Steve Morgans new Jackett. One for the week or one for Sunday best?

The announcement of Kenny Jackett as the new head coach at Wolves is not so surprising, especially as he was the first man connected with the job after he resigned from Millwall the same day Saunders was sacked by Steve Morgan.

Kenny Jackett has a pretty good record as a manager. With Swansea he won promotion from League two, took them to the League one play off final the following year and won (not so amazingly) 2 FAW Premier cups, a trophy that no longer exists I believe; and more impressively – the Football league trophy. He also took Millwall to Wembley twice in successive seasons, both times in the League One play off final (winning one and losing one).

I hope he can do a job for us. Given the chance I’m pretty sure, in League One, he can. But my biggest fear is he won’t get the support that he needs from the board.

Financially he needs funds to buy in a few players so he can shape his team the way he wants it, morally he needs the club and its board to come out in total support of him and then of course he needs the fans to be on his side. I know Wolves fans, and I know they’ll be on his side regardless of what they thought of him as the speculation about him flew around. Now he’s a Wolves man he’s one of us. The fans will give him time and will see if his hands are tied or not by the board.

I’m worried that he won’t get the support he needs to create a League One winning side and that is what is expected from him. It’s hard to do a job without the tools, but that is what might well be expected him of him with the current board at Molineux. Who did Deano sign in January…? No one! Why? Was he supported by the board, did he have any cash? If he had the funds why didn’t he use them? I suspect Deano had nothing to work with but the loan market in January and now I’m worrying that Kenny won’t get the support he needs to come in, wipe the slate clean and start anew.

I hope I’m wrong and reading too much into the past but if we ignore the past we are doomed to repeat and accept the same failures.

I guess the next two months will tell us what kind of support our club and its ownership and board are offering to our new head coach.

Remember Morgan, you aint appointing someone to take the blame and deflect the blame from you. We already are looking at you to fail; your track record suggests that you’ll get it wrong. So don’t make the mistakes of the past, let the man manage, give him the resources and the support he needs both privately and publicly or don’t moan when the apocalypse comes knocking at your door. Make Jackett your Sunday best, give him what he needs to be successful. Success will bring the money that you covet so much, failure… I don’t even want to contemplate that at this stage.

Time will tell and I can’t wait for it to prove me wrong.

Forever we are Wolves.



Writing, gardening, Syria and what people really want (aka pick and mix blog with no fizzy Cola bottles)

I’ve had nothing to say recently which I find frustrating because there is nothing I love more than knocking out a rant or two, or sharing some of the sillier or more serious thoughts that I’ve had, but recently not a lot has been going on. I’ve started to mull over a book idea that I recently had and have been doing a little bit of research on it and wondering whether its something that I want to do and can do. It’s a work in progress and is likely to take me at least a year to get researched and written as a first draft but in all of the years that I’ve been writing it’s the most promising writing project and is the most likely to get published. It’s not fiction, in fact it’s a history book, but I hope that if I do it, it can open a few doors where the fiction and script writing is concerned. There is no tougher industry in the entertainment industry to try and break into than writing. I could sit here and talk about all of the ideas that I have and how I’ve tried so hard and blah, blah, blah but it all amounts to fuck all. It’s a tough industry to break into and it’s even tougher to keep going, you are only ever as good as your last script and if it sucks, you’re dropped faster than a simple cross caught by David James.

I’ve also been frustrated. By another one of my pastimes and that is growing my own greens. Nothing is growing, well not for me, everything is just about propagating itself and popping through the soil but considering we are a week away from June the lack of any real quality tomatoes or peppers really is annoying. I don’t know what has happened to the seasons in this country but something has changed drastically in the last decade or so. I mean we had snow, serious snowfall, in the first three months of this year. Jan, Feb and March 2013 saw three separate and substantial coverings of the Black Country and those cold snaps, coupled with the Gulf Stream pissing off even further from our shores this year has helped make this year so far to be largely a cooler and wetter time than we gardeners had hoped for. When I where a lad it was different. Oh the good old days. I never thought I could say those things and mean them, but I do now.

