Bilston Town V Darlaston Town

On New Years Eve we all hope for a better year and on New Years Day it’ll be so…


Bilston will politely beat Darlaston town in a long forgotten fixture.

The Xmas/New Years Fixture of yesteryear.

This New Years day, at 2pm, for £5 (concessions for kids and OAP’S) for charity – to raise money to restore the Cenotaph in Bilston. You can support local grass roots teams and raise money for a worthy cause by turning up at Queen Street in Bilston it is a worthy cause indeed.

Do it and share with me your photos and stories and happiness. Or you can turn up ironically if you hate charity and football! Everyone is welcome.For your sat nav you need – QUEEN STREET – WV14 7EX and if I need to twist your arm any further the Steelmans bar will be open with Sky Sports, plenty of seating and pool available.

I’ll see you there,



You can’t replace the irreplaceable; the system doesn’t allow it anymore.

What do the following people all have in common?

Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lauren Bacall, Richard Attenborough, Harold Ramis, Mickey Rooney, Rik Mayall, Bob Hoskins, Eli Wallach, Tommy Ramone, Richard Kiel?

Maybe obvious to most of you. The answer of course is: the world in which we live in has no way of letting talent like that free anymore.

We have lost all of these people, and more of their type too, in 2014 but we aint seeing the replacement of such iconic and talented people. That is a sad thing and a worrying thing to me as a lover of stand up comedy, TV and movies.

There deaths reflect deaths in society from old age, illness, drug addiction and depression. They were all real people though, they just excelled in a field that wasn’t real estate, welding or flying a plane. We all know who they were and if you don’t you should. They were extraordinary entertainers, comedians, writers and performers but the like of them again is very slim.

The modern entertainment world is owned by people who want the next big thing. Of course the next big thing to them is the person they can promote and exploit for twelve months before the next series of their exploitation ‘reality’ show begins and they can flush the chain and start again. The idea of longevity and real talent has long been replaced with marketability and likeability. It’s creating a creative void where you can’t like something because it’s challenging and opposite to the world that we all live and exist in now. The entertaining corporations serve you biscuits marketed in such a way and for so long that you no longer like pink wafer fingers or ginger snaps, the Rich Tea will do just fine.

Real entertainment and change in society has been driven by people who don’t accept the state of play, they see something different or highlight the wrongs and show them to us with documentaries and parody and fiction. Today – being different or having an opinion that isn’t the popular one is seen as odd or reactionary or trouble making.

The world has gone mad and when avenues for creative people to express what they see and feel are lost and the chances for them to show their ideas are no longer open then the world is truly fucked and poorer as a result. Entertainment spreads ideas and ideas can change the world for the better but the way things are today, nothing will change, certainly not for the collective better.

We will always miss those people who open our minds in an entertaining way and make us laugh and think at the same time but how much longer have we got living in such a world? It seems to me that world is doomed to be dominated by greedy, corporate overlords who want to control what you see, hear, think and do.

It would make you think ay? If you were allowed to do it for yourself anymore.


Hastiness is my forte, that and folding crisp bags into throwable, triangle darts.

Like nans, marketing cunts and al Qaeda I bloody love anniversaries.

It offers a nice way tie up all of the loose ends, draw a line, walk away and rub your hands together with the satisfaction of a job well done.

But blogging aint like that. This is supposed to be a train of thought, a moment of opinion that is relevant today and just for somewhere to say Hi to the world and share some ideas. So my decision to stop 4 years to the day after I started is nothing more than a drunken, silly bit of cock-shit-cunty-wankiness (which is ironically how all of this blog is considered by many). I used to feel obliged to write it, you know, when someone read, but now I realise (now there are no readers) that I was being a dick. It’s my space to share stuff and so I should. I miss the days when I could do that without caring and enjoy it. If someone reads this who doesn’t like it or knows me it’s not my fault. I rarely share bile these days and so why should I care? My motivations are good, I just want somewhere to chat and rant and whinge that isn’t social media. I’ve tried doing that (posting on social media) and all it has done is create a situation where my real life is effected by my drunken brain farts. Everything is a great idea when you’re drunk. I’ve written drunk and thought it was great only to die the death inside the next day when I realise it’s been available to people to read for twelve hours, but by then the damage is done. My intentions are never bad, I never want to upset anyone and often I find the most upset people are those who were never further from my mind than when I wrote, but it teaches you a lesson. You have a responsibility to be careful, but when you write on one of these you can’t always do that.

