Comedy heroes

Rather than go on and on about the comedians who make me laugh I’ve decided to share with you some of their shows that are available on Youtube, check them out, let me know what you think. There’s a lot of entertainment here, but its probably better than what’s on the TV right now. Enjoy! 🙂



Bilston FC – latest on the book. (Update 3 – 2014)

Well I haven’t really got a lot more to say about this project than I had to say last time. Slowly I’m continuing to research as much as I can about the clubs history. I’ve managed to find every single league table from 1894 to the present and I have a huge list of trophies and honours too. I have the history of the club in the FA Cup, FA Vase and FA Trophy and have a number of player bios and other interesting side notes relating to friendlies, ground sharing and links to professional clubs.

Its coming together slowly. I’m still looking for previous players and their stories and I also am looking for fans stories too, so if you can help please contact me with a comment  below or on twitter @bilstontownbook.


Aliens: Are we alone in the universe?

I have spent most of today watching ‘Alien files unsealed’ on H2 and I have to say that despite having an open mind but not really believing too much in little green men or grey men or lizard men coming here from across the universe or from parallel universes or other dimensions, I can say that the programme has certainly made me think. I think watching 5 or 6 hours of the same kind of thing can brain wash you a little. It wasn’t too long ago that I saw a UFO and recorded, you can see the video here.

I saw it rise ever so slowly from behind the trees and I thought, ‘Holy shit, it’s the ISS’ so I ran to get my camera to film it expecting it to carry on over head. But when I returned with the camera it had stopped and was sat perfectly still, then I realised that it couldn’t be the ISS as it was cloudy and this was clearly below the clouds. Several people have told me that it was a balloon or a Chinese candle but the evening was very windy and the object just sat perfectly still. I have to say that it was very, very odd and I felt very freaked out by it. Even now thinking back it makes the hairs rise a little on my arms. It actually looked a lot brighter than it appears in that video, very bright and very silvery.

I have to say that a lot of videos of UFOs are now in the public domain thanks to Youtube and I’m starting to come round to the idea that not only are aliens real but there is a real likelihood they are popping by our planet. Yeah I know I sound crazy, but you can’t argue with some of the evidence. I just wonder whether there intensions are benign or hostile?

Now time for a beer to calm my nerves!


The Lost Moyes. (aka will he ever work again in football? I hope so)

How do you follow the greatest manager in the football world, especially when you have been hand picked by him after years of him saying you are the man to replace him and then automatically succeed him and emulate him?

Sounds impossible when you write it down and then read it out to yourself. Right?

It turns out its pretty impossible for real too. Let’s face it, no matter who came in to replace Sir Alex was going to be a failure because the bar was set ridiculously high. I think Moyes was chosen by Sir Alex because he genuinely thought that he was the right guy to replace him at Old Trafford and with the best will in the world he was always going to fail. Maybe they should’ve got in a manager like Dean Saunders on a 6 month contract worth about 50 quid a week and let him have the inevitable failure tarnish his already crappy managerial career after Sir Alex retired. Then Moyes could’ve come in and had to just be better than him rather than Sir Alex.

Personally I think Moyes was an odd choice of successor and am unsure why Sir Alex would’ve lauded him for so many years as his natural replacement. He’s never actually won any top level trophies as a manager. His choice of signings in Fellaini (£27.5m) and Juan Mata (£37.1m) and the fact that he removed Sir Alex’s entire coaching staff and replaced them with his own. Fellaini is worth about £10-15m at best. Juan Mata is a great player but is he £37m-great and will he ever fit? A question for his successor now.

Moyes does seem like a genuinely nice guy caught in the headlights. He was certainly out of his depth going from Everton to Man United. I still think he’s a decent manager and his record at Everton shows he’s no mug. He was a consistent performer with Everton (apart from his record against the top 4 teams of course) but I’d not expect to see him back in management any time soon. United losing 2-0 to Everton as the Toffees fans sang “you’re getting sacked in the morning!” probably was very hard to take, especially as he was sacked a few days later.

Following Sir Alex was always going to be a hiding to nothing for any manager. But one day Moyes will reappear in the championship or league one and manage again, no doubt. Football is in our blood, whether we are managers, players or fans. Sometimes the knocks are harder to shake off than others but ultimately we all move on and come back to the sport we all love.

If nothing else this season of failure at Old Trafford has allowed Liverpool a bite at the championship cherry. Good luck to them I think they deserve it, for players like Gerrard who’ve stuck with the club and for the fans who were lost as Hillsborough who still require justice.


Is Britain Christian or Atheist?

Charles Moore is asking this question in a Telegraph article posted today. I wonder myself. Are we Christian or Atheist? I have to say, I’m an atheist and the rest of this post will be influenced by that point of view, that and rational thought and a belief in evolution.

