Watched Breaking Bad and loved it (aka I called Saul but he can’t make any more series happen… or can he?)

I tried not to write any spoilers into this but I know I have, so please don’t read if you’re still watching Breaking Bad, it’ll ruin it for you and believe me you don’t want that. Turn off your computer or your phone or what ever you read this on and go and watch the show.


Breaking Bad has been on telly for many years but I only saw series 1 after I got it from my fiancé for Xmas 2013. I’d heard about it many times from many people, all of whom I considered crazy. I mean how good can a TV show be, right? Watching series one in one go was like taking a drug because I was hooked from episode 1 and after the first series ended I came down and I went cold Turkey and so I had to beg for series 2. Which I got for Valentines Day (best Valentines ever, apart from the one where… oh never mind 😉 ) and then I consumed that even faster, skipping a night or two of sleep in the process. On the eighteenth of February I wanted more, more, MORE!

Luckily for me my birthday is a few days after Valentines and my missus, seeing my withdrawal pains got me series 3, 4, 5 and 6. And like any good partner I got her hooked too (so we could share addiction – like good BB fans, or romantic meth-heads) so we could enjoy them together.

This last weekend we had Friday-Monday off work. So we spent the 4 days wisely and watched all of them, and I mean series 3-6 almost non stop (apart from food and refreshment breaks which are mandatory by law – but breaks are bad.) And now its over I want more and I can’t, its over (I won’t bother with the Ending spoilers, but its over. It gets pretty damn dark towards the end too.)

Again I may accidentally leave a spoiler or two, stop reading if you don’t want to see something you may regret.

Still reading? Expect spoilers then, you have been warned.

Is Marie or Skyler supposed to be the bit of fluff for the blokes watching? I never worked that out. American series usually have one but I never worked out which was the one. (I read once that American TV shows cannot be commissioned without something for everyone, maybe it was a bit about generic TV comedy, but you had to have a Family Guy set up – Mom, dad, son, daughter, pet, black man, sex addict, disabled person etc, because you then have a wide range of subjects to tackle and a bunch of people to interact in their own unique way ie white man, black man, woman, ethnic, gay, teenage, etc etc, seems plausible when you watch American TV right?) Both of them are likeable but Skyler did make a cuckold out of Walt with that Ted fella, and Teds demise was a bit sad, left paralysed in a hospital bed cus he can’t run straight. He was a dick who refused good advice from the married woman he was fucking, so as its fiction I can say I was happy with the outcome but wouldn’t have wished that on him. But Skyler was kinda lost to me after that. So she kept up the drugs/car wash charade, she did it for her kids not for Walt and for most of the show I was on Walts side, she was a bit of a cow. Or as Jesse would say, she was a BITCH! But I can understand her motives entirely. I probably ended up prefering Marie as ‘the bit of fluff.’


I felt sorry for Marie when Hank was murdered, he came so close to surviving but as very few people actually survive this little journey it was no great surprise. Hank, I thought was a great character even if he was a bit of an ungrateful twat when he was getting over being shot and treated his wife like crap.


Gus was an odd fellow. I’d love to know how much he spent on mobile phones as he spent a lot of time snapping them into pieces like he was about to eat a Kit Kat, when of course he wasn’t running a successful regional chicken franchise and selling crystal meth to Mexican cartels. Although his death was probably the most awesome, just because after the bomb goes off and you assume everyone’s dead he walks out and straightens his tie before we see the reveal and his collapse to the floor. That for me was a way to go, and worthy of a head of a huge drugs empire. Classic TV!


Walter White is the main character and I have to say I liked him all the way through it, even when he was trying to poison kids or admitting to Jesse that he watched his girlfriend overdose. He’s such an ambivalent character. Because of his lung cancer I felt very sorry for him but because of his breakdown and fall from being a chemistry teacher to a drug lord and what he does to achieve that made me feel very awkward towards him at the same time but just as I was about to start hating him he’d remind us of his illness or make a nice gesture (that may or may not have been accepted) towards Skyler or his kids.


Jesse, was a great character too because he too is ambivalent. His obvious drug use, drug making and drug peddling and the way he treats Walt sometimes was pretty damned annoying but his unwavering love of kids and justice he felt towards them when they were wronged I thought was awesome, but then who doesn’t feel protective towards kids, right? I suppose it says a lot about my view of the world we live in that its worthy of mention but I do feel that we live in a world where people are so selfish they don’t care about anyone, of any age, they just care about themselves. I think that’s why we like these flawed, dark and yet loveable characters in our drama and our fiction. Real life is dark and its nice to see a bit of humainty in a dark character, it offers us hope.


