Having to accept a situation because crying and sulking changes nothing.

Last weekend Wolves went down 2-1 at Molineux to Burnley in a game we should’ve won its one of three results in recent times that has contributed to our demise as a footballing power in the second tier of English football. Losing at home to Huddersfield was the moment our season turned; we should’ve won that game and of course didn’t, that was three points dropped in poor fashion. Also the late defeat away at Charlton the week before the Burnley fiasco was also an unnecessary kick in the teeth. That was a point in the bag if only our players had been hungry enough for it. Overall that’s seven points dropped in games that shouldn’t have been so difficult but ultimately were as our sour faced, slow, lazy, disinterested bunch of overpaid primadonnas ran around the turf like headless chickens looking to everyone else in the team to put in the effort.

In the last 10 games we have won 5 and are averaging 1.5 points per game. Multiply that as an average over 45 games and we’d be on the same number of points as Bolton in 6th (67 points). I suppose sometimes the cookie crumbles like that for you. It’s a shame Deano took 10 games to get his first win, just another win somewhere amongst that run of failure would’ve been enough to give us some proper hope.

It’s not just been back to back relegations (yet to be confirmed) for Wolves but also back to back seasons where we’ve had two managers. Since Mick McCarthy has been sacked we’ve had 3 managers and only 2 transfer windows. That says a lot to me, the team is rarely and hardly the team that the ruling manager wants or chooses to have to pick and play. That has been a massive factor. A large portion of this squad is still Mick McCarthys and the fact that some of them have proven themselves against the best in the country and yet cannot pick up points against some truly average teams is extremely angering. But they are proving to be negative for themselves. Who will want to sign players that sulk and play badly because of changes at a club? Who wants to sign players who’ve been relegated two years running? Many of these players are clearly happy to sit on the contracts they have at Wolves until they run out regardless of whether they bankrupt the club or not. They no longer care and they aren’t playing football for success, they have ceased to be model professionals and are now no better than mercenaries milking the situation for what they can get. They have in many respects become failures who simply are leeching off a professional club for as long as they can get a fat pay cheque, then they’ll regroup and see if they can play elsewhere or get a spot on talkSport.

But this all aside we can still mathematically stay up, we won’t, but the maths doesn’t lie. It’ll tell the truth next weekend and we can all crack on with our lives as supporters of a league 1 crisis club. I’m not going to even have a go at Steve Morgan or Jez Moxey. I’ve said all I want to about those clowns and frankly Morgan has a role to play still. He has created this position that the clubs in and he has a duty to bankroll the club, pay the stupid wages of stubborn, failed footballers, and spend to get us back where we were when he took charge of the club – the second tier of English football. That is the least he can do, THE LEAST! If he wants to walk away he has to walk away with us in the same situation he found us in otherwise he’s just another rich asshole who cares little for tradition and history and instead favours a quick quid made stomping over footballing heritage. (Wolves – founder members of the football league and the first club to introduce floodlit European games and helping to establish a European Cup, Wolves who gave England the first man in the world to get 100 caps for his country, etc, etc)  How would he feel if someone did something similar to his beloved Liverpool? He should ask himself that question before doing anything rash in reaction to a few unrepresentative nutcase “Wolves Fans” who would try to cause him harm and damage Molineux during a pitch invasion.

Well with all of that in mind let’s remember the faint glimmer of hope we still have. We aint down (technically) yet! And so here are a few things I simply want to highlight with relegation as a fact (even though it aint yet):

* New stand built at a cost of £18m over team building and two successive relegations. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Would just a third of that cash spent on players have saved us?

* Roger Johnson has finally gotten a hat-trick, three successive relegations. He has also turned up to work drunk and is at the heart of the defence. Hmmmm. Is he a jinx or is he just shit?

* Since 2004-05 when the Championship was created only one team (Leicester in 2008 with 52 points) has ever been relegated with more than the 51 points Wolves have after 45 games. Are we destined to set a new record and go down with a win at Brighton?

