NaBloPoMo 2012 is as good as finished. Reflection.

Part of me has missed not taking part in this years NaNoWriMo, but also part of me has wondered how the hell I found time to do it at all last year. I don’t seem to have had much time to write in November, but then I always feel like I don’t have time to write – and then I take into account the amount of time spent watching youtube videos, surfing aimlessly on Google and on Facebook and Twitter, the amount of time sat in front of the idiot box watching repeats of QI or last weeks Russell Howards Good News or reading blogs rather than writing blogs, and I realise I have plenty of time to write I just do other things and procrastinate instead.

So instead of NaNoWrimo I’ve had a go at NaBloPoMo and I set myself the simple task of trying to write at least 8,000 words, taking 500 words as an average post that would be 16 posts over the entire month and therefore would easily be my best posting month ever. But word counts and targets aside all I needed to do was at least 14 posts to make it the best month of posting ever which would be a small success, and I managed to reach that target last night with two football posts that I’m sure baffle and bore many of my followers but are things that I really do get passionate about. I try to keep this place a mix of various things but I always end up coming back to football and I think I always will. (Additional to this blog I’ve also contributed a single post to the Dugout too which I will also be including in my NaBloPoMo stats below.)

Well now I’ve written this post too and incorporated it into the statistics and have managed to work out that in the month of November I have published 16 posts online with a total word count of 8,283 words.

The most posts in a single month ever, result! I dunno if it’s the biggest word count for a single month, but regardless, it’s a decent amount of words to just knock out here and there.

I think NaBloPoMo 2012 has been a personal success.



The Curse of the Old Boy Network.

Five former players, five games at Molineux, Four winning goal-scorers, one late equaliser, and three of these examples have happened in the last month!

What the hell is the deal with Wolves failing to win (usually losing) and former players being the ones to put the boot in?

The five players in question are all decent players and we’d probably take them back in a second, especially how thing are at the moment.

Robbie Keane: Scores twice whilst on loan at Villa in January 2012 starting what I feel was the slide towards the sacking of Mick McCarthy and everything that’s happened since. He also scored twice on his debut for Wolves when he was 17 against Norwich; he built a great reputation at Wolves, one that has seen him sold for tens of millions of pounds in total over his career. The game in question ended: Wolves 2-3 The Vile.

Keith Andrews: Feb 2012, on his debut, scores the fourth of five goals for The Shit in a defeat that cost the most successful manager we’d had in about 30 years, his job. He was a trainee at Wolves and our youngest ever captain in 100 years, captaining Wolves aged 21. The game ended: Wolves 1-5 The Shit.

Mark Davies: October 2012, scored a late equaliser for Bolton in a 2-2 draw when Wolves really could’ve done with (and still could do with) a win. Local boy done good, he signed for Wolves when he was 7. Considered the third best Wolves youth player in recent years only bettered by Joleon Lescott and Robbie Keane.

Adlene Guedioura: November 2012, scored a spectacular goal to put Nottm Forest 2-1 up after they were losing 1-0. His goal turned out to be the final of the match – Wolves 1-2 Nottm Forest. A hard working midfielder, he scored goal of the season for both Wolves and Nottm Forest in the 2011-12 season. A double fete achieved by no other footballer in English football history.

Andy Keogh: November 2012, scored the only goal of the game to consign the Wolves to 9 games without a win. A player who helped Wolves achieve promotion to the Premier league as champions four years earlier.

Overall 2012 has been abysmal for Wolves, three different managers, relegation and five old Wolves boys giving it too us hard. It’s been a terrible year and I hope 2013 can be the start of a turnaround in our luck and fortunes.

It all begins in January with the transfer war-chest and some new signings to sure up Stale’s style of playing.

Otherwise it all ends in May and league fucking one.


What is it with West Brom fans?

So far this season West Bromwich Albion is having a great time of things in the Premiership, beating even their own hopes for the season. As I write this they are 3rd in the Premier league but are currently losing 3-1 to Swansea, something of the bogey team for them in the top flight. But that aside, fair play to them. They’ve earned it with season after season of struggle and relegation and promotion. They now have a decent team built out of parachute payments and the great work of Roberto Di Matteo, Roy Hodgson and now Steve Clarke.

As a Wolves fan, watching Wolves sink as they have in recent weeks along side this improvement, week in and week out, by Albion has really been tough and pretty damn annoying. But what you gonna do? I expect to hear some banter and some ribbing, that is natural, I love it, but you know what else I’ve noticed?

