Everyone should grow something edible (even just once).

Another day has come and gone, work was its usual chilling self. Chilling only because it’s the part of life that is mandatory in our capitalist cesspool, but is also the part of the day that makes me wonder why we never created a better system of covering our needs and covering “the costs” (costs are a money thing, favours and good will are free you know!) People were probably better off in the good old times of sharing and bartering, rather than chasing some man made slavery system we call money. What is money? Metal coins, paper notes, are they really so valuable? One day I will turn up and declare to the Bank of England that I want my twenty pounds as I present them with one of their bits of paper, but what will they give me? Gold? I doubt it. We are slaves to bits of metal and paper that pay the electricity bill. So very odd. Anyway…

Tonight I have been exercising my frame gardening. A pretty dull pastime to many and a very enjoyable one to others. I fall into the latter category as I’ve covered previously here so I won’t bore you anymore than I have to.

Whilst whizzing the flymo over the lawn (the lawn cutting is the most tedious of all of the gardening jobs of course) my mind wandered to the idea of why don’t new build home companies put greenhouses and at least one raised bed in new build gardens?

I mean we do live in a world that is trying to be environmentally friendly and nice to mother nature and all that jazz, so why not encourage people to grow a few tomatoes et al as they celebrate buying a new house? Surely it encourages people who feel a responsibility to the planet to have a go, if nothing else. It would be a revolution I think because I became a keen grower of edibles in a split second when I suddenly realised how much I enjoyed nature and how tasty the produce you get is. Yes, of course, it takes time and you’ll still need to nip to Asda to get a cucumber the day after planting the first of your cucumber seeds but with a bit of experience trying and some education on this thing they have now called the internet, anyone can learn to become an all year round, edible growing mutha fucka!

If a million new homes are built then sold that’s a million people growing… I dunno, four million tomato plants, ten million strawberry plants, a hundred millions scallions. You see what I’m getting at? It makes food fresher and more organic, it gives people the pleasure of doing it for themselves and it takes X number of haulage lorries off the roads which adds an extra environmental benefit to the nation. I think a lower reliance on oil to transport our food certainly is an idea for the future if not now.

And if my idea has any roots at all, and I feel it may have, maybe new build homes could all come with a solar panel or two as well. South facing of course. A million solar panels equals a lot less crap burned so we can switch the lights on.

I dunno, just a thought, if the cost of a greenhouse wholesale to a home builder is more than twenty quid you know they’ll say no anyway. They’re in it for the metal and paper things I mentioned at the start. They aint interested in the future, they’re interested in the profits today. But I still think it would be interesting to see how an idea like this would change things in say ten years time.

It’s an idea at least.



A bloggity (aka nothing new to report).

I haven’t really written anything decent for a few weeks, so here I am having a go at tapping out a few words. I did write a few days ago, maybe a week or so, a very open post about the aging of a canine fellow I know; and intertwined it with a look back over the harsh realities of life and the brutal reality of how life kills and how it had been so brutal to me and my family and friends. I’ve since sobered up and removed that post because it’s not in keeping with my football-politics-pissing about theme here. I don’t know whether to repost it or leave it consigned to the trash? Sometimes I think it’s nice to let the demons go once in a while so they wander free from yourself, but of course you never let them go. You remember them as you remember them; and as time passes they become worse and better, based on the mood you’re in when you reminisce with yourself.

But life certainly is one long battle with itself, just by its very nature, and if you have a great life and wonder what I’m talking about, enjoy life and don’t ask why I’m moaning here. Enjoy it until the day you become a war torn, weary member of reality and experience. I can’t remember those harrowing days of mine particularly well these days – day to day, I think its better to try and let the weight go, and I do, and remember the good times. I can sit and go over the minutia of them of course and it all comes flooding back but I try not to as its counterproductive. But now though, as a result of life, I’m just a scarred up mess of pain and anguish, the good things in life now are the simple things and the love of good people who have my best interests at heart. I garden, I blog, I have a drink, I watch football, I have a laugh. Simple things, but they mean everything to me. Especially laughter. Tomorrow go out of your way to make someone laugh, now that’s awesome aint it? Making someone smile. Go on.

Life, well life is death. Everything has a come down and the highs that life allows us all (aside from the highs we can enjoy whilst in it) has its down side too, the crash, that crash of course being the lights going out forever. But its that eventuality that’s why we have to keep plodding on and making sure yesterday is yesterday and tomorrow is just another day, we can make it what we want and make it better than today. Life shouldn’t have to be lived in the past it has to be lived today going forward. These days I count my blessings and life doesn’t seem so bad. It could be much better of course, but it could also be a damned lot worse.

So I don’t want to be morbid (too late Jay) and drag the mood down. All of the people I’ve lost in my life were a beacon of warmth and bright light in my life when they were alive and are a comforting memory, full of happiness, today. They still offer me wisdom with their words, laughter with their antics and hope with their spirit. I don’t think anything truly dies it just vanishes leaving behind only its energy and influence.