Not much else I can talk about and nothing I can really rant about. I’ve chatted a few times about Syria and I can add nothing more than I’ve already said. William Hague has today been calling for the opposition to be armed as has France. I dunno whether that is a good thing or not. Some of the opposition groups are very radical but most of them aren’t. I suppose this war is the side of the Arab Spring no one wanted or expected back when governments and tyrants were falling much easier a year or two ago. Syria is a tough situation. With Assad (Russian supported) and Hesbollah on one side and the opposition supported now by a lot of European nations (in words) with elements of Islamism who are on the side of anarchy and chaos added to the mix for good measure. It’s just a mess. My own opinion, religion and its bastardisation is the problem, the war can be won very easily if the West get involved, but you can’t take religion out of the equation and we are just playing out a long, protracted game at the moment and are really scared of what will rise from the ashes of this conflict. It’s a war that was started for more freedom and might end up with an even worse government if the Islamists take control. And with its neighbour Iraq still suffering car bomb attacks in Baghdad and unrest along religious factions we are no closer to seeing any peace in the Middle East region. My feelings are that in ten years the maps and borders of all of these countries (and others) will have been re-drawn and we’ll see countries divided more along sectarian lines rather than what we see today. Then will come the real problem, constant threats and constant attacks. The tit-for-tat that we have all seen between Israel and Palestinians for generations will become the norm between new nations for what will seem like all time too. Religion, again fucking everything up, let’s hope people see the light and begin to understand that faith and a relationship with a God is a personal thing and not something that can be made into a group or national entity happens sooner, rather than later and then political solutions can be found. Otherwise the cycle of violence in the Middle East will go on and no one wants that.

After events recently in London where a soldier was murdered by extremists in a cruel and unjustifiable way the need for tolerance, understanding and a bit of clarity is more needed than ever before.

After all we are all Human beings first and anything else second. All any of us want is the freedom to live our lives, be happy, have a family, have a job, some food in our bellies and have a roof over our heads. That’s universal. That’s all that matters, everything else is just bollocks and irrelevant.

I think I managed to get a rant out after all.



I’m currently working on the pre-writing parts of a book. It’s a history book. Yeah I know what your thinking, ‘I don’t care’ that’s cool. 🙂

But you know what I find the hardest thing to do is write the first word, the first sentence, the first paragraph, the first chapter. It’s tough. Once the opening is set up the rest of the book kinda pans ahead of you like roads on a map and all you have to do is travel down them until you reach, well –THE END–

The only two words I have so far are –THE END–

They are the only two words on the word count that are guaranteed, sadly you can’t write them with satisfaction until the previous thirty or forty or fifty or even hundred thousands words are down and ready to be pulled apart, edited to fuck and re-written so they no longer appear the same at all.

I want to make the book interesting, Tarantino-esque and almost like it has a made up narrative despite being based on real events over many decades.

Wish me luck, those two favourite words of any writer are as far off as ever.


Syria – Why Is The West Watching A Country Implode?

Several months ago I wrote about how I was disgusted by footage of war crimes appearing on YouTube. I was sickened then to see such footage appearing on a website that is used by families all over the world to watch movies and TV shows and clips and entertainment. It’s still going on, on YouTube by the way and I don’t think it’s the place for it. They keep hardcore pornography in check, so why not this kinda stuff?

I’m all for freedom of the press though and I’m glad to see that evidence of crimes being committed is being collected and distributed through other journalistic means and websites such as LiveLeak and other modern news outlets online (even Wikileaks has an important role to play in modern reporting, making us aware of the things the governments of the world would rather we didn’t find out – you keep informing us Wikileaks!)

