Blue Plaque For Bert Williams.

A week ago Wolves lost another superstar, a legend the likes of which we’re not likely to ever see again at Molineux, certainly not in the foreseeable anyway. Bert Williams passing has come during a season that has seen a turnaround of the slide we have seen at the club over the last few years, but has also seen the loss of several of our old gold stars of the past.

Bert is the fourth former player, along with Dave Wagstaff, Barry Stobart and Peter Broadbent to have been lost this season and is arguably the greatest footballer of them. The greatest goalkeeper the club has ever known from the greatest era the club has ever known. The minutes applause ahead of the Bristol City game today should only begin the outpouring of respect and remembrance for such a great servant and ambassador of Wolverhampton Wanderers. I feel he should be recognised with a stand renaming or a statue outside Molineux. But also deserves a more simple mark of remembrance – a blue plaque on the house where he grew up.

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As someone who grew up in Bradley I knew all about Bert and his time at Wolves and the 50s era and the games against Honved et al simply because my grandmother grew up at a similar time to him. My gran was born in 1912 and he was born in 1920 and I know she followed his career because I can remember her telling me stories when I was a wee boy about how he lived in Bank Street and (according to her story) his father would pay people pennies if they could score a goal past him (the goal being the gully between the houses) I cannot confirm or deny this story as my gran is no longer with us but she was a straightforward kind of person and had no reason to make it up. She used to talk about how players would travel on the buses with the fans and how fans would walk miles and miles to get to Molineux to support the club and its players who were Black Country or adopted Black Country folk. Players and fans really were all part of the community back then, it truly was one humongous team effort from stands to pitch and back again.

When you look at the life of Bert Williams he is certainly more than a Wolves and England footballer, a legendary footballer. He was also a man who served his country in the RAF in the Second World War and has also been a businessman and a charity fundraiser, especially in his later years for Alzheimer’s after he lost his wife to that terrible condition.

It’s been said already that legend is banded around as a term for players who have failed to achieve the promise that they showed early in their careers, but legend is barely good enough a word to describe the man and the footballer that Bert Williams was.

He’ll be missed, but he’ll never be forgotten. May you rest in peace Bert.

learn goalkeeping with bert williams

The above image is larger if you click on it, its an old newspaper clipping featuring our Bert.



New NHS Drug Policy May Say “Fuck the Elderly” (aka Why do decent people put up with all of this shit?)

The recession, austerity and all of the bullshit that has come with the situation that has been caused by bankers and banks and politicians may be about to get worse as the people in charge, those MP fuckers; and the people who run the NHS; which is essentially partly the government and partly the private finance mother fuckers who started to buy the NHS from the country lock, stock and contracted barrel under the New Fucking Labour government, allow the National Institute for Clinical Excellence or NICE as they are ironically known, to make changes to the very principles by which the NHS was founded on and now say that ‘new drugs should only be licensed for the NHS if they help those judged to be a benefit to wider society.’ Sounds like Nazi Germany… it’s Britain 2014!

What the fucking-cheesy-cock-ring-licking-bullshit is this? The National Health Service, a service set up after a world war to make sure that people had healthcare for all and at the point at which they need it, is now going to turn people away because they are judged as not being a fucking benefit to wider society? So say goodbye to the old ‘uns in your family folks, because next time they are ill they are just getting sent home with an aspirin and a thumbs up, “Good luck granddad!”

How many young people would benefit from their fucking grandparents premature death – knowing that they would still be alive, if the very health service that will treat them as young, potential tax payers, turned its back on grampy and gramps in their hour of fucking need after a lifetime of contributing to a system that is now so corrupt and failing and privatised via the back door that it decides to say “Fuck them and fuck you, we’re in charge, not you, we make the decisions, you get to live or die by your age and status as an obedient worker fucking bee!” Yes the ownership of our health and a lot of things is in the hands of the criminals who have already taken us for all of our money. Now they want to make sure that the people who have served a useful purpose die because they need to take from the system rather than give. They don’t want you to get a health service unless you are going to be made well enough to work again and contribute. if you can’t, you might as well die.

