April Words About Wolves (aka nothing new to see here)

Another season is almost over and we have nothing much to show for it. Almost as far away from the play offs as we are from relegation, no investment is expected for next season, an expected player exodus, complete emphasis on youth an inexperience next season, a continuation with a manager who, has done the club well but seems to be getting more and more clueless, a chief executive with more sound bites that make little sense than most of the arguments being put together by the Brexit campaign, and an owner with less interest in the future of Wolves than an Albion fan after a good kicking by a group of Wolves fans.

Of course I am commenting these days as an outsider. Since Morgan decided to let his ever swelling mangina take control of his senses and his decision to put the club up for sale I have voted with my feet. It’s a little much for me to expect him to keep putting in his millions but if that’s his plan I refuse to put in my thirty quid a week. I’m sure pro-rata my small contribution from my relative poverty stricken position as a working class fan is the same as his several millions investments are in comparison to his almost billion pound wealth. So pro rata if he aint putting in the same percentage as me, he can shove it up his asshole.

As I get older I feel it’s a seen it all before situation with football. Having started supporting the club in the old fourth division with a shit hole, dilapidated home ground and pennies as transfer funds its hard to get too annoyed by our second tier, average plight. I just find it harder and harder to spend time, energy and waking thought caring about a club that is cared so little about by its owners and its board who think that they can say and do what they want, bullshitting the fans at the regular fans parliaments and think that we are going to eat it up and believe it. I suppose like many aspects of life, personality and bullshit is more important than actions and substance.

I always hope after a moan like this that I am wrong and everything is going to be alright. I’d love to see the team push for promotion, or even somehow get it, but it seems as far off as it was back in the Graham Turner days. But at least then we had an excuse that the club was in recovery from its darkest time and it was undergoing the rebuilding of a firm foundation under the greatest Wolves fan and owner we’ll ever know.

And it’s those foundations that are keeping us where we are today, barely, I feel.

I envy Villa at the moment. They will go down of course but the rumour mill says that the Chinese interest in them will buy them out, and spend some money and they will likely compete in the championship next season. Good luck to them. Who knows maybe they’ll manage to wangle themselves a great manager too, maybe even a champions league winner (now I am crazy ay?) and we can watch them shoot straight back up as we continue to be annoyed and disappointed at a situation at Molineux that we can do very little about. Whether you go every week or not your attendance means nothing to Morgan and Moxey. The club we love so much takes us all for granted, but they know they can. The hardcore 15,000 will always turn up and few more thousand will always drip through the gates from time to time too.

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what next season brings. If by any stroke of luck we do get millions to spend, maybe some of the Afobe profits that we so easily and quickly gained, and Jackett or a successor spends it well it could be a season of top six challenging.

But I’ll put my money now on it being more of the same, with a few months of relegation fears thrown in just to keep our attention and anger bubbling away.