant as he served both Wolves and Gillingham as a true professional and rumours to the contrary is trumped by his professionalism and capabilities as a player on the field for each club.

At Wolves today we know we have lost players who were massive, who were capable and who were damn straight awesome at their job. We are allowed to be miffed they have both gone, but we have to look at the money we have made that can be used to replace them, and we need to look at the fact they stayed and played for us, for long enough, and with passion, for us to know they really loved their time at the Wolves.

They will come and go, like so many players, but they never leave us really because we will always remember and talk about all of the magic they weaved through seasons where their efforts were the only beacons of light we had.

I know I will miss them and I certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on calling them Wolves players. They were part of the rebirth of our club that has been going on since the 1980’s, the rebirth of our club in the top flight; they were part of something special for a few years and now its over.

But that chapter is now closing and a new one is beginning. And for every Wolves fan crying and shouting and angry, we aint losing 3-0 to Chorley are we? Remember that?

Keep the faith, love the history, enjoy the football.

Cus football aint nothing without the Wolves, that’s fucking for sure!

Peace! (and promotion)

Where Are They Now? – The Karate Kid.

When I was a wee boy the world was a very different place indeed and I say that as a thirty something, but still childish in every way, man. We had four TV channels, and teletext was our internet. Mobile phones were the size of a Volvo car and only the birds in the trees tweeted.

Occasionally something came along that took hold of the youth of the 80s and became iconic, one thing at a time though, we weren’t bombarded like today. And I don’t mean iconic like Justin Bieber with his here today and gone tomorrow appeal (sorry teenage girls but its true, you’ll grow up and so will he), I mean things came along that became part of popular culture. Things such as Garbage Patch Kids (maybe that ones just me) and Star Wars and He-Man and Ghostbusters.

One thing I remember well from the 80s is the movie Karate Kid which even now I consider an epic movie series! If I’m flicking through the many channels that I now have the luxury of having and I come across this film I have to watch it, regardless of what I was going to do. And this is the whole purpose of this blog post, I was flicking around the other day and exactly this happened. It was Karate Kid Part 3, not part 1 but still I thought – I gotta watch it and I did. Then I thought ‘I gotta blog about it.’ But why? Well I haven’t had much to say recently and if I don’t start writing this shit down I fear my blog might die the death.

Last week I was on holiday in Wales and I had an idea for posts that I could do, but had no access to the internet, the idea is simply, “Where are they now?” posts talking about the movies and TV I loved as a kid and in what direction the stars have gone. So here we go ‘Where are they now’ number 1, “The Karate Kid.”

Ralph Macchio reminded me of Gary Lineker back in the 80s but mostly because Daniel in the first film has a passing resemblance to Gary Lineker in the 1986 world cup, young looking, tanned, and kicking ass. Macchio is still acting, you might remember seeing him in ‘My Cousin Vinny’ with the legend that is Joe Pesci but he has also appeared in other films over the years such as the much under-rated ‘Crossroads’ which I remember seeing as a kid somewhere, sometime. He of course reprised his roles in two Karate Kid sequels and has worked mostly since the mid nineties acting in TV series. But he is currently filming the movie ‘Hitchcock’ with Anthony Hopkins, due out in 2013 and I’m certainly looking forward to that. I hope they don’t fuck it up.

Noriyuki Morita (Pat to his friends, can’t you see it? Me neither) started out life as a stand up comedian, no I kid you not, with the amazingly self-racist title “The Hip Nip.” He was extremely well known and much loved for his role as Mr Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies but never stopped working for two decades afterwards appearing in TV shows and as a voice actor in many movie and TV productions. Over the years he acted he appeared in tons of popular TV shows such as Happy Days, Magnum PI, Hawaii 5-0, M*A*S*H,  and Murder She Wrote. Sadly he died in November 2005 from natural causes aged 73.

I could talk about Elizabeth Shue but I really can’t be arsed but she was in ‘Back to the Future,’ ‘Cocktail,’ ‘(the brilliant) Leaving Las Vegas’ and is currently hanging around the set of ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ looking older than she actually is. But you probably still would.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

Stale Solbakken: Wolves best signing for years.

Last season is a thing of the past. It was so dreadful at the time, the constant week in, week out heartbreak. The awful performances, the total breakdown of the team, the loss of any confidence in the manager, the dragging of heels by the board and the inevitable sacking, poor appointment and then relegation. How on Earth could things get any better after that?

I remember moaning like many other fans and I was certainly very vocal and critical here on my blog about the abilities of Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey. Many of us were scathing. How could any of us have any confidence in them bringing in the right man to run the club after the fiasco that they made of the sacking of Mick and subsequent appointment of Terry?

Then Jez and Steve got their heads together and managed to pluck a diamond out of thin air in the shape of Stale Solbakken. How did they manage it? He wasn’t a man anyone in England was particularly familiar with but it seems almost too good to be true now. He wasn’t a name being banded around by anyone but could be the best thing to happen to Wolves since the great Stan Cullis himself (Am I bigging him up too much?)

Every single time I’ve seen Stale speak I’ve instantly filled with confidence, I’m sure you fans feel the same. His calm collected way of describing what he wants to build at Molineux is awe inspiring. He reminds me very much of Arsene Wenger in his controlled, thoughtful and intelligent way of discussing football and the future plans he has for the club.

His signings thus far have been terrific too. Anyone who isn’t too familiar with the abilities of the young Bjorn Sigurdson should just stick his name into Youtube and watch a few clips of him playing. A lot of people have pointed out that he has never played at the level that he’ll be playing with Wolves next season but the lad has great strength and pace as well as a volley that could destroy the Death Star.

Frank Nouble is another gem of a player and another youngster. In fact his Premiership debut for West Ham in 2009 was against Wolves coming on as a substitute in what was Wolves first game back in the top flight. We lost (could you have guessed that?) He’s a decent player and getting him on a free transfer is a coup. Hopefully he’s the bargain basement player of the summer transfer window. He could turn out to be another Kightly or Jarvis in the value-for-money stakes.

Getting Tonga Doumbia on-loan for the season from French side Rennes is a tidy bit of business too. The kid played 26 times last year for a club that finished 6th in the French league and only a point away from a Europa League qualifying spot. He might be a midfielder but his defensive abilities are pretty good and we’ll probably see him playing tight to the defence in a midfield anchor kind of role. Should suit the new Tiki-Taka/Barcelona style of football we’ll be playing this coming season.

As well as the new faces, we’ve seen a half decent pre-season so far with high scoring wins against Bray and Walsall and a comeback draw at Shrewsbury. Wolves are unbeaten so far in pre-season with a lot of players getting a chance to get some football under their belts.

Overall the season ahead looks very promising, even if we do lose Jarvis, Fletcher and Kightly. Their sales would bring us tens of millions and that would in turn be largely invested in fresh faces, which would be a good thing. Stale has to make his impression on the squad and start to move away from the old Wolves. Fletcher looks almost nailed on to leave us at some point but as long as he’s under contract and no deal has actually been done, he’s still ours.

I feel I have to give Steve Morgan and Jez Mozey a clean slate too and say that although I and many Wolves fans were tough on the pair of them last year, it was tough love, not hate. The past is the past and Wolves family is Wolves family! The Championship season 2012-13 could be a tremendous time for all of us Wolves fans. Another promotion celebrating pitch invasion come May anyone?