The World; Getting Better or Getting Worse?

I read the news constantly; it’s the one thing that I never get bored of. I don’t know why either as it’s never lifted my mood or made me smile, its often wall to wall stories of varying grimness. I have to say, it makes for a pretty damned depressing time, pretty much all of the time and it often makes me think that the world is going to hell, quicker than anyone could’ve guessed.

I look back twenty or thirty years to a time when the world seemed safer and more secure, more peaceful and calm, a tranquil Shangri la with a rose tinted haze. The news was just as bleak at times as it is today but day to day it rarely raised an eyebrow or made the mouth loll in disbelief at what was being heard or read, often a brief sigh or a well placed tut was all it took to get over. These days if you want to lose your faith in humanity you just have to switch on a world news service or get on that there internet to fill your heart with the kind of unexplainable black goo of Prometheus.

But I’m coming to appreciate that although the world today seems to be a cesspool of utter depravity it is in fact the access to facts and news that is greater today and not the increase in brutality and disrespect that humans enact upon each other. Islamist terror and murder has been around as long as the faith that they falsely claim to represent has, corruption is as old as money and political incompetence and self interest comes as part of the package, historically.

The internet and the sharing of facts and information has revolutionised the world and as annoying as most things are on the modern, corporately owned, advert rich, market place of goods (not so much ideas in 2015) that the internet is, it has also allowed people to photograph, write about and video terrible events and document evidence of crimes, bringing them to global attention and therefore raise awareness and help encourage and drive change and action in opposition to such inhuman deviance.

I’ve moaned a lot about social media and the worth it has, and 99% of the time that is still the case, but the 1% of the time that it has shone a light on injustice and unfairness, highlighted a brutal government, encouraged enslaved people to be free or documented cruelty towards people and animals it has made a difference. The internet has blossomed into humanities saviour. Knowledge and information that we can all access, anytime, anywhere.

We are living through a transformation from the old way of things before superior technology into a new age where there will be nowhere for people to hide. We are seeing society shift and take a new shape, the new global order is one of fairness and equality and respect, regardless of nationality, creed and colour. Everyone is slowly gaining access to the way things ought to be, how they certainly shouldn’t be and what dignity and justice should be. The sudden increase in biblical violence, pathetic excuses and the exposure of the utterly vile is just the death throes of the old order, embarrassed and angry that their days of existing in secret and without fanfare, to do as they please are over. Once the battle for our Humanity is won in the coming decades we will see a truly amazing example of Humanity emerge. One where understanding, knowledge and acceptance creates a global order that will see all of humanity free, for the first time, once and for all.

Free of its past, and free to explore the future as one.


We’ve got to get through the bad times, there is no escaping it, and plenty more horribleness will come, but I think humanity is coming of age. Maybe as a very old man I’ll be able to sit down and read the news; the good news, I hope so.