Copenhagen Zoo: Zoos Are Charged To Look After Animals Not Slaughter Them.

First I must warn any readers that the content of this posting requires discretion by the viewer and reader. Some links are to youtube videos that include some graphic images so please be careful before clicking on links, please read the text as its written and decide if you want to click on the links after that. I don’t normally choose to link to the kind of content as I feel its hypocritical and very ‘Daily Mail’ to tell you of something awful and then share the disgusting thing as well, but in this case I think the disgust cannot be expressed just in words. I was pissed off when I read this story but I was moved to write about my outrage after seeing the images. So please forgive me the sharing of the videos but I feel it backs up what I want to say (the Guardian also share graphic content about this story and have also chosen to show adverts that make them money before the video of the animal being dissected, very classy Guardian, very classy!)

Marius the giraffe lived out his 18 months on the Earth as a captive of human beings in the Danish capital Copenhagen, at the cities zoo. Now zoos are ethically questionable places. I love a good zoo as long as the animals are treated well but I can fully understand why people oppose them and want to see all lions and zebras and giraffes etc, etc living in the wild. In a world that wasn’t ruined by humans that would certainly be the case, but sometimes animals find themselves in zoos and that is that we can only hope they are cared for properly; and of course sometimes they breed and we have a new generation of creatures that are born in captivity and are completely at the mercy of the human beings who claim to be caring and have only the survival of their species as the reason for captive breeding and so you’d expect zoos to be humanitarian in there treatment of all animals that end up in their care.

On the morning of the 9th of February 2014 Marius woke as he had done for the previous 18 months of his life and was fed. Today he was fed his favourite meal of rye bread by a keeper before being shot dead with a shot gun to the head by a vet (shot rather than lethal injection so his meat could be fed to the zoos lions without harming them… so considerate aye?) A final favourite meal and death sentence and his only crime was being a genetic type of giraffe that was so common that it was pointless breeding from him, so what else to do other than kill him?

Well… this all happened despite protests at the gates of the zoo, an online petition with over 27,000 signatures to save his life and offers from many other zoos around the world to take him and look after him for the rest of his life. This is where the outrage arises. If he was ill or old and had to be put to sleep that would be OK, if done humanely of course; if they had no funding and no food and no one cared so they had no choice, its understandable if not hugely regrettable, but to have the offer of so many people to take this animal and spare his life as thousands of people protested any idea of killing him and still go ahead and kill him and then publicly dissect his carcass and throw it to the lions is just utterly disgusting.

Allowing men, women and children to watch the dissection is also harrowing and makes no sense. The animal was shown no respect. He didn’t choose his genetics and he didn’t choose to be born or killed. Its barbarism, it was unavoidable, and its wrong. Just because he was a common genetic strain and the zoo didn’t want him breeding the idea of castration was out was it? Did they see him as dead weight if castrated? Do they only feed and look after potential breeders, and breeders who are genetically acceptable? It all appears too fucking dirty in my opinion. It’s not the actions of people who care about animals and the zoo should be boycotted and opposed and the animals sent to zoos that actually give a fuck about them. The zoo director has spoken out and needs to wind his neck in, he clearly aint a PR kinda guy, wanker! And sharing footage of the dissection is just a bit gruesome and unnecessary you fucking tool.

The arrogance of human beings. Claiming to care about genetic diversity and the success of a species. Fuck you Copenhagen zoo. Castrate the giraffe so he can’t effect your master plan for giraffes and send him to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster who offered to house him for you, don’t just kill him you fucking cunts.

I wonder how did life on Earth manage without humans for so long to genetically select what the fuck went on? Without a natural selection and a natural free for all (and a big fucking meteor that killed the dinosaurs) we wouldn’t be here. But now we have the arrogance to want to play God and control nature. Do me a fucking favour!

This brutality could have been avoided. Copenhagen Zoo hang your head in shame you bunch of utter cunts. I hope your zoo closes down as a result but in a way that avoids any more actions like this.

Fuck you Copenhagen Zoo, RIP Marius.

Marius the giraffe



Actor dies, media loses its mind and any sense of respect.

Nobody seems to question a persons addiction until they are dead. Then they are so magnanimous afterwards that someone they knew was creative and then died from drinking or smoking or what are legislatively seen as illegal drugs. I’m sick and tired of hearing about the drink and drugs that killed a celebrity or a friend or a family member, that people knew about when they were alive.

Sometimes people are the people we know and love because of alcohol and drugs and all that stuff and we accept it without ever questioning why they in fact need it. They aren’t boring without it, without they are sugar addicts or pastry fiends but ‘great they’re clean.’ We never ask ourselves would we love them without the chemical input. Are people selfish to allow creative people or interesting people they know or people they enjoy watching to die from a disease of addiction they have just for their own interest?

It’s wrong to think that someone is creative and thoughtful because of drugs and drink, I think creative and thoughtful people are free of the world they live in that’s so awful and pointless and depressing when they are loaded, but being loaded isn’t what makes them creative, its just something they have to do to unleash the shackles and the walls.

Some people are interesting regardless, it’s just that a lot of interesting people have to find themselves at the bottom of glass, the end of a joint or at the end of a white line. They cannot be what they are without it, why? Who knows?

Actors, writers, directors, musicians, you, me, plumbers, salesmen, administrators.

We can all be guilty of over thinking stuff, but the cleverest most creative of us are maybe more guilty of that than most. Maybe that self awareness in ourselves drives us all to need to escape ourselves sometimes. Maybe fame and fortune doesn’t drive every creative soul. Maybe people just like to feel better and find their own way of doing it (living).

Say what you need to say, then chill, and hope the reaction aint so bad. I know I hate writing knowing that my friends and family are watching, it’s unbearable.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, a very fine actor.

You’re death shouldn’t be judged by the media as hard as it is; I send my best wishes and my love to your family at this difficult time.


Bilston Town Book: Update 2 – 2014

Well the research continues slowly but surely. I’m still amazed every time I find something new out and cannot believe that there is so much info out there about Bilston and that there is so much history too. Recent issues of the Black Country Bugle have had a few interesting letters and articles that are interesting and are going to add some meat to the bones when it comes to writing the book up.

On Twitter I had been advised by Ellis Cashmore from Staffordshire University to try the new library at Birmingham and so I went up there yesterday and boy was he right. Not only is there a potential goldmine of information but there is a library that blows you away. I have to say that Birmingham Council have done a fantastic job. It’s an absolutely amazing place. Not only does it have a great research section it has a huge amount of books and study aids for local students but it also has a nice coffee area and easy access to the rep theatre too. My only gripe is the lack of seating just to sit and read, but that is a tiny gripe. The place is ten times, no a hundred times better than the old library.

I’ve contacted, via email, a couple of people who are happy to chat to me about the club and they have (as far as I’m told) plenty of memories, old newspaper clippings and the like to help me on my way.

I’m also expecting delivery of a centenary history book of the West Midlands Regional League 1889-1989. Hopefully that will be a mine of knowledge that I can dig my way through.

The research is taking a lot of time, and I don’t have too much spare time to do it, which is a shame. But every moment I can spend on this project I do. I’m going to make sure that it’s the best possible book about the club as possible. Nothing will be rushed as I’ve said before, I want to get it done properly and I want to be proud of it when its completed and that is why I’m not going to rush it.

It’ll happen, it is happening for me daily, and it’ll be done when it’s done.

I just hope everyone who is asking about it, feverously, understands.

Take care,