It’s completely fucked up and as the private sector, the corporations and the liars and cheats at the FTSE and in the banking sector who make all of the money (including the £1.5trillion we gave them to bail them out, that WE ARE PAYING FOR, and they are subsequently just carrying on regardless as if fuck all happened) continue to get fatter and fatter and richer and richer we are being told (by politicians who we elect and are in the pockets of these mother fuckers) that the country is broke, we have to suffer more and more with cuts in benefits, stagnating pay, low interest rates, no economic growth and fewer and more inadequate public services – and they want our most important public service, health, to mug people off if they cannot contribute to society. FUCK OFF!

What this country needs is a working class revolution. We have to show them that we have the power, with general strikes, with massive protests and with total and utter disgust and apathy at the ballot box. No votes for puppets, no cash for criminals, the people want and at this time fucking NEED the money back!

Fuck your laptop, your favourite TV shows and your new bullshit smart-phone. They are pointless toys to keep you amused while they fuck you in the shit-hole. Think about your future, your kids futures, your aged parents and grandparents future. WAKE UP BRITAIN, WAKE THE FUCK UP! We still have the power because they can control the numbers on a spread sheet, but they can’t control individuals who en masse decide they’ve had enough.

This has got to stop, before it’s too late. We need our money back, we need our country back and we need our democracy back. And the sooner we do it the better because the longer we leave it, the harder it will be to realise what’s going on. Lift the veil folks, stand and fight, for nothing other than you and yours.

Its all at stake, everything.

But until you and everyone like you, hard working, decent, family people of Britain realise, we’ll always be getting fucked by the people who would kid us we chose them and so we chose the mess we live in. We chose none of this. Regardless of who we voted for, this mess isn’t ours. It was sold by corporations and plc’s to the fools we voted in who turned their backs on politics and democracy to line their pensions, and sell their memoirs. That’s what’s going on.

But it can be different; we just need to apply the pressure.

Please, if you’ve read this far, just think about what I’ve said. I aint making this up, Google it if you want. Look further into it, don’t take my word for it, but be prepared for what you’ll see and read that’s even worse than I’ve mentioned here.

Educate yourself; get angry, it’s OK to be angry, anger fuels change. I’m here if you need me, drop me a line any time, ask my advice, I’ll do what I can. I’m no puppet, I’m but just one man, but one man who’s fucking angry and aint ignorant to the truth.

Peace… or maybe peaceful revolution. I’ll see you on the battlefield brothers and sisters. It’s time we all went over the top.


Bilston Town Book: Update 1 – 2014

Taking a break from this project for Christmas and the New Year probably wasn’t the best idea as its taking me a lot of time to get back into the rhythm of researching and compiling the early years. I’ve concentrated solely on the first thirty or so years of the clubs history, especially between 1894 and the first world war. Thanks to the help and notes I’ve already been sent by various people associated with the club and by using the British Newspaper Archive online I’ve managed to cobble together a lot of bits of info from this early time. I’m slowly organising season by season which leagues they were playing in, what competitions they competed in and more importantly won, and some of the players from that period who went on to play professionally for other clubs.

I will be making a few enquiries to try and get my hands on league tables for these periods too and will need to re-find a newspaper clipping that has now sadly eluded me that hinted towards Birmingham City football club owning Bilston and using it as a feeder club early in the 2oth century.

I think the hopes of everyone associated with Bilston are that this book will be written in 2014, and the likelihood is that it will be. But the idea that the book will be compiled, written, edited and printed and bound ready for sale may be a little ambitious, it may have to come out at the end of the 2014-15 season.

As always I’m still after your help and I’m still after fans stories. Please get in touch if you can help.

Jay – 13th January 2014.


One of the oldest football clubs in the world needs your help.


With Steve Daley, Don Goodman and top comic Ian “Sludge” Lees


Don Goodman – Ex WBA, Sunderland, Wolves and Walsall – Sky Sports & Radio 5 Live Presenter

Steve Daley – Ex Wolves, ManCity and Walsall “One of the funniest speakers on the circuit”

Ian “Sludge” Lees – “Brilliant comedian and compere”

Friday 4th April 2014

Tickets £17 or a table of 10 at £150

Venue: Darlaston Town Hall, Victoria Road, DarlastonWS10 8AA

                                           Doors open 7.00pm

TICKETS – call 07976 752698 or email

Also available from DarlastonTown Hall or phone 01922 658080

 Supported by Walsall Sport and Leisure Services & UPVC Conservatories Darlaston