Its not a War on Terror it’s a War on Ideas.

Last Friday’s attack on Paris was an unbelievable act of evil that can only have been carried out by truly monstrous beings, not human beings. It seems to have moved debates along and Western governments rhetoric seems to be different and even once enemies are starting to talk the old ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ language. Cities across the free world are talking about how it could have been them, and thankfully so far we’re not talking about more follow up atrocities. Paris is a city that has paid a heavy toll this year for its free and diverse society in the face of such wickedness. We’re all in the firing line these days without question and together we mourn for Paris; the victims and their families and just hope that such a horror is not repeated anywhere on Earth.

But the fact of the matter is it probably will be.

These attacks of last Friday have drawn clear lines that are designed to scare us and let us know we are the enemy. They are also designed to sow the seeds of division and hate. The terrorists hope and pray that communities all over the World turn on innocent pockets of Muslims and blame them so that otherwise secular people are driven towards their warped ideas about the world and its order, but that has so far not been the case. And I hope it never happens. And I doubt it will either.

People are far too intelligent, on the whole, we’re too well informed and generally most people don’t care about what you are, and so the idea the walls of our great free system will come tumbling down because a dozen and a half maniacs with automatic weapons can attack innocent young people, who’s opinions on the world as it stands with all of its struggles were not known, can be gunned down callously and in cold blood in the name of a warped idea that had labelled them as the enemy by virtue of just being free French people. It’s ridiculous at best and utterly retarded evil at its worst.

We live in a world of ideas and it’s just an idea that drives this evil. If they cannot divide us, we are strong. They can attack like this from time to time, but they can never, ever defeat us, as long as we are united and behave like civilised human beings.

It’s the idea, planted like a seed, in the mind of someone disillusioned with the world somehow; maybe they’ve suffered, maybe they’ve struggled, and likely they are vulnerable and need guidance; that drives them towards this terrible darkness in the world. Its despair that feeds the monster and the idea that makes it grow and spread. That is why we should never ever turn on each other or look at someone and judge them because of who they are, that is why civilised people will win the war of ideas.

Because ultimately secularism and the idea of peace, fairness, freedom and equality that is shared by people with a true heart in their chest and a questioning brain in their heads will always defeat anger and self righteousness conducted in the name of nothing more than a warped perception of a faith by individuals that know so little about its doctrine and teachings they’d fail a GSCE exam on it.

It’s just a shame that as we move together from this as a people, more innocent people will suffer and more war will happen and as a consequence it will inevitably feed the monster again.

I just hope one day soon the light will go off in the minds of everyone. We don’t all have to be the same colour, creed, nationality or faith, we don’t always have to agree and get along, but we also have no right to force our ideas onto others at the barrel of a gun. We disagree because we are human and we all see the world differently.

There is another way if you want it.

Theocracy, communism, capitalism have all had a chance and we have the results in. It’s a late kick off at Peace Vs Ideas and that’s a result we need to compare and contrast with the others. It’s about time we gave peace a chance to kick off.

If you’ve read this far, you must be with me.