Organised, scheduled and enforced fun.

Well the festive period is over yet again for another year. We have managed to avoid long, harsh frosty nights instead having to accept milder but wetter weather. The dreaded climate change slapping us this time around with flooding and dark skies. At least we have already been told that the non-stop rain we’ve seen across England this last 12 months means we ‘probably’ won’t see hosepipe bans next summer. Yeah well we’ll see.

The Xmas tree is starting to appear less festive and more of an annoying pile of decorations, tinsel and knotted electric lights that at some point soon will need sorting out, returning for another 50 weeks in a large box in the attic waiting for its time to shine festively again. Why on Earth we have to decorate a tree in our living rooms just because a baby was born in a stable two thousand years ago is beyond me. As an atheist Xmas is just a time that when you hope the gifts you receive are close in value to what you’ve spent so it hasn’t been a negative cash experience. I sound like a grinch I know, and I shouldn’t as my girlfriend, who hasn’t got a lot of money, always manages to pull many surprises out of the bag at this time of year. Thank you! x

So now what’s left to celebrate?

Of course the New Year, the passing of 2012 and the start of 2013. Why? Why do we celebrate taking down a calendar and putting up a new one? Why does it matter if its 11:59:59 PM then in a heartbeat 00:00:00 AM on a new day, month, year, century or millennium? Who really cares?

It’s a non event that we are expected to celebrate and enjoy. We have to stand around half drunk, when we would be much happier sat in front of the TV at home, or tucked up in bed asleep, and count down, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, YAAAAAAAY!

People like New Year. I just don’t get it. I find the excitement about it very anticlimactic, especially as when you get home after a party you simply go to bed, lie in late and then hey you’re planning to go back to work the next day like everyone else. The first of January is a non event day. No one wants to go anywhere, or do anything, everyone is at least tired if not hung over and for what? The enforced fun from the night before of course.

I wish people a ‘Happy New Year’ because I’m so often called an anti social, depressing, grinch-like, misery guts that it is easier to simply say the words “Happy New Year” and then my life is made easier. By the simple act of raising a glass and counting down with everyone else and then popping the party poppers and singing along with the happy-to-join-in crowds whose imbecilic grins and smiles and enjoyment at the forced, organised fun, kinda makes the moment funny enough and enjoyable enough for me to raise an actual smile at the entire fiasco that I’m partaking in.

But I still see no reason why we have to celebrate a new year. Unless of course you only had 6 months to live, 12 months ago, then party like it’s 1999, otherwise it all seems pretty fucking pointless.



The Greatest Computer Game Ever In The History Of Computer Games Is…

Ever had an idea for a computer game that you thought would be a winner? No, well me neither. But I have just been surfing around the interwebs and the blogosphere and I was reminded of a chat I had with a colleague before Xmas where he said to me, “What would be the greatest computer game that hasn’t been made?”

I thought about it briefly and said “I dunno” and his answer is probably a billion dollar idea and I can’t begin to understand why it has never been done.

Now if I share the idea here I give it away and it’s not mine to give away but I can promise you it was such a good idea I wanted to pick up the phone to Rockstar games straight away and try and pitch it. It would be a free roaming, sandbox game and it would include some of the most famous bad ass characters ever, but in computer game format. The missions could almost be endless and the opportunities for spin offs, online gaming, merchandise and even movie adaptations of game play are infinite.

As the characters are already owned by someone else it would be hard to try and make any cash from the idea but I wonder. Are there any computer games makers out there that would be willing to chat about the validity of an idea and the likelihood of it becoming a reality?

I wonder.

Why not drop me a line if you’re curiosity has been pricked.


I love the Wolves but I hate some of our fans (aka support is in the dictionary, look it up!)

Imagine if you took a job managing a group of people and the people you had to manage were decent at what they did but they didn’t like you. They preferred the old boss. The punters who come to watch them perform their abilities, in a way that you asked them to do, boo and howl at you even though you know that the people you manage can do better and have done better. Then you see your efforts become fruitless, the people you manage walk away with their wages and you get the punters screaming for you to get sacked and you’ve only been in the job for seven months.

You refuse to stroke the cocks of the “main group” of the people you manage and in return they let your efforts go to shit because all they want is the good old days when they were guaranteed favourite status, a place in your week by week plans and the knowledge that when they fuck up someone else takes the blame and maybe even gets sacked.