And with that in mind we should all remember that the most important thing is the financial future of Wolves, the existence of such a great and historic club. We’ll manage in League 1 like we managed in Division 3 and 4 back in the 1980s. It’s a tragic situation and a mess that shouldn’t have happened, but regardless the most important thing is that Wolverhampton has its football team, with its loyal fans who’ll be around longer than any owner, chief executive, director or player.

That is what I care about, my club and its future. A strong and prosperous one that guarantees it’ll always be around. I love my club. I love it enough to forgive it this misdemeanour.

Bring on league one, bring on massive changes, bring me a league title and a Johnstone Paint Trophy too, bring me my Wolves. The one that wins again.

We’ll never die, we’ll never die, that gold flag will always fly high.

Wanderers will never die.

To the future.



Social Networking: A Love/Hate Relationship.

In the last six weeks or so I’ve noticed a huge change in my use of this blog and social networks. I’ve occasionally found myself resenting and downright hating them. It’s not obvious to readers and followers of this blog that I’ve felt this way but I’ve had little motivation to write anything at all. I don’t fully understand why.

Facebook has become something of an annoyance to me. The fact I can only deactivate and not delete my account is the source of a lot of frustration. Recent changes to the mobile app which see the latest version becoming all knowing and unquestioning fuehrer in total control of your contacts, pictures and everything on your phone has seen me uninstall it rather than upgrade. It’s a step too far by a service that I find mildly boring at best and utter self indulgent shit at worst. I find that just deactivating leaves the door open to a return where as a deletion would be final. I want the deletion option as I always end up returning. Add to that the fact that recent members of my extended family have begun to block me without reason I find the entire thing just a frustrating exercise in futility and extreme boredom.

Twitter is my favourite website on the planet. I love it. But again recently being blocked by some family members has made me wonder what have I done to offend them? Surely unfollowing is enough? I might still want to follow them but now I can’t. I can accept that they no longer want to read the ranting and swearing and drunkenness I tweet but I might want to read their musings. It seems very petty of them, I haven’t done anything to piss them off directly and if they think it’s not seen as a passive aggressive ‘fuck you’ they are mistaken. I know its only Twitter but it aint going to be happy families any more, I know they don’t wanna talk to me or listen to me so in future it’ll be a lot of social awkwardness and total ignorance. Something I can live without and don’t want but people make their bed, so it’s better to let them lie in it than try and tuck them in properly and read them a story.

WordPress just happens to be my second fave website and I’ll always hang around here, reading my fave bloggers like Docdenbow who I recently annoyed with my own silly drunken private messages on twitter, and for that I apologise. Sadly for you and for wordpress, you’re stuck with me for now at this blog and my new blog too.

Yes, I’ve started a second blog. It’s about writing and my long historic association with UKAuthors.com and I’m finding that more enjoyable and I’m certainly more inspired to write about fiction and try and write fiction than blog here. I think the love of writing I have is to do with prose and poetry and scripts and the imagination more than blogging. I’m now trying to rekindle my love of the creative aspects of the English language and as I’m not getting any younger I have to try and get published or optioned by a major movie studio (yeah right) sooner rather than later. I aint got decades left in me, the men in the Bilstonjay bloodline rarely make old bones and when you add to my ‘live fast die young DNA’ the smoking and drinking and late nights and kebabs, I’m certainly up against it if I want to leave behind a proper legacy of literary averageness. On my deathbed I want to look back and think, ‘You had a go Jay, you had a go!’ You only live once and regrets are things I don’t want in my head as I draw my last breath. Many people have questioned my choice of hobbies over the years, some have scoffed and others have encouraged, ultimately I’ll write regardless of who knows and who cares. That is the way it has to be when you are an ordinary Joe Bloggs. You have to learn to give not one little shit.