I’ve never written to piss anyone off. If I want to piss anyone off they will know and it will be obvious and direct. People who I know and love can read too much into what I post here but it really has nothing to do with them at all. It annoys me they would be so arrogant to assume that, but I can’t say that to them because it would annoy them. How do you say it? There is no safe way of saying, “The problem is with you not me, I do this for me not you!” It just sounds cruel. Maybe I was a fool to share it with family and friends to begin with. Lesson learned!

I don’t have to get exercised to blog, but usually that’s what it takes and as I find it hard to get exercised about stuff these days or I don’t want to speak out of turn I have little to say. Life throws seriousness at you occasionally and you’d be an idiot or a cunt if you didn’t stop and think, ‘My issues are small’ and 2014 has been a year for that, Its been a bit like reliving my 2002-2004 from the outside and its made my feelings from then reappear as I see other people going through hell and I don’t know what the right thing to do or say is. Experience counts for nothing when people are at stake.

2015 hurry up and get here pal, 2014 has been depressing and painful for far too many good people who I care about; but I’m not stupid enough to think the passing of a day at the end of the month will solve anything but hopefully the 365 days next year will be the path to something better and so when its this time next year everything is just looking up and looking better. And I know it will. You don’t need faith to keep it.


4 years.

The time flies as you get older; it flies when you’re having fun and so it flies like a Concorde when you’re older and having fun.

It’s a shame but a reality that the less time we have left on this Earth the faster it is spent. No one tells you that when you are young. If they did, and you knew it, you’d spend those lazy weekends as a youngster more productively rather than slobbing around feeling like you had so much time to burn you could waste it with, what ever you did. I wasted it playing computer games and snoozing. I was right to do so.

The passage of time is a cruel thing. Every person reading this can think of a better time than today, everyone. Yet we all sit here right now wondering where did it go, where am I now and, why is tomorrow almost yesterday when I’m sorting them both out today?

On the 9th of December 2010 I started jotting down things here on this blog and here I am 4 yours later still doing it. Everything is different, my hopes and dreams aint the same, but my fears are still the same, my point of view has changed and my experience is much more varied than back then. The world today isn’t the one it was then for me and its split 50/50 good and bad.

Four years, lived offline 99.9% rather than online; none of it shared here and mostly happy. But 2014 has been tough. Tough to walk through and tough to know. One of the worst years I’ve ever lived through and it’s made me (again) re-evaluate what’s important in life and again its family and friends.

I will update here occasionally, about the Bilston FC book mostly, but I think it’s a fair bet that the days of me blogging are over. I can’t get exercised about things that don’t matter; or do matter but I have no impact on changing them by writing about them.

I’m sick of seeing the same old whining about stuff, and I add to that by writing here. There are things that we should care about and things we should not. I’m choosing to care about the right things. I have nothing else to offer you, my opinions on various topics are well covered and my time to write and inspiration are limited at best.

I will keep reading the people I’m subscribed to because reading is a pleasure and I follow so many interesting people here. But, without saying I NEVER WILL WRITE AGAIN, I bid you farewell and I’m looking forward to a break. I have a project to finish that was partly born from this blog and after that I may write again but I feel that whinging and protesting and having a point of view that matters is a young mans game on a medium that is owned by young people and the marketing people that want to sell to them exclusively. I can’t compete, or be arsed to even try.

I’ll pop in now and then but for now I bid you all farewell. Thank you very much for reading me if you have for days, weeks, months or years. It’s been great fun.

All my best wishes for the fast approaching future,