After Walt and Jesse probably my third fave character was Mike. I was really gutted when he died, and moreso that Walt killed him and then gave him the acid bath that we become so accustomed to during the show. He was very much a Mr Fix man like Mr Wolf in Pulp Fiction. He’s was an ex-cop who was smart, who covered all the angles and got the job done. Clinical and comical but ultimately comes to his cake and milk, just another life lost for coming into contact with Walter White.


Actually I noticed a lot of Tarantino winks in the series, maybe that was just me, but there certainly seemed to me to be more than one loveable parody of various themes and ideas used by Quentin. Especially a lot of the everyday, mundane conversations, a lot of diner scenes, the Mr Wolf type fix it guy (Mike) and there is the scene where Jesse picks up one weapon (I can’t remember which episode or what the weapons were but it stood out) and then sees a better one puts it down and picks a second weapon, then does the same again – very much like Butch in Jeds pawn shop when choosing the Samurai Sword before rescuing Marcellus Wallace.

bb simps

I could go on and on about it, I really could, I’ve bloody loved it! Anyway, I’m seriously considering starting again and watching it at a more leisurely pace, maybe ten episodes at a time or so. It’s very rare for a TV show to grab me like that. Red Dwarf and The Simpsons are the only other shows that have ever grasped me in such a way in my life I think. I watched the first season of Homeland in one go and then got bored with series two after two episodes. Same with The Walking Dead. Great opening seasons, then once the format was established they fell away easily. I think Breaking Bad is just uniquely well done. I cared about all of the characters, and the change in Walt from Series 1 to series 6 is astonishing and so well done. I think having Cancer allows us to stay with him, without that he’d be just a disgusting, evil bastard. But that, and his love for his family and need for them to be secure after he dies, makes it a twisted, heartwarming, dark, sick journey of a man who’s intensions were always good, in the face of something bad, that takes him down a path of utter filth, greed, deprivation and lies.

I’m gonna miss Walter White, even though he is – in the end – nothing more than an evil piece of shit.


Can’t wait for the spin off with Saul Goodman.


PS – And not forgetting the iconic RV.



Raising awareness versus raising funds.

This blog post is just for me really. It’s to clarify in writing somewhere my point of view on the selfies that have been appearing on Facebook to raise awareness of Cancer. It comes in response to an “intelligent debate” I had on Facebook with some “friends”.

I made a status update about Selfies being pointless, I ranted on about people giving rather than selfieing. I understand why awareness is a good thing. I work (sort of) in marketing and I understand that getting the ball rolling early before announcing a new fund raising scheme works better than just unleashing it and hoping for the best. I understand this.

My point was that if people raised awareness and also donated a £1 as well then every selfie was a step towards raising money to look for new cures for a terrible disease. And every person they inspired to donate too would be a pat on there back. I understand that it’s a big thing for a lot of women to appear in public or on Facebook without make-up but I’ll be honest, you all looked just as nice without it as with it.

My point got lost on Facebook amongst a small bunch of argumentative feminists who decided to have a go at me and say I didn’t understand or care. That is not true and is unfair.

Cancer touches us all, it touches me and my life and it will touch you and your life one day reader. Either directly or indirectly. That is why its important to try and find a cure, because it’s an unforgiving disease that destroys lives, and families and communities.

If any of my Facebook friends read this, and I doubt they will, but still; I apologise for any offence caused as it was not my intention at all. I made what I felt was a good point in a bad way. From now on I’ll be avoiding any kind of debates on Facebook and keeping my thoughts and ideas for here.


PS – Over £1m was raised for Cancer research in the 48 hours from when the selfies start, so well done make-up-less ladies and everyone who donated! Great work.

Quids In At Bilston Come Along And Bring A Friend.

Last season Bilston Town aimed for an attendance of 1,000 people with there ‘quids in’ offer against Haughmond. That was the day that they won promotion to the West Midlands Regional League Premier Division. 674 people attended that day which is a fantastic attendance but was quite a way from the target.

On the 29th March 2014 Bilston are again doing the ‘quids in’ offer when they take on Bartley Green. It would be fantastic if as many football fans as possible could attend and help them achieve the magical figure of 1,000+ fans.

Now I know Wolves are away to MK Dons on that day and so I’d call upon all of my Wolves fan brothers and sisters, if you’re not going to the away game, then get yourself down to Queen Street in Bilston. It would be absolutely fantastic to see the ground full up! Have yourself a Bovril and a cheese cob and enjoy some grass roots football. It’s a cheap afternoon out for the kids too and for aunties and uncles, and grandparents or who ever you bring along. Bilston is a community football club and everyone is warmly welcome.