I’ll always blog here, the Wolves will always give me a reason to moan and rant it seems, as will life, but I feel I owe it to the regular readers to understand why I’m absent more so these days than in attendance at this little old blog of mine.


How To Win A War Against Terrorism.

The events at the Boston marathon this year appear to show two things to the world and that is, 1 – evil people will do evil things and 2 – you cannot stop a person/s who is/are determined. Terrorism has existed for centuries and in Britain we know all about terrorism having lived for many decades with bomb attacks being carried out by the IRA. In recent years it has been Islamist terror that has come to our shores. I don’t need to rake over the recent history of the West and terrorism. If you’ve been paying even a tiny bit of attention you’ll be well aware of it. What I’m more interested in asking is why do people decide to carry out the bombings in the first place? What makes a terrorist?

We hear all about the “evil doers” on the news day in and day out. Certain groups or nationalities or religions are flashed on our TV screens with the words “terror” and “death” and “bloodshed” associated with them. Then of course, as many people do, they automatically associate all people of a certain faith or nationality as being terrorists. People who don’t look at the facts allow the media to spoon feed them ignorance and they are happy with that, it takes time and effort to try to understand why a bomb has gone off and killed X number of people, its easy for people to say ‘terrorism is wrong and bad’ of course it fucking is! But why is it happening? Ever asked that question to yourself?

Lack of thought and calling for revenge solves nothing, certainly marginalising groups of people has never lead to increased security and fewer terrorists. People aren’t born terrorists they become them. Osama bin laden used to be a kid, he probably played like most kids do, and he went to school and university and was essentially a well educated and promising human being – at some point in his life. But then something has happened to change all of that. It is the moments that can turn a person into a terrorist that have to be prevented and defeated. Terrorists cannot be beaten with bombs and guns and armies as we know all too well. So I’m sure you are saying, “Go on then Jay give us all of the answers!” OK, I’ll try. There are several reasons that terrorism goes on.

Equality – Ever spotted, just for a moment, favouritism in the workplace? Your boss giving an early finish to someone who needs to beat the traffic even though you were refused time to leave early because you had a workman coming to do a job at your house? Didn’t that make you burn a little inside, just for a second or two? So lets take it a step further, your tyrannical British rulers are allowing the death by the thousand of your people during a potato famine. They do nothing positive or productive to help and despite being your occupiers see you as a drain on resources so they don’t feed you  and your loved ones die, not because they have to but just because you happen to be Irish and the British don’t give a fuck about you? Feeling angry? Wanna blow someone up yet? Equality and fairness would’ve saved lives and maybe helped avoid the decades of trouble many decades later.

Peace – OK, so imagine that you’re a Palestinian living in a ghetto and you wake up to the sound of a helicopter gunship firing its machine gun at your house because the day before a bomb had gone off in Tel Aviv, it was nothing to do with you and you don’t support terrorism, but you find your wife and children dead as a result. It turns out that one of the bombers was called Yusif Mohammed Islam, which is the name of about twenty blokes in your street so Israel decided to wipe them all out, just to be sure. Are you starting to understand what seeds are sown to grow a terrorist?

Ending persecution – You’re country is invaded by Nazi’s, your home is ransacked and you are taken away. Anything you own of value is stolen and you are sent into an internment camp which you’re not aware of straight away is actually an extermination camp and your crime is – being a Jew. You’ve lived forty five years in Poland as a Jew without incident and now you’re going to die just for being a different type of human to the humans that invaded your homeland. In your heart you’d hope and pray that future generations of Jews or Jews escaping the persecution would fight back on your behalf in your name? Surely? You’d want justice at any cost, you’d want revenge? You’d want to see the blood of your enemies running through the streets? I know I’d feel like that. Damn sure!