Yes – I’m again talking about the civil war in Syria. A war in which the West has done little to intervene in a meaningful way and continues to stand back and watch as two sides carry out the most horrific of crimes on each other leaving an embattled suffering population in the middle, screaming for help, running for the hills, and dying trying. Innocent men, women and children are being slaughtered and caught up in fighting and the Western governments, such as the shit-failing-sham-clueless administration that currently occupies Westminster in London, simply talk about it, do nothing, send strong words to the evil doers and then go for tea and biscuits. It’s disgusting.

We only have to look at the news that has been coming out of Syria over the last week or so (this war has many tales to tell, its now into its 3rd year, it’s not so much an Arab Spring than a total fucking quagmire), many stories of sickening bloodshed and death already written across this conflict.

War Crimes by both sides

Last Friday a video appeared online that showed a Syrian opposition fighter mutilating an enemies corpse, he cuts open the mans torso and rips out his liver and heart and takes a bite at the heart (I’m not so sure he takes a bite out of it). That is a war crime, desecrating human remains is not just a war crime but is a sickening and wrong thing for anyone to do regardless of the circumstances, the law or the consequences. It is above derision. Although, and I’m not defending the crime, the man who carried out the horrific ceremony, Abu Sakkar, has today said in a second internet video that he is happy to stand trial for his war crime as long as the current President of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, also stands trial for his crimes against Syria and its people. This is a gesture made to unite the opposition and offer himself as a man of (some sort of) honour (he isn’t). But we have to accept that the regime is over and that the longer it clings to power the worse the situation will get (these crimes are not over, trust me). There is no future for Syria under the old regime, too much has happened, a lot of water has gone under a very dark and dingy bridge. We have to hope that the people who are fighting for the opposition are largely unlike this man Abu Sakkar and they truly are fighting for a free Syria and a better and a democratic Syria. There of course will be a few Radical Islamists along for the ride (the popular media calls them all ‘al Qaeda’), but that seems to be normal in wars in this part of the world. A few terrible people latching on to anything to carry out horrible crimes to satisfy their fucked up world view and hunger to end life for no reason (yes, I’m comparing Radical Islamists to psychopaths, because that’s what they are!)

And despite this crime, my flag has to fall on the opposition side. Of course there are a few people carrying out crimes in the name of the war, but considering it’s a civil war that engulfs two separate fighting forces that are both made up of hundreds of thousands of men we are seeing very few (thankfully) war crimes (apart from the government backed ones, keep reading…) but I’m not defending anyone, a single war crime is one too many for me and the people on the opposition side that have carried out murders and tortures in the name of the revolution must be made to pay, court and jail has to follow. Justice has to be done.

Do war crimes have grades? I’m not sure. But I feel that shooting a man dead is one thing, burying a civilian journalist alive is another and that is the news that has been coming out of Syria in the last 48 hours or so. It seems today that some news sources are saying that the footage might be a hoax or faked but why fake it? I’m pretty sure that men in the middle of a civil war have bigger things to think about than getting a viral video onto the news, but that’s just my opinion. The video itself shows a man buried up to the neck and Syrian government soldiers talking about him as he begs for his life, then they bury him alive in shovelfuls of dirt. If this is a hoax it’s certainly bad taste but I can’t help but feel that it’s real. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope I am but when I watched it (and the sound was on) it seemed pretty damn real to me (and I don’t speak Syrian).

Humanitarian Crisis

One thing that isn’t mentioned very often on the news is the Syrian refugee crisis. We have seen, according to the UNHCR, 1.5m people displaced as a result of the war in Syria. These people are now homeless and in another country. Imagine grabbing your wife and kids and leaving your home to run across the border, but then imagine doing it because if you didn’t, one, or all of you could end up dead for doing nothing wrong? As well as the refugees the UN also says that as many as 4m people have been internally displaced by the civil war. With a population of 22m people that means nearly a third of the countries population have left or been forced to move. We have no figures for how many out of the remaining two-thirds are fighting on each side but we do know around 80,000 people have been killed (that is a UN figure so is probably way off the true figure which will be much higher.)