Welcome to Stale Solbakken’s Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Many Wolves fans, myself included, are unhappy with recent results. That is OK, we’ve had a fair few bad results in recent weeks.

Many Wolves fans, myself not included, are calling for the manager to get the sack. A man who hasn’t been given anywhere near enough of a chance to build a team for promotion, certainly not the chance that our last manager, Mick McCarthy had. Mick had a few seasons of building before we won the Championship and spent 3 seasons in the top flight. But the goalposts seem to have shifted and now success cannot be built over a year or two and has to be immediate. But I cannot understand why that is the case. Before Mick took charge at the Wolves we hadn’t had three years of Premiership football, the appetites of the fans weren’t so wetted, but now they’ve tasted top flight football for a few years this Championship struggle is simply not good enough, but it’s where we are at and success is earned not deserved. The fans are expecting far too much, how short are the memories of the people who watched Wolves struggle year after year after year in this division? It’s a tough gig; no one wants to be in the Championship because there are always 10 or 12 teams capable of finishing in the top 6.

The crop of players that we currently have are capable of holding their own, some of them have proven themselves to be able to produce on the day, when the odds are stacked against them. And yet they cannot even turn up at Molineux and “put in a shift” against, sorry Ipswich fans, a pretty inferior team. But despite the fact Wolves players are experienced and decent when they want to be they are playing, this season, like donkeys and today they let a very average team dominate and grab all three points without having to break into much of a sweat.

So where am I going with this? Today Wolves lost 2-0 at home to Mick McCarthy’s Ipswich and the Wolves fans are booing and calling for Solbakken to get the sack. But let’s just take a look at two separate games from Wolves recent history. One will be today’s ‘starting 11 and subs’ Versus ‘the Wolves starting 11 and subs that beat the “unbeatable” Manchester United at Molineux on 5th February 2011.’

6 players that took part in the game today and lost to Ipswich also took part in the Wolves comeback from 1-0 down to 2-1 winners against Manchester United. Today; Ward, Berra, Henry, O’Hara as a sub, Sylvain E-banks Blake and Doyle all played and each started or came on as a substitute against Man Utd. Stearman, an unused sub today, played the full 90 minutes against Man Utd.

The Man Utd team that lost at Molineux that famous night included the following starters or subs; Evra, Vidic, Rafael, Giggs, Carrick, Scholes, Nani, Berbatov and Rooney.

The Ipswich team that won at Molineux today contained no one I’d consider to be a threat, in fact I think I’ve only ever heard of Chopra and Reo-Coker, the Ipswich Town substitutes.

So if you want to call for the manager to get the sack, fine, you are entitled to your opinion. But what I want to know is why can players who have proven themselves in the top flight and have dozens of Premiership games under their belts play like a bunch of just put together, Sunday league, clown school, rejects?

And let’s not forget Ikeme has earned his place so far this season with some memorable performances and saves, Sako has slowly gained his fitness and has proven on many occasions that he is a force to be reckoned with and Sigurdarson is more than capable when on form to put in a good performance. All three of these guys played today along with our former conquerors of Manchester united.

And they lost 2-0.

You can’t blame it all on a man who has had one summer with the squad, and one transfer window. Stale Solbakken needs January, he needs funds from the board, he needs public support not just from us the fans but also from Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey (remember them? Quiet these days aint they?) He needs the rest of the season to steady the Good Ship Wolves. Then we all need to calm down, take a deep breath and look forward to the 2013-14 season. We’re not going up this season, we’re not going down, we’re a club in transition. Remember these words when we are successful, and remember who booed Stale when he’s taking us back into the Promised Land.

The current players have to look at themselves hard and take some of the blame and the fans who would boo rather than support can go on waving their season ticket and talk about how they haven’t missed a game in 20 years and all of the other nonsense that is irrelevant to results and performance.

Support your team and your players and your manager, or stay the fuck away.

Booing aint supporting. So stop calling yourselves supporters.


PS – I’m glad Mick McCarthy & Terry Connor had a good reception at Molineux. We owed them that. Thanks for the memories Mick and thanks for having a go Terry.

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

It seems to me that more and more people are writing blogs than reading them. That is OK, but it’s like the tipping point has been reached. So many blogs are getting no readers and that is because no one is reading, they are writing (when they are so much better at reading). All of the readers have gone off and written their own blogs. Which is fine, but I wonder does writing your own blog, maybe in response to another blog, help a debate or an argument? Surely a comment debate or a follow back/link back discussion makes more sense than simply writing your own blog randomly?

