Just chatting, thinking out loud, blogging, talking, move along! (aka This aint the blog you’re looking for.)

I often question myself about why I bother to blog. Why do I sit down and lay all of this crap down on a Word page and then post it all to WordPress? Why? What am I getting out of it? And the more I consider that the harder the answer becomes. I don’t know why I bother, I just do. I think some people just need to write. And why not? Most people in Britain can read and write, most of them read but not all of them write? Why not? Of all of the tools you have at your disposal writing is a very simple and yet very fundamental one. The pen is mightier than the sword, that is so god damned true. Many people cannot read and write in this world, because of a lack of education, poverty, living in a war zone, etc etc and so they are not gifts we should take for granted just because most of us can do them. They are not natural gifts, they are learned! God didn’t make you read or write, your parents and your teachers did because they wanted you to communicate with the world and each other. Reading isn’t odd, neither is writing.

I also often ask myself the question, ‘Why do you write twice as much as you put onto wordpress only to delete it?’ Again I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I have to get it out of my head and just splurging it once is enough to free my mind from it. Maybe I have so little to moan about I know that my first world complaining will only appear as utter garbage to my readers in the Sudan, or maybe I just write so much so fast when I read it back it sometimes makes no sense between point a and point b and maybe I should lay off the sauce.

I sometimes think that having a blog is also very self indulgent. Why are my opinions any more valid than yours? The simple fact is they aren’t. I don’t know any more than you on most of the subjects I talk about. You probably have a higher IQ than me, a better job and a 12” penis too! It’s also easy to agree with someone, disagreement leads to chat and debate which is what I want here and maybe I’ll change my opinion on something and be a better and more enlightened person as well as encouraging you to ponder something, sometimes. I want people to disagree (if they disagree). But people rarely do disagree and let you know. People read, think the opposite and simply walk away. They fear being labelled trolls for saying something that contradicts the opening argument. Why? I know it’s easier to pretend you never read something disagreeable than have your own opinion and share it, but it’s better if you say something you feel is right and maybe make a few people think. I can’t be the only person here reading this who feels this way surely?

But interaction aside, why do I blog? That was my original question. Well I do it because it’s a moment of my life or my minds synapses firing that will live online for as long as WordPress.com are in business. Blogging doesn’t take up any time, not really. Rarely have I spent more than twenty minutes on a post and usually eighteen minutes of that is leg work I did at work whilst stuffing my face and pretending I can’t hear a phone ring. Stick to what you’re good at, that’s what I say, that saying is also why I spend 18 hours a day asleep.

Yes I truly have no idea why I bother blogging, but I love it, it’s like some weird addiction I have. WordPress is like a meth-amphetamine and I’m hooked. They say we all have a wee kid in us reminding us of childhood and innocent shit, well the kid in me is autistic and he loves to see the subscriber count and word count and hit count go up and up and up!

But if I could be serious for one second. Given the chance to write a blog from scratch again I’d do it. Anonymity is key. I told my family and friends and work colleagues and they now get to see all of this shit and I wish they didn’t know it was me, but only so I could truly unleash what I thought about everything, instead of censoring myself in case I upset some over-sensitive, thick-as-shit, asshole in my real life. (No not you, that’s not a dig at you.)

I’ve had many blogs over the last twelve years and all of them but this one have gone the way of the complete deletion path. And I know I can do it again. I don’t care that I might lose a hundred thousand words, I don’t care about the effort that has gone into it, the effort comes and goes, I just don’t care because I know I’d start again and see what happens. None of this shit matters. I’m not giving up on bilstonjay.wordpress.com just yet but I keep all options on the table.

I have to say though (brace yourselves) thank you to everyone who has ever subscribed to this particular blog. Never before have I had so many subscribers and readers and commenters and hits and posts and all of that statistical jazz!

Right now I will carry on, I dunno why, but like I said I dunno why I started or why I carry on, I guess I do just have to write and the forum matters not. It could be this blog or maybe the next, but as long as I can write – I will.

Blog on!



How Do You Liven Up A Nil-Nil Draw? (aka Congratulations Swansea City FC)

You have to ask yourself what kind of sport football is when a player can kick a ball boy, regardless of the level of violence, the intent, the amount of contact, or the game situation, and people can go onto the radio and say that Eden Hazard was right to do it. The number of people (or morons as I like to call them) that have called up Talksport just to whinge and moan that the ball boy was wasting time and deserved it is unbelievable. What if it was your son that he kicked?