I can go on and on and on. Human history is littered with example after example of one group finding itself on top for a while and treating others like crap and then suffering from guerrilla attacks and terrorism and then the people on top trying to demonise the “evil doers” despite being the evil doers themselves. You know how to stop terrorism now don’t you? Be nice, be fair, be just. Don’t be complicit in your governments acts, speak out, protest, vote! Don’t hate people for the reasons of race, creed, religion, nationality or even sexuality. Forgiveness is a beautiful trait, as is understanding. No one has an excuse in this information age to be ignorant, learn, read, inform yourself – no one else will. The future has to be about understanding, tolerance and love for all people. That’s when the war on terrorism can be won.

The occasional lunatic will always slip through the net now and then. There’s nothing you can do about a paranoid schizophrenic with a love of electronics and industrial fertiliser.

A new way has to start, a new way of thinking. It can start today if we want it.

The evils carried out by the Boston marathon bombers have to be tried in court and punished, and quite rightly so, but we have to start to work towards avoiding terrible acts like them again in the future. Prevention is better!

We all have the power to change things, and the responsibility to try and make the world a better place. I doubt I’ll see world peace in my life time (there’s too much work to do) but I hope for my nieces and nephews sake it’s not far away around the corner.


Defeating terrorism tests more than your eyes, it tests your resolve. Peace.
Defeating terrorism tests more than your eyes, it tests your resolve. Peace.

Games of my life.

I wanted to blog about the games that I remember and loved since I’ve supported the Wolves. Then I realised I was looking for some happiness away from the reality that is the situation we are in right now. I don’t have a clue how we ended up here and I don’t have any ideas of how we can get out of it. I know who to point the finger at and blame but what good does that achieve? I hope all Wolves fans enjoy looking back at our past glories and games that made a difference, and made us all smile.

Wolves 2-0 Burnley (Sherpa Van Trophy 1988)

Wolves 2-2 Sheff Utd (Division 3 Champions 1989)

Newcastle 1-4 Wolves (1990)

Wolves 6-2 Newcastle (1991)

Blues 0-4 Wolves (1993)

No online news or footage on YouTube.

Derby 0-4 Wolves (1993)

Wolves 1-1 Honved (1993 reopening of Molineux, my first home game at the new Molineux)

Wolves 5-0 Southend (1994)

(5th goal is ultimate counter attack football, eat Wolves goal!)

Wolves 1-1 Sheff Wed (1995)

(Wolves win 4-3 on penalties)

Albion 2-4 Wolves/Wolves 2-0 Albion (1996-97 double)

Wolves 5-0 Norwich (1998)

Wolves 3-1 West Brom (2001)

Wolves 3-2 Newcastle (FA Cup 2003)

Wolves 6-0 Gillingham (2003)

Wolves 2-1 Reading (Play off semi final 2003)

Reading 0-1 Wolves (Play off semi final 2003)

Wolves 3-0 Sheff Utd (Play off final 2003)

Wolves 4-3 Leicester (2003-4)

Wolves 1-0 Man Utd (2004)


No footage on YouTube.

Wolves 5-1 NottmForest (2008)

2010-11 season….

Wolves 2-1 ManCity

Liverpool 0-1 Wolves

Wolves 1-0 Chelsea

Wolves 2-1 Man Utd

Wolves 3-1 West Brom

and then we got relegated had three different managers and lost to a non league side in the FA Cup and we might even go down again.

The good times are awesome to look back on but next season is what it’s all about and its going to be fucking awful!



Margaret Thatcher.

Very few people in politics actually matter to people any more in fact I’m pretty sure not a single politician has any place in anyone’s heart in 2013. Even the local MPs who we elect to represent us aren’t held in any high esteem by the very people who vote for them, and that is because they are all the same. They are bland and self interested and exist in a world of blurred party politics where it is hard to even tell the difference between the three main parties any more. Let’s face it the centre ground is as crowded as Mecca during Eid as ideologies and political convictions have, in recent years, all been watered down to try and appeal to the most amount of people, for the most amount of votes, with very little substance to them. Thatcher was an ideologist, and love or hate her ideas, she made them happen.

