West Midlands Regional League (Premier League) – Results and Fixtures – 25/02/2015

Results for 24/02/2015

Black Country Rangers 2-1 AFC Bridgnorth

Dudley Sports 1-7 Sporting Khalsa

Pegasus Juniors 3-0 Wednesfield

Shifnal Town 2-2 Gornal Athletic

Tonight’s Fixtures 25/02/2015

Dudley Town v Wolverhampton Sporting Community

Haughmond v Cradley Town

Weekends Fixtures 28/02/2015

Bilston FC are at home to Shawbury United this weekend, so if you’re a Wolves fan who can’t get to Cardiff this weekend why not ground-hop your way down to Queen Street and support local grass roots football.

AFC Bridgnorth v Gornal Athletic

Bewdley Town v Dudley Town

Bilston Town Community v Shawbury United

Cradley Town v Wellington Amateurs

Ellesmere Rangers v Black Country Rangers

Haughmond v Wellington

Malvern Town v Dudley Sports

Smethwick Rangers v ShifnalTown

Sporting Khalsa v Wolverhampton Casuals

Wolverhampton Sporting Community v Wednesfield

Willenhall Town v Pegasus Juniors

  • Fixtures are subject to change and games are liable to be called off at short notice, please check local news/social media on match days for latest news.

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Mars One is a myth and if I’m wrong it won’t benefit human kind.

I have long been fascinated with space. As a kid I looked up with binoculars and a Tasco Telescope 150×50 at the stars. I had a Rand McNally map of the moon on my wall which was a piece of fucking art, let me tell you. Its an awesome thing to look out at the universe and see the marvels that it has to offer, and yet part of me keeps saying, it has to be like that because without it there is no us and no Earth. We are just a spec that exists because it does, simple. We are a by-product of a cosmic fart that created all energy and matter. Yeah I know, we are nothing more than a bit of shit smelling gas in this metaphor. I think it works.

tasco 01

I’ve had my interest drawn recently towards this Mars One project that is being prepared and planned by those famous space cadets, the Dutch, for its amazing offer of a one way ticket to Mars. No return. No hope of smelling cut grass again or ever seeing a rainbow. No Starbucks or Maccy’s. Twenty minute long connections on phone calls and streaming live football; and only seeing the same three faces for the rest of your time breathing in and out thanks to a pressurised metal can or space suit. ‘Wow, tell me more, sounds fucking splendiculously fantabulous!’

We all know already, before millions of pounds are wasted or even raised that this is not going to happen and if somehow it does it will be a total, devastating and unequalled disaster. Its like the Human Centipede of Space projects, it’ll be shit, pointless and clueless and you’ll feel the need to follow it up with another project, but instead you’ll just send another 4 people to die on Mars, if they don’t kill each other en route (again).

I think the odds of this project ever coming close to being a reality are the same as Wolves winning the Premiership within the same time frame so we already know it’s unlikely to happen and if it does, well, I hope being on Mars forever is as good as walking around Queens Square drunk at 3am after the open topped bus parade.

My initial question to the project managers would be this: Why not go to the moon first?

We’ve already been to the moon. So it’s doable. Yeah, we’ve treated the moon rather badly. We were all over its ass for a brief period of time and yet in the last forty years or so we haven’t so much as called. It must feel used and upset, especially now it’s not as alluring as that bright red planet. Apply a bit more rouge to your cheeks Moon, and then you might have a cat in hells chance of some action.

And yet despite all of these grandiose plans we still haven’t managed to learn to get along on this rock we call home yet. Spending millions or billions or trillions of Euros on a project like this when there are starving people, and cultural, existential threats to humanity seems to me to be arrogant and wasteful and serving of only the egos and fame of the people in charge of such a ludicrous project.

We’d be better off using any spare cash knocking around learning to get along on the ground, pooling our minds and our resources and then having a go at the universe. Let’s face it, if two people can argue over their personal sensibilities, at the drop of a hat, in a confined situation, then it’s likely to fall flat.

Oh yeah, they are planning on streaming the entire project, like Big Brother, so no one will be playing up to the cameras, trying to be famous or trying to be interesting or wanting to cement their place in history.

It sounds like one big winner of a project to me.

Peace (On Earth, the Moon and Mars)

Just another quick reminder of a charity match at Queen Street.