I mean, I’m pretty sure we all know Sir Alex Fergusons response to the kick, “He could’ve killed him!” must’ve been screamed in Fergie’s house last night as he watched Swansea and Chelsea although his sympathies with Swansea may have been dampened ever since the Ashley Williams-Robin van Persie murder attempt earlier this season (what a joke!)


If it is unacceptable for a player to barely caress an opponent and he to then go down as if hit clean through the temporal lobes by the white hot bullet of an enemy sniper then surely a kick, no matter how gentle, on a ball boy, by a “professional” footballer is unacceptable too. I can understand that being a cup semi final the player wants to get on with the game, but the referee is there to make decisions on time wasting and add injury time as appropriate, Eden Hazard shouldn’t have kicked him, he should’ve protested, the referee is the man in charge, end of discussion.

The red card though should be enough, the pair have met and shook hands apologising to each other and the police have said that they do not want to take any action. That seems fair, calling for him to be banned for ten games and arrested and in court is just over-kill and they’ve buried the hatchet, so everyone else should calm down. So let’s forget about it and let the attention fall on Swansea City for reaching their first major cup final, ten years after they were propping up the football league.


PS. The gif and image used in this thread are not mine, they are from here and are copyright http://www.101greatgoals.com

Fifty Six Reasons to Win the League Cup. (aka well done Bradford City FC)

Bradford have tonight caused one of the biggest cup upsets we are likely to ever see in our life times. When Bradford City beat Notts County 1-0 in the first round back in a sunny August, anyone suggesting that they could go all of the way to the final and play a Premiership team at Wembley would’ve received replies that included tuts/laughs in your face/shrug’s/swore at and called a fool (delete as applicable).

It’s a shame that there will not be fifty six fans at Wembley to watch Bradford City play in the league cup final in February. You cannot think Bradford AFC and not remember the awful disaster that they suffered in 1985. It changed football and spectator safety forever but it changed the lives of fifty six families for ever. At Wembley Bradford should remember each and every one of those victims and carry their memory in their hearts in the final, and then grab that bit of silverware for the city. I hope they do.

As a Wolves fan I have to plant my flag in Bradford for the final simply because of Dean Richards. Deano was the type of player that we wish we still had today no doubt, in his prime with Bradford, Wolves and Spurs he was awesome and his death was very sad for fans and officials and everyone at those clubs. He went back to Bradford to coach, after he’d been forced to retire from ill health. Bradford City was where his heart was for sure. They gave him a chance and he didn’t let them down. We all miss him so much; he was superb, absolutely superb, great defender, great bloke.

Tonight Bradford City has made a piece of footballing history, and not the false, expected, bullshit history like Manchester City buying the Premiership. But a piece of Roy-of-the-Rover, no chance, no hope, under-dog success that we all dream of for our own club. I mean imagine it, if you support a club in league 2; just imagine being in the league cup final. Can you? One of you can. That’s for sure!

I hope Bradford can turn cup form into league form and get into the play offs and then make a second away day at Wembley for the club. That would be the icing on the cake, promotion would be the cherry on the top. Good luck to Bradford for the rest of the season, I for one will keep an eye on them now and wish them all of the best.

In my heart I want to see League Cup trophy and League 2 Play off trophy at Bradford in the 2013-14 team photograph. But my head says they’ve already won. It’s gonna be great to be a league 2 team at a final cus you cannot lose, you’ve already won. Financially and in folklore, every fan will talk about this season for ever.

Congrats Bradford! And in conclusion, here are Bradford’s results, and I have one question only. Is this the most amount of minutes of football and penalties to reach a league cup final ever? And if not, is it second? (Does anyone know how long the penalty shoot outs took?)

Peace all!

Round 1 – Notts County 0-1 Bradford (AET) 120 minutes

Round 2 – Watford 1-2 Bradford 90 minutes

Round 3 – Bradford 3-2 Burton Albion (AET) 120 minutes

Round 4 – Wigan 0-0 Bradford (AET) 120 minutes plus penalties. Bradford won on penalties.

