It’s February and Football is Staler than Mince Pie.

My love of professional football has waned in recent years; it rarely shines for me any more as the game that has entertained me for some three decades nearly. Why should we care about overpaid men, who behave like children at best and utter beasts at worse, who come together to kick a bag of wind around some grass as working class men and women shell out money to travel the country and support players that no longer wear their shirt with pride or understand what football means to your everyday punter?

Wolverhampton Wanderers have, and to some extent always will, have a place in my heart. Some of the greatest occasions in my life have happened sat in a stadium watching them play but all of a sudden I find it hard to care or pass any time of day considering them.

We are a mess at the moment, from top to bottom, and it shows no signs of changing in the foreseeable. Our chairman has put the club up for sale, a sale that I firmly believe he doesn’t really want and won’t get any time soon.

We have an out of ideas, proven League One manager who got lucky last season with the help of players like the long term injured Dicko and the gone but not forgotten Sako who has been forced to sell his best signing, Afobe, because of pressure from the board and the player who beat his chest and sung about getting the number nine shirt in August before promptly disappearing from view after selling himself so well to the rest of the world last season. I wondered why Arsene Wenger had let such a talent go so cheaply, now I guess we can assume why.

We sit on our hands when the transfer window is open, again and again and again. The current crop of players are occasionally half decent but often mediocre or simply don’t turn up at all. When VLP isn’t making schoolboy errors on the pitch he’s making them on instagram before eloquently apologising. A storm in a tea cup, but a storm nonetheless.

Fans are apoplectic with rage when we lose, week in, week out, despite many of them going week in, week out and seeing how utterly clueless we really are. Why so angry? Surely you’re used to it by now, stop going. I did the day Morgan put the club up for sale. He’s not getting another penny from me whilst allowing the club to sell players, replace them with nothing, and whilst supporting a manager who seems like a genuinely nice guy but is clearly under equipped to deal with the expectations of a club like Wolves and who struggles to find players with some experience that can plug a hole. Many of his signings are very young, inexperienced players and apart from Sam Ricketts who did a great job as captain in league one, we have failed to find anyone of an age who can bring an old head full of experience to tie together the youngsters. I mean what was Grant Holt going to do? With all respect to him as a journeyman the very idea that he was ever going to make an impression in the championship at this point in his average career is laughable. That signing alone shows the kind of ambition and ability to scout out a player we are dealing with.

I know last season we overachieved (if you can do such a thing), and if we had sneaked a play off place the chances of success were slim to none, but that is the minimum requirement at Wolverhampton Wanderers, contention for promotion and last season we had that. This season we are a much weaker side that is ineffectual, boring, sloppy and clueless. Where is the striker that can turn a half chance into a goal scoring opportunity? Where is the solid defender that you know will always be the one out of the back four to put in a shift regardless of the difficulty of the opposition? Where is the playmaker that can at least put three or four decent passes forward to our attackers each game? Where are the wingers who will run at, and beat, defenders?

We haven’t got them anymore it seems. Some of our players need to take a look in the mirror and ask where the player they promised to be in a few games has gone. We need to ask questions of our tactics, our training and our board and manager too.

But ultimately, us as fans can carry out a post mortem of each game and shout at each other about the rights and wrongs of any given decision, be it made by the referee or the manager in his selections. Ultimately the club isn’t being run properly for the benefit of the football we pay to watch. Something fundamental isn’t right.

Change is needed from the top down. Wolverhampton Wanderers are stale. Stale turns to rotten if nothing is done about it. We must remember that. I hope Wolves can get the 10 points from the last 13 games to hit the 50 point mark. But I personally feel that if things stay as they are, under the current board and manager, Wolves will be fighting relegation again next season.

I’m often wrong. I hope I am. I hope I miss many a great win as I continue to stay away and the club can return to a state that it deserves to be in.



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