NSFW or my affiliates or people who hate for hate sake. (You have been warned)

I once had a crazy idea of doing some stand up comedy. I know it won’t happen, but I jot down notes now and again regardless. Tonight I jotted down this and I thought it too good not to share but it’s certainly no comedy routine. It reads better as a blog, because that means no one will really read it! But I like the idea of saying it to a room full of people. It’s called “homophobia” I encourage you not to read on if you have innocently clicked on this blog. I accept full responsibility for it but not if you read past this and then get offended. If easily upset go away now. Cheers.


Note to self: Homophobia.

“I don’t understand homophobia. It’s obviously a hatred carried by straight people but it sits awkwardly.

How many straight men have ever wanted to, tried to or had anal sex with a woman?

How many straight men have licked a pussy deep and hard and loved every second of it?

How many of those straight men hate gays for sticking their dicks in assholes or hate lesbians for licking pussy?

But I suppose we could take away the physical act of sexual connection from the equation.

Hang on, why do straight people hate gays and lesbians again?

I suppose its ok to have shit on your cock and pussy juice on your face if you’re a straight man but not a gay or a lesbian…

I smell hypocrisy… as well as a few other aromas.”




England Vs Ukraine & Tipton Vs Mars. UFO Spotted over the Black Country.

Tonight I  had a plan: to watch the footie and chat to the author of the Darlaston Town FC history book , but not in that order (can you guess in what order I did it) and so I called up the author, Neil Chambers and got a lot of great advice from him on how I should attack the project that is writing the history of Bilston Town football club. Helpful is not the word, to say I’ve never met him, he was more than accommodating and helpful and I’m very thankful to him for his time.

After our chat I prepped myself to sit down and watch England take on the Ukraine in the World Cup qualifier that was ever so dull on ITV earlier. To avoid needing to move during the first half I let the dog out so he’d chill out while the game was on and was ever so astonished to noticed a bright silvery-white light rising from behind some trees at the bottom of the garden. At this point I’m sure you assume I was drunk or am delusional but I assure you I’m not.

It was very odd, like nothing I’ve ever seen before, so I ran into the house to get my phone to record it. Below is the video that I captured. The light seemed to hover beneath the line of the clouds and stood still and silent for the two minutes that I was filming it. I felt an off mix of fear and elation looking upon the light. Now I’m not sure what I was looking at or filming and I certainly am not trying to say that I saw an alien space ship. That would be going too far. But it felt unusual, very unnatural and just very unnerving indeed. When the dog came back to go in I went in with him as it was getting dark and I’m just a big old chicken, plus the knives and snooker cue extensions were inside the house not outside it. As I entered my back door I looked back and it was gone, I didn’t see it vanish or hear a damn thing.

I’m spooked out, I was glad the England game was on as it helped me calm down and took my mind off what I had seen (even if the game itself was pretty dull) but the light has certainly left a mark on me. I mean I’m open minded and I’m sure there is a rational explanation but as I have no expertise in meteorology or the weather or in aviation I’m at a loss to explain what I saw, if anyone reading this has any ideas or theories please let me know.

Aliens in Tipton, they’ll need more than ray guns and light speed to survive that little trip I can assure you.

(We come in) Peace.