Some Albion fans forget to enjoy their moment of success and are incapable of enjoying their team doing well and winning and being so high in the Premiership, and do you know why? It’s because the minute they win they have to run to the nearest Wolves fan and shout and scream with bile and anger about how shit Wolves are. OK, we aint doing too well, but why not sit back and relax and soak up the moment. Forget about us and support your team like any good fans would do. Enjoy the fact that you are doing so well and stop shouting at us for being poor and enjoy things while you can because it will all come to an end. You aint going to win the league or even finish near the top four, but you’ll survive and maybe even finish 6th, 7th or 8th. That would be pretty damn respectable. But please when you do take time to enjoy it, clink your pints with fellow Albion fans and say, “Fucking hell aint we done alright?” that is more normal than shouting “Wolves are shit, Wolves are shit!” Chat about the games you’ve won this season, enjoy it and stop going on about how losing to you gets your manager sacked, cus that is a whole other blog post (titled: The Shame Of Losing To The Baggies aka sack the manager!)

You can hate us and mock us and laugh at us, we can take it, but try not to miss out on the moments of footballing pleasure. If you fail to enjoy it you’ll feel all the more like a twat when it comes to an end.




More Floods Across England.

Again this year we’ve seen the annual flooding of homes across England. I feel extremely sorry for the people who have innocently purchased these homes and have to put up with this kind of problem every winter. It seems to me the main problem is the lack of legislation to stop house builders building on flood plains because they quite clearly are going to keep doing it without it. They are happy to put up homes anywhere and it seems planning laws these days do not seem to ask the simple questions like, “Is it wetland in winter?” or “Do you really want a row of apartments on that marsh habitat?” It seems basic to me. Yes of course there is always the chance of freak weather anywhere but this problem seems to be growing and growing and growing.

Also year on year these home owners are seeing insurance premiums rise and rise and now are at the stage where some insurers are threatening to withdraw flooding insurance to the most vulnerable, why, because they don’t make money doing it. They are happy to insure you against erupting volcanoes in the Cotswolds or Dinosaur damage cus the claims against those policies are damn low.

“Volcano insurance… for £120.00 a month I’ll insure your Dodo too!”

Eventually the cost will be passed on to everyone and then insurance on every home will sore to go along with the rise in energy prices so that power companies can continue to make record profits year on year too.

“We made £28bn this year…. SO WHAT… that’s not a new record!” 

And to rub salt into the wounds of those struggling in these floods, David Cameron has turned up to tour the damage. Good one Dave, they feel better already. What could be better than seeing that over-privileged, insensitive, out of touch, ass-hole standing in your living room in his waders?

We can’t control the weather, but we can take some steps to keep this kind of problem to a minimum. The question that remains of course is – Will the government want too?

It’s that time of year again.

Where has the year gone?

This year I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t blog about gardening or growing of the green things that appear out of dirt when you plant seeds and I’ve managed it. Maybe a new blog is needed, or vlog or maybe a vlog and blog. Or even a vlog blog twitter combo, or maybe I don’t have the time, or maybe I have the time and can’t be fucked…. That actually sounds about right.

Well I managed that, somehow. Despite all of my dire disappointments and lack of, well, growth in the garden. The weather this year was fucking awful and I’d have just mentioned that over and over and over again in post after post of bile and anger.

But let’s let the past go, 2012 is done with, goodbye 2012, hello mince pies, tinsel, shit festive music, buckets of peanuts, cheese selections, tins of sweets, crap telly, and uncontrollable cheesy, peanut-like mincemeat farts.

It’s a calendar month to Christmas, that is my point with this post, and yet I’ve hardly finished hoovering up last years tinsel and pine fucking needles. You know I’m not exaggerating. Surely you’ve pulled back the sofa in July to rescue the batteries of an X Box controller you’ve angrily hurled at the wall only to find a tiny model Santa and a large Xmas-tree attaching fish hook? No, well you’ve never lived!

It’s rolled around again quicker than Jenson Button in a Forumla 1 car at full acceleration fitted to a space station hurtling out of control into a black hole.

I’m glad its nearly Xmas, it’s nearly a fortnight off work so I can nearly forget how much I hate it until January, when I can realise I’ve got to pay for Xmas and then have no choice in going back to the world of bullshit I hate so much.

The realisation of returning to work after two weeks of my normal life is probably the largest cause of suicidal thoughts I ever have in my life, and this year won’t be any different. This New Year I won’t be making any resolutions I’ll just be wishing for a lottery win or a direct asteroid strike. They are the two things that guarantee I won’t have to go back to work.

Yeah I want to enjoy Xmas, but I can’t because I hate the fact it treats me to a week or two of being happy and not having to follow a bullshit routine, governed by bullshit, where bullshit politics and bullshit ideas pave the way to a bullshit day to day existence.

Yeah I know, welcome to your world.

It’s fucking shit aint it.


Barry Lloyd has left the building.

I have re-written this entire article.

Why over state and over egg a simple issue. I became worried about internet security. I have since taken all possible steps and discussed the issue with my ISP.

Now I’m happy that everything is OK, no one is up to anything, and if they are I am protected by the law.

Everything else I said was just poppycock, I was being a little paranoid (Barry Lloyd, do you get it?) and now I’m over it.

People are not out to get me and I should be flattered that people actually want to read what I put here and elsewhere online.