I haven’t had any time to inhabit wordpress in the last few weeks, I’m so far behind on hundreds of posts that I’ll never catch up, if Robin Ince didn’t post his blogs on twitter I’d have read pretty much nothing here at all. Apologies to all of the people I subscribe too. Sometimes life takes over.

Fear is a very sensible feeling. I’m scared of lions on the loose in Bilston. I’m scared of being bitten by a shark on the general torso area. I’m scared of flying because I’m a great ape not a bird. I’m also scared of snakes although I’ve never come across one in Tipton or the surrounding area. I’m scared of house spiders in the house and yet handle them with confidence in the garden and I’m scared of failure despite knowing that most of the things I attempt will probably result in failure.

Fear is something we have as animals. It’s designed biologically for a good reason, to help us survive. But as our minds have evolved quicker than our emotions we still have it to our detriment.

We live in concrete surroundings, with far too much food, clean water on tap, ablutions, medicine and a general sense of fearlessness because of humdrumness. Humdrumness (a word I’ve never used before but have used twice now in this blog offering) being society.

Fear is used these days, not to keep us on our toes about real threats to our very lives, but instead is used against us to make sure we know about the threat posed to us by other people. This last Thursdays election of council and European representatives is a perfect example. As humans we have fear in us, as sentient beings living in a glorified ants nest of a society our fear is used to control us, manipulate us and make us “choose” what “we want.”

Too many of us let fear rule us, so many people let fear force them to vote UKIP, UKIP exist only because of our fear very much like parties like the BNP exist. They tell us how the immigrant is coming to get us, live next door, have loud (alcohol free) parties, breed, take our jobs, ruin our NHS and make our fish and chips obsolete so all we can get on a drunken walk back home is falafels and humus with a side of rice and noodles. Fear is used by the daily mail to talk about the arrivals, conveniently forgetting the departures. Fear is the emotion of the internet, social media age.

Fear is the tool used to keep us in line, it lets the people who understand fear control the masses, it allows them to make all the money and keep all of the money. The people with the billions of pounds scare the poor, the working class and the ill-educated to hate the black and Asian businessmen by saying they are here taking everything and they bring with them their work shy relatives and friends to take our benefits, and our health services, so they can be fit and happy to claim more benefits to “send home to their extended family” who spend the money on al Qaeda suicide belts and guns to overthrow foreign governments so they can expand and extend their sphere of power and influence.

The politicians handbook has a whole chapter on fear and control, the bankers handbook has a whole chapter about owning the politicians and on fear and control and the secret societies that are made up of politicians (past and present) and bankers (past present and future… yeah their kids are in on it too) has a handbook called “Ultimate Fear, make sure the politicians and bankers fear us MORE!”

Fear rules, not parliament, not society through democracy, fear is the main man in 2014. I often think that 9-11 was a gravy moment in the history of fear. It allowed people with all of the money, the power and the political influence to re-write the early history of the 21st century by talking about the evil doers, the terrorists and those who are against us not with us. And people took it at face value and said, “yeah, those pesky foreigners are against us aint they?” And so they won. They own the internet, they own advertising and marketing, and as I’ve already said they own the politicians and therefore they own you and I. They control policy, so they control taxation, they control decision making such as more privatisation that enriches their business interests, they own the ballot box, they allowed the movement of politics worldwide in democracies all around the world to go towards the right which has bred total fear amongst the masses. They created the entire situation that we are in right now.

We have no power as individuals, we have no say. Our votes amount to nothing, our politicians change nothing, and our owners (the people who understand fear so well) will continue to exploit us every second of every day so they can be enriched and empowered by our ignorance of their existence.

In the next twenty years we will see taxes rise despite public services falling, we will see an end to free health care, no more social security and an increase in tension and racism and hatred and fear in general of everything. Apathy towards all aspects of life will continue to grow as selfishness takes hold. I hope the moment of a global revolution is moving closer but of course, I FEAR global anarchy.

Yeah, I suppose house spiders lose their fear factor when we see them exposed outside. And where did they live before we came along and built houses? Another pointless question, don’t answer it. I’m talking to myself.