David Cameron thinks we are a Christian country of course, he only said a few days ago that we were, but I wonder if he says that out of fear of other, just as irrelevant religions, encroaching on the irrelevant Christian ‘belief’ that our nation supposedly is spiritually soaked in.

What I find incredible is that Charles Moore says that we are a Christian nation because things such as our National Health Service and public holidays and festivals, which I find thin arguments at best. But then he is playing to an audience of Telegraph readers so I suppose we can forgive him that. He’s clearly got an agenda and a specific audience very much like Matthew, Mark, Luke and Johns gospels had when they were written. I’m not having a go at Charles Moore he does make many good points in his article, but some of the points that he mentions as making us a more so Christian nation I do disagree with pretty strongly.

Education – by its very nature is about facts. There should not and cannot ever be an agenda about education. In its purest form it is secular, it should educate about religion and explain them in real facts, about what they are what they represent, who believes and why etc. But it shouldn’t have an agenda or a point of view. Education is simply learning things. If you add an agenda, especially a religious one it fails to be education anymore, rather a doctrine that aims to pollute the mind of the receiver.

Flag – The Union Jack is a combination of flags that represent the histories of the union parts of the UK. The histories of these constituent countries have no doubt been effected and shaped by religion over the many hundreds of years but the flag itself is just a reflection of the several flags if the union nations. It has no religious meaning in 2014. Its incidental that Scotland had a flag and England had a flag and Wales too and they combined to created an umbrella flag that we know as the Union Jack. Simple as that.

Health Service – How is this Christian? The health service was not born out of religion; it was born out of a social idea and responsibility to make sure that all of the people were taken care off when ill at the point of need for healthcare. It was established by a Labour government after World War Two. The idea was simple, a healthy nation is a productive one, and so let’s keep people well and encourage them to be healthy and if they aren’t, let’s do something about it. It’s a socialist organisation, not a religious one. It means rich or poor you won’t die unavoidably from treatable illnesses and diseases.

Heritage and historically – He speaks about holidays and festivals being Christian but even our Christian holidays (Christmas and Easter) are celebrated along pagan lines. Easter, which we are just passing through, is a perfect example. What are bunny rabbits and eggs if not symbols of fertility as used during Spring by pagans to signify rebirth and renewal? They have no Christian meaning at all. But they are used every year by pagans, atheists, Christians and agnostics to mark Easter.

Euthanasia – “The growing desire to kill old people (sorry let them die with dignity)” a direct quote from that Telegraph article. Euthanasia as understood by most atheists (or rational people) is not a simply desire to kill old people, that idea is disgusting Charles Moore. Euthanasia is about dignity, it’s about letting people with no hope, who are suffering and dying, the chance to leave this life without suffering. Suffering is a Christian idea. It’s not an acceptable idea in a modern world. We can’t cure everyone, we can’t save everyone, and we can’t stop people getting old, suffering and dying. But we can listen to what they want. If they want to die, and have no hope, only pain and suffering, then euthanasia is a damned acceptable idea and no one, especially Christians have anything worthy to say on the matter. Let the individuals who want it tell us if its right.

Abortion – abortion is a very emotive subject. I am pro-choice. I think that all men should be. We don’t have to carry babies and incubate them, we don’t have to bring them up alone when a man decides to jump ship, we don’t have to worry about dying in childbirth. You have to be pro-choice if you’re a man and that’s it. It’s a female issue and we shouldn’t be allowed an opinion. A woman’s body is her own and she should choose what to do with it and anything she carries in it. So many people care about the pre-born but once they are born they are on there own as so well explained to us here by the great George Carlin.

Divorce – this again is an issue for those involved. Why is it wrong to divorce? It’s a complete nonsense. A total, utter nonsense. I’m with Henry VIII on this issue. If religion won’t let you divorce find a new one that will, just don’t cut anyone’s head off.

Surrogacy – Again a modern problem that ancient religion cannot legislate for so it simply says its wrong. It’s not wrong at all. It allows infertile women and homosexuals to have families and if that angers Christians we know it’s right and OK.

Offending Muslims – Yes even this is mentioned in the Telegraph article. Most Muslims aren’t offended by atheist opinions. I suppose that’s just the article author, Charles Moore, confusing Muslims with islamists. That certainly aint a first these days though is it? But is very offensive to not just Muslims, but open minded, atheists like myself.

Morality – The very idea that mankind can only be moral with religion and its rules is crazy. Atheists, humanists, agnostics can all be moral people just by treating people as they want to be treated. There is not a religious moral exclusivity on not killing, not raping, not stealing, not being adulterous etc etc. The very idea that people without religion or faith in a deity are immoral people is as disgusting an idea as hating homosexuals for being homosexual – as many Christians do. Morality is a human issue, not a Christian one.