QUARTER FINAL – Bradford 1-1 Arsenal (AET) 120 minutes plus penalties. Bradford won on penalties.

SEMI FINAL LEG 1 – Bradford 3-1 Aston Villa 90 minutes.

SEMI FINAL LEG 2 – Aston Villa 2-1 Bradford 90 minutes.

Two clean sheets, three Premiership scalps, four extra time games, two penalty wins. One crazy ride.

Peace! And Good luck!

Billy Wright – A Footballing Hero & Icon (aka the FA are off the mark leaving Billy off the official FA150 crest).

As the FA prepares to celebrate 150 years of its existence it has released a logo that celebrates this fact. But there is no Bobby Robson or Bobby Charlton and more annoying for a Wolves fan such as myself, no Billy Wright. But the FA made room for Hope Powell, Don Revie and Steven Gerrard. I mean seriously? Their contribution to our footballing history is greater? The FA really have fucked up with this entire thing, and despite their defence that they extensively cover these players in their wider campaign, leaving these icons of English football off the official 150th year crest is nothing short of disgraceful.

So with that in mind, let me highlight a footballer who was one of the greatest that this country has ever seen. His loyalty, his performances and his record are not in question but despite the great career that he had he has been unceremoniously left off the logo that marks the entire history of English Association Football.

Let me introduce to you, boys and girls, Billy Wright:  

Billy Wright played for Wolverhampton Wanderers a total of 490 times over twenty years, scoring 13 goals.

He captained Wolves to an FA Cup success in 1949 and three league championships in 1953-54, 1957-58, and in the clubs defence of the league title in 1958-59. He also captained Wolves as they finished runners up in the league in 1949-50 and 1954-55.

He was the first players in the WORLD to get 100 caps for his country, eventually gaining 105 caps for England.

He still holds the joint record of most England caps as Captain, 90 times, only matched by World Cup Winning captain Bobby Moore.

He still holds the record for the most consecutive appearances for England, 70. Yes 70 games in a row, amazing!

He is one of only eleven players to represent England at three world cup finals, captaining England in 1950, 1954 and 1958.

He married pop star Joy Beverley (of the Beverley sisters) long before the protein that made the sperm of Posh Spice had even been formed, let alone accepted a ring from David Beckham.

He came 2nd in the 1957 Ballon d’Or finishing behind Alfredo Di Stefano of Real Madrid and just ahead of Duncan Edwards of Manchester United.

He was awarded a CBE by her majesty in 1959 for his services to Association Football.

In August 1993, at a game I was present at, he watched Wolves open the new stadium that had been redeveloped by Sir Jack Hayward. They drew 1-1 against Honved and he saw the old Waterloo Road stand full of fans, now renamed the Billy Wright Stand. It was good to see him and Ferenc Puskas (Honved and Hungary legend) back together.

AND! Despite these achievements, any one of which would delight and highlight the CV and the career of any professional football, our beloved William Ambrose Wright has been ignored by the FA when it came to designing the logo for the 150th anniversary of the Football Association. I have only one question, why? Why FA, why? 

You can read the Express and Star coverage of this story HERE

You can sign the petition to try and get the FA to change the logo HERE

And you can watch the official FA 150 video (that ever so briefly mentions Billy Wright) HERE.

This blog aint written cus I’m a Wolves fan and he’s a Wolves legend, it’s written because I’m a football fan and he’s a footballing legend. Never booked or sent off, he was a true gentleman too. 


The breakdown of modern civilisation.

Reading this blog post I was left thinking about something that is clearly happening in today’s world, the breakdown of civilisation.

Of course everyone scoffs at the very idea. I certainly know several people, whom I’ve discussed to a greater or lesser extent the future of our species and the societies that we live in, and they all have one thing in common (as well as scoffing) – ignorance.

They are ignorant of what is going on in the world. They read newspaper headlines, but not entire stories. They only read one news source or newspaper and don’t get a wide variety of opinions on the single story, they scoff at personal creativity or having an opinion and so they scoff at me. They always play the rights and privileges argument as their ‘get of jail free card’ in arguments when they are losing it (which they often do). But ultimately they know fuck all. They never debate, their opinion is rigid and new ideas or discoveries mean nothing because ‘when we were kids our dear dad always used to say…’ and that is that. You cannot enlighten or educate a closed mind I suppose, but despite having the freedom to be clueless morons they are not excused from their total and utter lack of a flexible, educated, well informed opinion (and all of these twats have the vote!)

