The hashtag means we cared or some shit.


Another day of bloodshed conducted by an ideology that has an army, that is feeding itself many ways as well as it needs or can, has murdered another three dozen civilians in mainland Europe.

The media cares not for names or faces but cares about the numbers because somehow 30 dead feed their narrative of fear more than 10 dead or 2 dead or 1 dead giving no ounce of thought for the ripple effect each loss will have in the lives of hundreds of people surrounding each victim.

They talk about Paris and its so recent atrocity, without thought for the victims and their ripples that still burn people, they talk about the threat we face, the threat that is there and the threat that has been encouraged by our way of life and by our deeds and conduct in the past.

No solutions are offered, and so our enemy acts improperly.

Our leaders are not protecting us as they should.

We live in a post Bush and Blair era where intervening is wrong because they fucked it all up and its so fresh no one wants to tarnish themselves with the same dirt.

So we keep letting our civilians die, through inaction and impotence.

And social media goes crazy with support for the dead and with opposition to the murderers very sick narrative and its violence and it’s meaningless.

People change their avatars to flags, they hashtag their obvious, sensible reactions and they wait for attention that means nothing to the situation but means everything to them.

People feel better by stroking their egos as the enemy marches forward towards us.

Hashtagin’ your disappointment and anger and annoyance and horror at a terrorist atrocity means nothing, it just shows how much weight you put on your own attention, so some people liked it, the dead are still dead and the reality and narrative hasn’t changed.

They are still going to attack us, and they will, and we’ll keep sitting at home spreading hashtags and love and opposition to atrocity, whilst watching TV on demand and playing Candy Crush Saga.

We’ve already lost this war. People think social media empowers their opinion when it doesn’t and yet they are happy to settle for it and feel like they and their opinion matters, about such things, and the enemy will continue to murder us as we go about our daily lives kidding ourselves it won’t be us next, when it so easily could be.

Well done, fucko’s. Keep playing games on your iPhone and hope it doesn’t hurt too much when they get you. We had a window of opportunity to nip this in the bud and we fucked it. I’ll see you in the afterward and I’m taking your tinned goods and any useable items. But I’ll make it quick. You owe me that for giving a fuck during the good times. I’m not giving you a second chance afterwards. Not one. Well done freedom, you had it all and sold it. I hope it was worth it and we already know it wasn’t. Humanity, all the gear, no fucking idea.


Never will we see it. Never.


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