Taken from the official Bilston Town Community FC website…


The Steelmen face the Lockmen as Bilston Town host local rivals Willenhall Town in a charity match at Queen Street Stadium on Wednesday 18th March 2015 with a 7.45pm kick-off.

Local business Aspray24 have kindly agreed to sponsor the game and we are grateful for their support.

All funds raised will be donated to a fund set-up to raise money for equipment to help local girl Lillie Grace Scott who was diagnosed with quadriplegic spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy in January 2013.

The money raised will go towards equipment such as an Innowalk and an Eye Gaze, both designed to improve her quality of life and also to help her develop her communication skills and aid with her education.

For more information you can visit the funds Facebook page or their fund raising site where all donations are gratefully accepted.

Lillie’s Eye Gaze / Innowalk Fund Raising Page

Lillie’s Eye Gaze / Innowalk Facebook Page

We look forward to a big crowd on the night of the match, please share the event and lets raise as much money as we can for a great cause, should you wish to take out an advert in the matchday programme then please email us for details.

West Midlands Regional League (Premier League) Results – 23rd February 2015

Regional football leagues and non leagues, like the professional ones, are heading into the business end of the season. This weekend in the West Midlands Regional league unravelled as such:

Dudley 3-1 Bilston Town Community

Gornal Athletic 2-2 Wellington

Haughmond 2-2 Pegasus Juniors

Shawbury United 0-4 Ellesmere Rangers

Shifnal Town 0-5 Malvern Town

Sporting Khalsa 11-0 WillenhallTown

With two heavy home defeats and a double figure goals scored for champions elect Sporting Khalsa this weekend was surely one of the most interesting of the season with some extremely happy and extremely fed up supporters. Willenhall, who used to play at Noose Lane, must’ve felt the sting after this result. But Sporting Khalsa go marching on and the title isn’t even theirs to lose, they will win it. Bad luck to Bilston Town but Dudley is never an easy place to go and play. A comfortable mid-table finish is on the cards for the Steelmen who will certainly have one eye on preparations for greater league success next season. Bilston were top of the league after 7 games of this current season and hopefully we can see them sat in first place after 42 games very soon. Here’s hoping.



wmrl bilston grass roots support banner

Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Reset, and begin (again).  

After my final Facebook breakdown I think the dust has settled now and I can get on with what I enjoy the most and that is talking here to who ever the hell reads this, like, lovely people like you! (Thanks for reading!) Social Media doesn’t suit us all and so I’ll be hanging around only twitter and wordpress for the foreseeable future as I continue to write and edit my book, which I’m sure some of you are fed up with me procrastinating about – but blah! its all happening behind the scenes, as it were, and I have to mention it because other than working and trying to spend as much time with my family, and having to cope with an ever aging and needy old canine with more age-related health issues than I have hairs on my ass, I find that I’m either asleep or enjoying a beer watching nothing more engaging than Eastenders or Family Guy. I know, it’s ‘hardly’ rock and roll, but I like it….

I came as close to ending this charade as hovering over the delete blog earlier this year at the turn of the New Year. I’d realised that some of the people that I follow here on WordPress had become vacant or did nothing but piss and moan and to be honest it wears you down, but as sad as it makes me feel, I have had to make hard decisions to remove negative influences that had once been positive and try to forge ahead with a simple and silly hobby that I enjoy and that was being slowly eroded into a daily drudgery through a muddy quagmire of other people’s self loathing and self important first world problems that seemed to be poisoning and infecting my very consciousness as I read. When I realised that; I also realised I owed none of them anything and I was essentially in this on my own, so I decided not to nuke the site from orbit, the changes I’ve made are for the creative good. Maybe I’m too quick to press follow blog when I’ve had a glass or two of vino on the back of the one good post that a blogger has, lesson learned. I used to think all bloggers were the same but they’re not. Some do it for the right reasons, some for the wrong reasons and some because they need professional help. My advice to them is, shit or get off the pot. Masterchef’s on, why aint you watching that, instead of watching it with a laptop on your legs kidding yourself you’re writing?

And with that, welcome to my blog. I hope it stands up as a blog and not a self styled forum of ugliness.

It’s nice to not care anymore, again. The content will be mixed but you just know you’ll read it or not, but its all gravy to me.

Now dance!