Chemical Weapons and Al Qaeda linked groups

In March of 2012 in Khan al-Assal the Syrian government were reported to have used chemical weapons against its own civilians. We had reports that men were being brought to hospital with symptoms of exposure to chemical agents used in weapons of mass destruction. In late April of 2013 canisters that were similar to canisters linked to other unverified attacks in Syria were found in Saraqeb after what appears to be another chemical attack by the government on its on people, with more cases of people suffering symptoms to those seen in people exposed to Sarin nerve gas.

Russia arming Syrian regime

Russia have now armed the Syrian government with anti-ship cruise missiles that offer a better ground to ground and ground to warship capability and clearly offers Syria the power to repel advancing forces from abroad and avoid no fly zones imposed by foreign powers. My main worry here is why isn’t the UK or the US putting pressure on Russia or talking to Russia about this situation? Why are we sitting idly by, after our twelve years of being intervention loving war mongers? We made up evidence to go and get Saddam and yet we might have proof that Assad has chemical weapons and still we sit on our thumbs and simply watch. Why? Is there too little oil under Syria for it to be worth our while/blood?


Many months ago I was drawn to the conflict in Syria and was sickened. Today I’m still sickened. Nothing has changed. People are dying day after day after day. Innocent people. The people with the power in the West do nothing but talk about supporting the opposition, the Russians openly support the Assad regime, in the meantime the tiny seed that is radicalism starts to grow ever so slowly and only our slow decisions to intervene can allow the rot of al Qaeda to prevail. No one on the ground or on either side wants that. Justice, rights, freedoms and democracy are what the seeds of the Arab spring were created from. Today in Syria none of those things are growing or prevailing, existing or even struggling. In Syria we only have barbaric civil war and it’s time we in the West stopped observing it like a disease in a Petri dish. Innocent Syrians are human beings, so why don’t we as human being act to end this war?

Justice, rights, freedom & democracy. Where are our morals and beliefs now?



Alex Ferguson – Retirement

Everyone has an opinion or a view or a comment or a tweet or what ever about the end of the managerial career of the greatest manager the world has ever seen. I’m no different but I don’t want to rake over the trophies and the success and keep going on about how many league titles he’s won or the fact he won two out of three European cup finals and blah, blah, blah.

It’s very easy and lazy of journalists to keep trotting out the same few statistics in their tribute to a man who has done everything, won everything and is making way for an inevitable failure by his replacement. No one can compare or begin to compete with his contribution to British, European and World football.

So instead here I have compiled his most impressive statistics, his results against Wolves as manager of Man Utd and I’m not even going to include the friendly that we played after signing his son Darren (which Man Utd won 2-1 at Molineux). I express the results from the point of view of Wolves.

2003-04 Premier League

Lost 1-0 at Old Trafford

Won 1-0 at Molineux

2006 FA Cup

Lost 3-0 at Molineux

2009-10 Premier League

Lost 3-0 at Old Trafford

Lost 1-0 at Molineux

2009 League Cup

Lost 1-0 at Old Trafford

2010-11 Premier League

Lost 2-1 at Old Trafford

Won 2-1 at Molineux

2010 League Cup

Lost 3-2 at Old Trafford

2011-12 Premier League

Lost 4-1 at Old Trafford

Lost 5-0 at Molineux

And so in 11 competitive games against Wolves as Man U manager Sir Alex somehow managed to struggle through all of those epic meetings and scraped 9 wins. And that is why he is a great manager, for managing such a great record against such a great team as my club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

I hope Wolves fans, the tongue pressed firmly in my cheek hasn’t been missed as you read this rather feeble tribute to the greatest manager the world has ever seen. Happy retirement Sir Alex Ferguson, you damn well earned some time with your feet up.


Being Odd & Other People.