Maybe I am talking about the issue because the amount of traffic to my own blog over the last few weeks and months has started to disappear. I mean take November. I posted as many times in a single calendar month than I have since I started this blog and yet I’ve had more hits in December with two entries and a reliance on my back catalogue of posts. Why?

When I first started this blogging game I was told that the more you blog the more hits you get and when you start to slow down so will the hits but so far this has been proven to be largely false. The hits have kept coming at the same rate, only my increase in posts in November meant I had fewer and fewer readers per post that month.


Maybe I am looking too hard at the stats, maybe the increase of people with time off work with winter related illnesses or holidays in December means that more and more people are online longer and longer, I dunno. But still it appears to me that as time has gone on more and more people have decided to stop reading and start writing. Which is OK but to be an active part of a community (which WordPress is like any social networking site) you have to read and comment and feedback from each other.

Many months ago I got a lot of inspiration from people commenting and I hope that my feedback to other WordPress bloggers is well received and inspiring too.

But it makes me sad that people can stop contributing comments entirely and then expect other people to read what they have to say with no conversation or debate. They just want to write and get adulation. Sorry noobs, that aint going to happen.

You’re either an active part of the WordPress community or you aint. So choose if you want readers or not and carry on. I’m sure that a lot of people want to just write and stick it somewhere; but you cannot expect to have a ready-made audience just because you liked a few other bloggers posts and spammed a few wordpress users with your blog URL and false comments.

Yeah so if I’m not so active or comment less you know why. I’m joining some of you in self-absorbed, selfishville for a while. You know, where all you have to do is write posts and expect people to give a flying fuck.


Facebook comments excuse – sounds feeble to me.

We all know about the row between these two footballing families. Anton’s race row, Rio’s support (obviously) for him and Ashley Cole’s support of team mate John Terry etc etc. And everyone by know knows about the coin incident this past weekend that left Rio Ferdinand with a cut eye and blood all over his face.

Horrible things all round! Truly horrible.

But what has caught my eye today about this story is the news that Ashley Cole’s mum made comments on Facebook gloating at the fact Rio was injured in this thuggish and cowardly coin attack. (Source: The Daily Mirror)

First of all I have to say, I think both Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand (and Anton Ferdinand and John Terry) are all great footballers and I have no reason to have a pop at any of them or try to tarnish them at all. They can do that to themselves they don’t need any help from me or anyone there.

The comments that Mrs Cole allegedly made on Facebook were instantly withdrawn by her when faced with newspaper reporters. The Mirror reports how she says, “Who has put that on?” and “I don’t know who has done that. It wasn’t me.” Instant denial. Well let’s take a look at the three possible culprits.

1 – She did it herself. Is this the most likely as it’s her Facebook page?

2 – Someone she lives with/knows did it after she left her computer on and her Facebook account logged on.

3 – She has been hacked and the person who hacked her decided that the best way to harm her was to leave a few comments on a thread involving her son that laughed at Rio Ferdinands eye injury.

I’m no Inspector Clouseau but I’d assume that anyone taking the time to hack her would’ve had more of a use for her account once they’d gotten her password, plus you can easily check these days on Facebook if your account has been accessed from another location or device, so she can prove that she’s been hacked very easily so rather than deny it she could say, ‘hang on let me check what’s going on.’ And if it was a spam-bot doing the hacking I’d have expected spam messages all over her Facebook advertising their Viagra or porn or what ever they advertise this week. Either way all she needs to do is apologise about the comments, not because she wrote them, but because they appear on Facebook in her name and she disagrees with them and tell everyone she’s ‘been hacked’ – after changing her password of course.

If someone she lives with has done it to her she needs to ask why? Why have they done it? What would it achieve? Why are they trying to make her look like a douche when they are obviously family or friends of hers?

And of course we can discount the fact she may have done it her self because she has already denied doing it…

Hmmmmmm. Do people forget that everything these days is checkable and traceable online? Cus often they talk like they haven’t a clue. My advice to anyone using social networking is simply this: understand it properly before you choose to use it in a negative way otherwise you may end up looking like a fool!

In this specific case I think people should make up there own mind what actually happened. Who knows what really happened? Best not to speculate too hard I feel…


PS – I didn’t write this post… who did? 🙂