I’ll be there and hopefully you will be too. I’ll see you there!


Help still required to revive Darlaston FC.

I have received this from the chairman of Darlaston Town, Neil Chambers, who is working tirelessly to save one of the oldest football clubs in the world. Please check it out, share it, email it, what ever you can. All help is gratefully received by Neil and Darlaston FC.

Some fantastic items donated for Football Memorabilia Auction. Please see attached poster and if possible circulate to your friends and family.

Items included are

  • signed ENGLAND SHIRT – direct from FA with authenticity certificate

  • Kenny Dalglish – signed Liverpool Shirt – with letter of authenticity

  • 1966 England WORLD CUP FINAL signed (9 signatures) colour photograph

  • several framed signed Bert Williams photographs and pictures

  • 1988 Sherpa Van commemorative WOLVES shirt signed by 2013/14 squad

  • WBA Limited edition pennant with certificate of authenticity

  • PAUL GASCOIGNE & STEVE BULL framed and signed colour photo – with certificate of authenticity

  • Gareth Barry signed ASTON VILLA framed colour photograph

  • Hansen, Dalglish and Carragher  signed Charity Ball programme

  • NORWICH CITY 2013/14 signed shirt

  • Tea for Two at House of Commons

  • WALSALL FC signed matchball

  • COVENTRY CITY signed matchball

  • Notts County signed matchball

PROXY bids by 6.00pm Thursday 3 April

Contact Neil Chambers (Darlaston chairman) here:

Please refer to this link for more info about the evening event in April to raise money for the club.


Crimea River

Russia taking control of Crimea isn’t a crime by Russia. Crimea is a region only given by Russia to Ukraine to reduce administration by the old USSR. It was all USSR back then and so they were just juggling with paperwork. The place is largely filled with people who are Russian by ethnicity, by language or by thought – they want to be Russian. After the coup that has recently happened Russia has moved in to protect what they consider their land and their people and the majority of people living there will agree.

Why this situation should see the world looking at America squaring off with Russia is laughable, if only they weren’t both war-mongering nations with history and nuclear weapons.

Crimea, despite being part of the Ukraine, had autonomy and its own leaders (a bit like devolved Britain) up until 1995. Then a Pro-Russian Crimean separatist won the role of Crimean president with a huge majority and then the Ukrainian government intervened to stop that. Kiev made sure it had a say in the leader of the region after that. Following the recent coup an unofficial pro-Moscow leader was appointed by Crimean MPs and he asked Vladimir Putin for help to ensure peace in Crimea.

And the news talks about Ukraine’s freedom, peacefulness and autonomy. America is talking about standing with Ukraine, William Hague has taken a day out of looking like gollums stunt double and war seems to be the talk of the day.

Forget the lines drawn, the bullshit legality of what yesterday was and so what tomorrow means. The Western powers (and Russia) have to stand back and let the people who are affected, the people on the ground who know what they want, make the decisions.

The world today is full of absolutes based on the way it is today, and somehow we are supposed to watch and shout, “Yeah man that’s the way it is” opposition to that or differing opinions is simply mocked and dismissed as wrong or lunacy when its what we’ve done for years.

The new world order are in charge, with their absolutes, their rules and their crying when they don’t get their own way. They are rich assholes, corporations and self interested politicians.

And it pisses me off that they control the media, the jobs, the money and the hope that we used to have.

And another patch on the patchwork quilt of human civilisation is about to suffer at its hands.

Oh please I hope another way is found. But it won’t be. The lines are drawn before we know about them and the outcome has already been decided and divided up between the people who interfere and only matter, today’s governments, corporations and those fortunate to know the right people in the right places.


I have a blog?

I wish I’d planned this long break from my beloved blog but I haven’t. Its not slipped from my mind, or been left behind by new fads, it’s just become a victim of circumstances. My circumstances are lethargy and… er… something else, I dunno.

Writing has been replaced by proper research and writing. I’m finding it harder and harder to blog about stuff that I care about because the time isn’t there to care let alone talk about it. My life has been consumed with Bilston Town and its history and the harder I work at it the more I tell myself it’ll be a failure and a waste of my time. But I will write it, damn it, its all consuming and so something will occur.

I sometimes wish I’d walked away from the idea but the struggle is the fun, the completed book won’t be as good as the journey to attain it. That’s a shame. Cus only I can enjoy that journey. So far so good though.

Yours tired, and weary,