Civilisation is built on the systems of society that we all live in, but we rarely choose them for ourselves, your society is governed by what country you fell out of a vagina in. I can only chat about Britain as it’s the place I live, but I understand other societies are run by religions or dictatorships or various political systems in economies of varying strength with varying amounts and types of natural resources at their disposal. You may feel different about what civilisation is, but I doubt it.

British society is built on wafer thin, fake, quick fixes and self-obsession. Large sections of the society are obsessed with brand names, reality TV, social networking and self-promotion. Of course as a blogger I have a certain amount of guilt in the self-promotion department, but I like to think I’m just offering an opinion and a point of view. My blog is free, it’s not compulsory and you’re allowed to disagree and I won’t block you, delete your comments or give a shit. Everyone is entitled to YOUR opinion!

Let’s not forget it has only been a few years since the UK saw its banks collapse and get bailed out by the people and they let it happen because they were too busy updating their Facebook status to give a fuck. And then the bankers received bonuses for poor performances and bosses were paid huge amounts for failure, even though said banks were owned by US – THE TAX PAYERS and people missed that fact, they continued to pay taxes without question, as well as voting for Simon Cowells latest freak show abomination TV event that is slowly ruining one of the other few things in this country that normal people love – the music industry (yes the morons love a reality TV show winner and buy anything, but that’s another rant entirely, maybe one for my mate Docdenbow, he’s better qualified than I.) They got away with it all, despite being massive criminals, and we paid for it. Instead of doing 20-30 years they are living in Penthouses and looking down on YOU – THE TAX PAYER WHO PAID FOR THE GOD DAMN PENTHOUSE! But that’s OK, that’s the system.

And that is why civilisation if failing, because the strong can take from the weak, and the weak let it happen. Slowly the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer until the destitute majority are all stealing from and killing each other to survive and the few cunts who stole everything will be safely thousands of miles away, or underground, or in space, who knows.

But the worst thing about the system is the lack of protest, the lack of disgust. People are too busy being disgusted online, clicking a link or signing a petition or not even aware at all. Being a member of a Facebook group, whose updates you choose to ignore because they are so frequent, isn’t activism. It’s bullshit. Most of these popularist groups (usually about injured soldiers) are set up not by people who give a fuck, but by people who want a group with 100,000 members so they can talk about the numbers of followers they have attained. They are just autistic morons, happy watching the ‘like’ count climb higher and higher and higher, you’ll never see the administrator of one of those groups selling poppies outside a supermarket in a windy Autumn November, they won’t be running marathons to raise cash for landmine or IED victims of Afghanistan, that sadly is too much effort and doesn’t offer the INSTANT online, meaningless kudos of being some twat with a twatty group with a bunch of twatty followers.

Another thing about modern British civilisation is the fact that everything has to be now, like a tweet, or a google search. Instant gratification and when people have that and feel that the reward that they get from social networking and Google satisfies them, why would they give a fuck about anything else – BECAUSE THEY ARE AY-FUCKIN-OK!

It almost makes me understand why someone would want to write a virus to totally fuck with your computer making in unusable, knowing that some poor sap will literally be crying like a baby because they cannot check Craigs list for a blowjob in his town tonight, or some arsehole can’t make sure his bid on e-bay for a “Sure Grip Swedish Suck Machine” has been successful or some cunt has just baked a cake and they wanna twitpic it and share it with all of the cunts they know on Facebook.

We used to have Dunkirk spirit, we used to roll our sleeves up and get shit done, we used to have a stiff upper lip and dealt with anything. We survived the Black Death, we survived Hitler and we even survived Thatcher. But can we survive the laziness and the uselessness and the thoughtless people that the modern, instant world has created with its technology that rubs our balls and makes all the bad feelings go away?

If I pick up a paper tomorrow and the headline reads “Bankers To Rape your Face On BlogTV Live – humiliation for all!” I know that there wouldn’t be a coup but there would be a lot of satisfied bankers. As long as we can have five minutes off for every hour of throat fucking to check our smart phones, it’ll be cool!

Yes we are all truly fucked. And like Rohypnol victims, we just can’t feel it yet.