Written half cut with my tongue firmly in my cheek, but I think I make a few valid points…. (ahem!) 

Most of my life I’ve been treated as a slightly weird guy. Among even my family and friends I’m just ‘that guy’ a person they like enough to hang around with and stay in touch with but at the same time being the guy who is fair game to rip apart, take the piss out of or wind up without reason or revenge, I’m that odd guy who likes things like astronomy, writing, nature and gardening at the same time as being the normal guy who has a job, drinks too much beer and loves the football, Those opposing normal and apparently weird likes are enough to make me, one man, odd for liking them both. It’s like you have to be a stereotype to exist in the world today, as many people really and truly are, and to defy that is weird or odd.

Ever taken a great deal of notice of reality TV shows, I did for maybe 1 season then I realised it was crap and going to be the same crap. Look at X Factor or The Voice or Big Brother back in the day. The same old formulaic crap year after year. Ever text voted one of these shows? If so, get help. Go for a walk, breathe some fresh air and maybe read a book or two, you’re an individual so enjoy it. Don’t take part in televised crap because everyone else is. (If you hate me for saying this, you are one of the stereotypes lacking in individuality, no one cares about your view on an X Factor contestant because you learned it from watching TV and a million other drones are saying the same thing).

I’ve never hurt anyone in my life, I don’t break the law, I pay my taxes and I keep out of everyone’s fucking way because generally I hate people as eventually they let you down, they always fucking let you down. People are like that. People are essentially ‘life forms with a selfish agenda’ who’ll try and string you along as long as it benefits them, they like to call this situation ‘friendship’ and odd types like myself who have no agenda other than where is the next beer is coming from sometimes fall for it and take a moment to realise. It’s the time between falling for it and realising you’re being taken for a cunt that causes the animosity that the same person who was taking you for a cunt will feel. Because when you realise, you stop doing the things that benefit them, and they get upset because they want the ego rubbing, and so you (the man in the dark) are the bad person, not them. See why I hate human beings? Generally you people are tools – This is a very general example but I feel it conveys how I feel about friends and certainly making new friends. I don’t think I’ve met anyone since I was about 18, apart from my girlfriend, who I could actually say is a friend, all of the friends I ever had I’d made before I was 18. Everyone else has been a self interested, self important, asshole looking for something I can offer them, cash to get them out of a scrape, a white van to move shit, my abilities with a garden rake/a computer/a creative mind.

The worst thing about other people, people who judge you as weird is – those people who treat you in a way that they think you deserve to be treated because of how they selfishly see the world and people in it. They are often jealous people. Jealous of you because you haven’t maxed out twenty credit cards and are being chased down the street by the men you owe the money too etc etc. (ever noticed how the very people who run up huge debts to support a lifestyle that they cannot afford are the very people who will judge you for having a cheap holiday for a week rather than an expensive two weeks away, who really has the fucking problem here?) So as they hate you, because of the jealousy, they judge you as a bad person, a failure, fat, ugly, single, etc etc just to cheer themselves up. These people are no threat, believe me, and I’m sure they’ll have fewer people at their funeral than I’ll have (see what I did there?) J They have the world in their head and that’s how it exists, they cannot see the world from any other point of view. Life is as they see it, end of! But of course it isn’t. The world is seen from billions of different views. Many people who view me as odd are very odd themselves but have such a high opinion of themselves and a world view that is absolute and right that anything else is WRONG and their view of themselves and me (and you) is RIGHT.

Everyone is odd, we all have a point of view and some of us who are loved so highly by the people they see so often who massage their egos have to accept that they are also hated and loathed and make people sick in other groups and circles and individually too.

So I accept being odd because I am, but only in the constraints of social normalness that we are taught and impose on ourselves, norms that are essentially bullshit. Like I’ve said before, if your life and your actions do not break the laws of the land and do not affect anyone negatively, get on with it.

Now go away and enjoy your life, I hate you. But someone loves you.