And it’s good to write something down again, less morbid, and more uplifting than the downer I previously posted (just!) Five years I’ve been blogging and I still don’t understand what I’m doing, what’s right or wrong or what the point is. I hope this has a point somewhere, but I’m fucked if I know what it is. But while I’m still trying to write/blog the spark of creativity must still be there. Well barely.


Imagine there’s no countries….?

If this election has had one topic that has been the burning one it has been the issue of immigration. You know how it is. Politicians tell us scary facts such as “Five hundred billion North Africans are heading to YOUR town, right now, to wee in the street and protest against fish and chips and contraception! And they can all sign on because the European Union says they can and they will bankrupt the UK and send all of the money home to their families to build dirty bombs to rain down on those of us left alive in this now squalid, post apocalyptic hell hole they’ve created for us!” Its classic pre-election scare tactics, but immigration has always existed, certainly during all of our lives, and it only seems to be a really serious issue in the run up to an election, because we hear mostly nothing about it the rest of the time, unless a bomb goes off on a bus, then it’s a case of one of them slipped into the country to kill us on our way to work, and then we find out the bomber was actually born and raised in Leeds, but I digress. These politicians, despite telling us the awful terrifying ‘reality’ of their claims, also have the solutions too and all you have to do is vote for them and they can sort it all out, simply and easily by shutting the doors and putting up the “We’re full” signs, signs written only in English and not available in Urdu, Arabic or Chinese. Yeah! That’ll show them! In 1911, 2% of the entire British population was made up of people who weren’t born here, many other countries were part of the Empire, millions of people we ruled by us in their own countries far away from this island of ours, millions of people who fought with us against the German Nazi Empire. But we’re scared of a few people coming here to live and work. Hmmmm.

So what is my point? The point is, countries are, these days, nothing more than administrated areas of land. Yeah of course histories & cultures are different, as is politics, and religion but essentially that’s all they are, circumstantial differences – places where people were born and live. Everyone needs somewhere to live, why deprive a person the chance to want to live where they want, where they feel safe, where they feel protected and can have a chance to better educate themselves? We should be proud that people want to come here, we are a great country, we should never forget that the land of opportunity is Britain, not our wayward cousin, America. And don’t believe that argument that we are the only country that has immigration. Every country in Europe has the same issues that we have with immigration. They aren’t all just on there way here; many stay and settle in Germany, France, Spain etc. Some do come all the way here, but many more don’t.

In 2015 we do have more people than ever trying to enter the UK but many people are coming to live and work here from all over Europe (mostly) as well as the wider world. It’s part of what makes this country great. We are a place of opportunities and where we have vacancies or skill shortages rather than put up with second rate people doing those jobs, we garner the great and the good from all over the globe to come here and make sure that our schools, hospitals and all manner of scientific, sporting and industrial/business needs are met and are the best anywhere on Earth.

As for government policy, the checks have always been in place and you can’t just arrive on Bournemouth’s beeches on a floating door and then throw up your two thumbs as you run to the nearest dole office to claim your free house and welfare; that simply doesn’t happen and never, ever will. But the right wingers and the racists will always have you believe that. Of course the system has some flaws, yes it needs reform, but the day we turn our backs on people who come here looking for a life is the day we lose our humanity as a nation. If a person needs help, we should help them. Some people come here for protection from tyranny, where their very speech or writings would see them killed for opposing a tyrannical regime. But where a person breaks the law or takes our hospitality for granted, well then they have to accept rejection or expulsion. I’m not crazy, I don’t want criminals coming here, that would be counter productive.

But, the fear of foreigners for the sake of it isn’t justified, it simply isn’t. People are people, generally speaking. They should be given a chance to prove they want a better life and if they take it should be saluted, and if they mess it up, that’s on their own head isn’t it?

Let’s not forget that Britain is just a mongrel race anyway made up of people who came over here from other parts of the world to create the people that we are today.

Things you can’t do in a send them all back/closed door United Kingdom in 2015.

  • Buy a pint of milk on Christmas day.
  • Enjoy a beaded car seat cover in a taxi.
  • Buy a kebab in the centre of Wolverhampton at 3.30am
  • Watch an EDL protest get more and more annoyed at a passing woman in a burka when her crime is nothing more than walking her kids home from school past Walsall Town Hall.
  • Have a laugh with an Indian man who answers the question, and what do we smell like to you? With Fish and chips! (I saw this happen once, it was in context, in a debate and was good natured too)
  • Purchase twenty Benson and a pack of lager at 10pm.

Things you can’t do in a send them all back/closed door United Kingdom in 1942.

  • Win World War Two (technically the same as the previous answer but worth mentioning twice).

In conclusion, after my waffling, we have to have immigration, we have to be fair and give people a chance, and it has to be managed in a pragmatic way. Then it’s up to the immigrants themselves to contribute and live our way under our laws. That’s not a bad thing surely?