2013 Syria is just 1980s Afghanistan.

The uprising in Syria is taking the road that Afghanistan has already trodden in the 1980s.

But instead of being a nation invaded by the Russians who then had to suffer defeat at the hands of the CIA supported mujahideen it’s a nation that is having to accept being invaded by foreign fighters who are masquerading as Syrians to get support from Britain and America who are then arming and supporting these “Syrians” to overthrow a nasty government and then….. what?

We get a Syrian government of unity? No we don’t, we get a country controlled and freed by a group of Islamists and terrorists and people who give not one fuck for Syria or Syrian history, culture or Syrian people. People my country have armed, and that worries me. After such a civil war no non-Syrians should be allowed to have a position of power and all transitional powers must be temporary in preparation for democratic elections. Any other outcome would dirty the coup and certainly wouldn’t be in the spirit of the Arab Spring. In fact at this point I’m beginning to think the Syrian civil war has nothing to do with the Arab Spring. It’s an outside invasion by right wingers who still have an agenda but find Afghanistan too much like hard work and Iraq just boring because 99% of people there have decided they want to crack on with their lives, peacefully.

The irony is that Syria (Assads Syria) supported “al Qaeda in Iraq” during the recent Iraq war only now to be suffering at the hands of the same “al Qaeda” terrorists who have lost in Iraq and so are moving to pastures new. Only proving that groups of terrorist can only exist and thrive in destablised regions and also proving that we have a vested interest in making sure that Syria, eventually, is free from Assad and also al Qaeda or any other Islamist group, but still FREE! Not because I’m a liberal fascist but because the people of Syria deserve to choose the life they want for themselves, democratically after an uprising. Otherwise, what is the point of the uprising? ‘Our dictatorship is better than yours?’ Fuck off!

Some of the “Free Syrian Army” want freedom, but some claiming to oppose Assad are also part of the same group of Islamists wanting Sharia law for everyone, which is there decision, but not the decision of the people they want to encapsulate into their new fascist nation. The Free Syrian Army is made up of people who talk the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” talk and once Assad is gone they too will start to fight, Free Syrians and Islamists will argue and fight over the outcome. Enemies of Assad don’t have to be friends after the common enemy is destroyed.

The West says that it cannot intervene in a civil war. But I ask what’s worse, intervening in a civil war now or intervening in a nation ten years from now that has become a thousand times more destabilised, armed, angry, brainwashed and ready to fight (for nothing).

Coups that overthrow a government, by the people, for the benefit of the people, are good, but the situation in Syria is a shit-storm waiting to happen for the entire world. We don’t need to be fighting a Taliban-like regime a thousand miles closer to our shores than the last one.

Syria needs to be rid of Assad, but it also needs to rid itself of Assad on its own national terms. Not on the terms of foreign fighting groups who want to gain power.

1 Person, 1 vote, democratic freedom. That sounds like my kinda caper. Good luck Syria! You’re gonna fuckin’ need it. Where is NATO and the United Nations? And do they have a viable position in today’s world of migrant terrorist elements? How do we create a world order that is peaceful and accepting of each others bullshit?

I suppose if you can work that out you’re a rich man, a peace loving man and a man who does a lot of class A’s.




When reflecting on the state of the world and many regions of it I think about all of the people who cannot read and write and it helps me shake off the shackles of self awareness and self doubt knowing that people around me, who take all freedoms they have totally for granted, are mocking the very fact I write anything, anywhere at all. I take advantage of the gifts of reading and writing to encourage more people to express in the most peaceful way possible, their own ideas and views and simply express themselves honestly and truthfully. Sitting here writing what ever I like, in a manner that I choose, from a point of view that some people will disagree with, is a privilege and a right that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Especially when you consider the restraints forced upon people who are held to ransom, intellectually, spiritually and physically by Sharia law and total domination of your country, life and being by fundamentalism and radical Islam, and especially when it’s the ruling force in your nation.

Philosophers, medics, inventors, entertainers, thinkers, people who matter, and people who make a difference exist throughout the world but in many countries live in fear of the ruling classes to ever show the world their gifts and loves and talents.

But as spoken in Shawshank prison, these words that are very true, ‘fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free’

I hope one day the world is full of hope and people are truly set free from the shackles of the oppression they allow others to chain them with.