As a socialist I’ve always voted Labour, even during the New Labour years, when I really should’ve voted Liberal or Green or anything else, but I like my vote to count so I kept it for one of the two proper parties. I’ve never had any time for the Conservatives and as a person who grew up during the Thatcher years I really have been looking forward to the day (like many) when she died. It’s a terrible thing to say but we’ve all talked about it for so long and yet when the news broke and I heard she’d passed away I felt nothing. I didn’t feel like celebrating and I didn’t feel sad. It felt wrong to celebrate the death of an 87 year old woman from a stroke as she laid reading in bed. I’m glad I felt like that. I’m a human being, and so was she, and we should never rejoice in the death of an opposite personality or an enemy, life is too precious to celebrate its end.

She’s been out of public life for well over a decade and out of Downing Street for 23 years, why so angry? Her wrong doings were many and enormous but we’ve had time to cope and come to terms with her. We’ve had regeneration of effected areas, and a huge boom under New Labour that has crashed back to bust in recent years, but still some of the scars of her time in power have faded. In political and economic terms we’ve had another cycle since she left office and yet people still carry the bile and still want to hate. I was the same, up until I heard she was dead, why care anymore? You gonna keep hating a corpse? Her harshest critics wanted her dead, so now she is. Forget her now, please forget her! It’s better to lay down that stressful, angry shit and walk away; it’ll kill you hanging on to it. She’s dead. She’s gone. Move on.

Some people can’t forget, they need revenge and so their threats and anger are going to cause her funeral to cost £10m, mostly made up of defending the funeral from attack (using the SAS no less) but this gives the same angry people who want to attack her funeral a nice reason to moan about the cost of her funeral too. Like I said earlier, I hated her, but is anyone else seeing the irony of all of this?

She did some good things, and I can see that without resorting to “But Thatcher did that so it’s bad” petty bullshit arguments. Her defence of the Falklands was one. Her war with Argentina was seen by many as a way to win an election and it may have been but I see it as a leader defending Sovereign British territory. No one has any right to take soil that is ours without sitting down and talking with us and the inhabitants and trying to understand why they can or can’t have it! Invade anyone’s national soil and expect a backlash. I never supported the insurgency in Iraq either but I can dam well understand it! I understand this is an unpopular argument but it’s my opinion. No country can ever appear weak when it comes to defence otherwise you are asking to be invaded or attacked.

She worked hard, with President Reagan, to end the cold war which they did. She helped to create a situation that meant the fall of the Berlin wall and the self determination of many Eastern European countries that had been satellite states of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Many of these countries now beat us at football and fill our Premiership with their players, that is not so good for our national team. But she hated football so it kinda works as a Thatcher ideology.

She even (somehow) managed to highlight and support work to avoid man made climate change. This is something that I think is a serious issue and its an issue that has been rubbished many times by many Conservative supporting businessmen, usually businessmen who are in the business of pumping tons of carbon monoxide and dioxide into the atmosphere for profit.

That’s all I can think of as acceptable Thatcherism type things. But it’s OK, I can easily think of three bad things she did as a balance, such as….

Section 28. A law that stopped local authorities from “promoting or teaching the acceptability of homosexuality, especially in schools” This of course is a fucking ridiculous law and thankfully was successfully wiped from the statute books (using a gay mans cock fresh from a gay mans arse) by the Labour administration of Tony Blair. How did a law like this ever get passed in the first place? The Conservative party must be a completely heterosexuals only party I assume.

I don’t want to say too much about the Miners strike as I know it’s still a sore issue for many families. I do know that she fucked this up using her self-prepared army of police, controlled from Scotland Yard. A police force she defended and protected after the Hillsborough tragedy. That football crime is now, finally, being investigated properly, but the miners suffered, they lost jobs, were attacked at protests by the people who are supposed to uphold the law and were left to cope on their own. The miners strike is one of the darkest times our country went through in the 20th century, let alone under Thatcher, maybe third only to World Wars 1 and 2. She did that. It was wrong. You can’t write down how wrong it was. So I won’t try.