United we stand divided we fall, and as a species we’ve never been more divided than we are today. Fear can be overcome when we speak out about the wrongs and ills and we need to do so. Silence isn’t acceptable anymore (IMO) it’s as acceptable as the excuse of “I was just following orders” which is what you are doing every day as you micro manage your “lives” on social media and turn your back on your neighbours, your country and your species. The war against fear is a war we are all part of and you can choose to fight against it if you want to.

Peace… (it’s a great idea, opposition to the world as it stands today is the start.)


Eat it up, it’s called freedom!

We take our freedom for granted that’s for sure. I use my right to free speech all the time on here and on twitter, without considering it. I moan, as do we all, about silly crap as if its important, I’m a wishy washy liberal who thinks retweeting charitable things and chucking a few pennies in a collection tin makes me Ghandi, as we all do. I consider the little things as adding up over time, which I suppose they do but I’m naïve in that respect that we all do little things, which we don’t… there, I’m moaning again. Using my freedom of thought and expression to go, ‘I wish everyone else was so charitable and liberal like me!’

What has made me think like that are two things. Firstly – I have a savage hangover. Over recent weeks I’ve been very good, quitting smoking and largely avoiding being drunk, although I’ve had the odd drink. So my heads hurting. It’s my fault, but gimme your sympathy anyway, that’ll make me better I’m sure. Not literally, obviously, but I’m a white, western male with a job, a vote, a roof over his head and his health, I really need sympathy too!

I digress!

Secondly – I just read this article about a guy named Raef Badawi and it made me think – I thought, ‘I am an asshole’ because I am. I try not to be but all of my efforts fall by the way side because largely my life is selfish and about satisfying me. I take everything for granted, perhaps it’s only right that we are a bit selfish as freedom and rights do mean we can use the law and the rights to protect us and make sure we’re alright. But to read that a man has been given 10 years in jail and 1000 lashes (which will kill him if all administered at once) after an appeal against 7 years and 600 lashes was increased, because he committed the crime of writing a blog. And what did he say that required such a dramatic and ruthless punishment – he called for a day of liberalism and an end to the dominance of Islam over public life in the Saudi Arabian kingdom.

I will stop now and just let you all think about that.

We really should value our freedoms and rights and the fact we largely live in…


Don’t Worry, Be Happy! (aka life’s good so enjoy the bank holiday weekend Britain!)

Here is a little questionnaire to test how happy you should be. It has the same scientific value and basis as every other self-help test online. Just answer yes, no or not applicable.

Question 1: Do you have no legs?  YES/NO/NA

Question 2: Do the local militia keep kicking your door in at 4am and raping your family? YES/NO/NA

Question 3: Have you made a swimming pool yet out of the craters in your garden that were made by your own government dropping bombs on you? YES/NO/NA

Question 4: Have you had to fetch animal urine diluted rain water from 10 miles away whilst carrying three babies on your back to wash your starving goat in/drink/fill in crater hole swimming pool? YES/NO/NA

Question 5: Have you had to watch your parents beg for their lives on their knees as the opposition forces that stormed your village pistol whip them for information? YES/NO/NA

Question 6: Does the decapitated head that mysteriously appeared in your street one morning creep you out? YES/NO/NA

Question 7: When the American troops arrived with democracy and liberty did you feel dirty sucking them off for bottled water and kit-kats? YES/NO/NA

Question 8: Do the American troops keep kicking your door in at 4am and raping your family? YES/NO/NA

Question 9: After an initial euphoria at your freedom, are you now planning to blow yourself up at an American army checkpoint? YES/NO/NA

And finally…

Question 10: Is your smart phone battery running out really quickly and its inconveniencing you sharing selfies of your day out at Drayton Manor park? YES/NO/NA

So how did you do?

Mostly YES – You should really consider moving from West Bromwich and settle somewhere nicer, like Fallujah or Khandahar.

Mostly NA – How nice, it doesn’t apply to you. Cheer up then, you bastards!

Mostly NO – You either don’t understand what not applicable means, or you’re one lucky son of a bitch.