So with that in mind, are we more Atheist or more Christian as a nation? I think we are more atheist or at least agnostic or humanist. Many people will put Christian on a census form without really thinking about what it means or even believe themselves to be Christian. In my own circle of family and friends and colleagues and acquaintances I can say that very few of them call themselves Christian, or are openly Christian, it must be less than 1 in 10 people.  Maybe they hide it around me as they know I’m a bit of a militant atheist, or maybe people just are less Christian.

I don’t want to be completely negative towards Christianity. I once was one but stopped believing when I reached the age of reason which for me was about 22. I decided to stop being religious, then became unsure, and then became an unbeliever. I can’t ever see me going back. For me God is life. I worship that. Its not about day to day stuff, work, bills, chores but the simple little things in life like a well timed and energy giving nap, or seeing a plant grow, or just watching my nieces and nephews play and question and learn about the world as they idly go about their business as kids in a world that is entirely their oyster. God as a thing I don’t believe in, but getting a spiritual or happy feeling inside seeing a long lost friend or a tear shed watching a movie are things that are real and I do feel and believe in. They are human things and tangible things and they are what count. Love matters, being a good person matters and being contented with your self matters.

I think we are an atheist society largely, regardless of what people or journalists or “experts” say. And that, I’m sure, will lead to a more happy and fulfilled society eventually as we shed the shackles of our past. Historically we are a Christian country but that means nothing. We remember and learn about history; but its value is only to learn from the past to avoid making the same mistakes in the future and the sooner that Britain, and the rest of the world consign organised belief systems and false ideas of religious traditions and righteousness to the bin, the better we’ll all be. Maybe we can all live together after all, without God as spiritual and enlightened human beings.


Someone once said, “You’ll win nothing with kids!”

I’m a stranger in these parts again. If my blog was a pet I’d have the RSPCA knocking on my door. Thankfully, it’s just a blog.

Since I last dropped a line in these parts my (and our) beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers have bounced back to the Championship at the first time of asking, something other big clubs have failed to do at the first attempt when required. Something that makes me extremely proud of them.

This league one campaign has been a great journey and a great cleansing experience for the club and the fans. The fans, I feel, are now back on side and want the team to do well because they are playing so well and they are a damn fine collection of young prospects that bodes well for our future. The club has acknowledged its mistakes, Jez Moxey has again spoken out about the mistakes the club made in the 18 months running up to our second relegation and that is well received. I think everyone connected to the club are back on the same page when it comes to where we are and what we want. That can only be a good thing and it’s so good to see that healing process happened so damned fast.

What else can be said about this season? I mean Kenny Jackett has been an absolute legend. He inherited a situation that was so venomous and angry and depressed and defeated. Where we are right now is nothing short of a miracle. The man has done a great job; he has assembled a superb team. Giving opportunities to our young players has paid off extraordinarily. His decision to sign Michael Ricketts has been truly great, what a captain he’s been. His decision to exile Jamie O’Hara and Roger Johnson et al has also worked wonders. He made a great sweeping gesture from day one and by making it his squad and by keeping it fresh and young and largely new, he has paid dividends. No one can say he winged it with old players, he built a team that is worthy of its place in the Championship next season. For that I take my hat off to him and to Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey for bringing him to the club.

The statistics speak for themselves as I write this we are top of the table, six points clear of the next best team in the league, Brentford (they deserve to come up automatically with us too.) We’ve played 42, won 28, drawn 9 and somehow managed to lose 5 (but we are known for our charity work, especially letting Walsall win and therefore giving them something to talk about for the next 20 years.) Our goal difference of +51 is head and shoulders (and knees and toes) above every other club. Our points haul of 93 is a club record (3 points for a win) and we still have 4 games to play. It’s really, really great!


But (as I’m sure all Wolves fans already know) the records have continued to be equalled and beaten. 9 straight league wins is a new club record, 24 league clean sheets is a new club record and the boys have also equalled most wins in a league season (28) and most away league wins (13), both records that could fall in the next 4 fixtures. I’m astonished what this group of players have done in reply to 2 years of failure at Wolves and I’ve no doubt they will break both records before the season is out.

And if they do, it’ll almost certainly mean we are champions of this league again for the first (and hopefully last time… we don’t want to be here again) since 1988-89 when Graham Turner and Steve Bull dragged the club back to respectability following the most dark time in the clubs history.

Rotherham at home on Good Friday is going to be a superb party. It’ll be Great Friday in Wolverhampton should we secure another 3 points. Well done Wolves, you’ve made us fans proud again. Kenny Jackett and your players have given us what we haven’t had for a long time, pride again in our great, historic football club.

Forever we are Wolves.