There is no such thing as society. Thatcher thought that people were individuals and that was that. She said, “They’re casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first. It’s our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour. People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations, because there is no such thing as an entitlement unless someone has first met an obligation” – this is 1% accurate and 99% wrong. Society does exist and we are all a part of it. We are all duty bound to help everyone, not just our neighbours in a literal way but our neighbours countrywide. If we are expected to be kind to our neighbours in a geopolitical way such as being nice to Ireland and France et al, we should damn well be nice to our neighbours all over the British Isles. Social programmes help everyone, taxation should be used on health and wealth redistribution, and pensions and defence and child care and education just as much as it should be used on administering democracy, paying already rich MP’s expenses and helping people escaping political persecution wanting asylum. If every country did this we’d eradicate illegal immigration, we’d limit defence spending and we’d make nations richer so they could spend on health and education. Society exists; society is being human and living on Earth, that’s our society.

I feel like I’ve ranted on a bit here so let’s wind this up and conclude with reaction to and death of her majesty… oh sorry she only thought she was Queen *late on blog stab to the unbeating heart* – that’s my dig!

So now Maggie is dead, but still some people aren’t happy, including people who were born after 1990 when she left office, which I find weird. They can like her or not if they know about her, but to be actually driven to anger and revenge and retribution is weird. Her funeral needs millions of pounds of security and the youngsters on the social networks are jumping on a bandwagon because they need to be popular or accepted or want instant fame for being the Thatcher funeral kid!

I fully expect her funeral to be slightly effected by one moron, there always is one it seems these days, but we should really all stand back and let a family mourn their loss, regardless of who has died and what we all think about them. Anyone disrupting her funeral is just a twat, what does it achieve? She’s dead. She’ll never know and you’ll go to jail if the SAS don’t shoot you first.

Deep convictions and ideologies are what made her a leader, for good or bad. I have no feelings for her, growing up my school was decrepit and my dad lost his manufacturing job, but that was then and this is now. We struggled then and now I’ve risen to the heights of working class. I’m the person I am because of the hate and hardships of my past. But I’m still here, knocking about.

In death I like her more than I ever did when she was alive and as a socialist I think that’s how it should be.


4 wins out of 5 – No One Ever Doubted It.

With today’s half time score at St Andrews being 3-0 to Wolves the amazing turn around in our season has continued. Only a few weeks ago we were second bottom with a massive 6 pointer against BristolCity that could’ve seen us go bottom, with many commentators saying we were going to hit the basement and stay there. Wolves had only won once under Dean Saunders and the boo boys were all over him, giving Moxey and Morgan five minutes off!

Well how things have turned around. In March we lost only 1 in 5 (against in form Forest who’s win over us was their 6th in a row) picking up ten points and scoring 9 goals, currently we have won 4 out of the last 5 games and amazingly despite that run sit only a point above the relegation zone. The fact that we are now above Blackburn Rovers and have Burnley, Millwall, Blackpool, Charlton & Ipswich all within touching distance above us and together with Blackburn we have Barnsley, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield and Peterborough in touching distance beneath us I think this relegation battle is now a massive scrum and we’re hitting some form, thankfully. I’d say that BristolCity have gone but then it’s any 2 from the next 11 teams.

If you’re team are in the bottom half of the Championship and you have a poor couple of games you could easily find yourself in the bottom 3. With precious few games left. This season is tense, but what a finish it is going to be. I wish I was watching it with Wolves out of it, but we’ve gotta enjoy it as best as we can, and hope that Deano and the lads do enough. I think they will!

And to all of the pundits who said we were dead and buried, BRING IT ON! The momentum is with Wolves.

Good luck to all of the teams involved, you’re gonna need it. Hang on to your hats boys, this rollercoaster is about to go loop-da-loop!