Send the buggers back, put up the shutters, and die.


Let the nationalists win, because that’s all the EU debate is about, will the racists and nationalists win?

It’s not about economics, public services or the future. It’s a game of poker between the dinosaurs and the future. A battle of ideas.

Are we an idea that can be marketed in The Sun or the Guardian?

Britain gave the world the modern style of free and open parliamentary democracy, co-operation and hope for all people to maintain freedom.

A vote about the future of everything has become a debate about immigration and a vote about the cult of celebrity when it should be a debate about the facts, the future and the effects of staying in or leaving.

I’ve never seen a more foggy debate about anything.

Lies, bullshit, self interest and fear rule. But only so that people of weak mind and undecidedness are commodities available right up until the last second before the ballot box opens.

People need to do their own research or sell this country down the river because of lies, bullshit, self interest and fear.

Europe isn’t our enemy.

Well not yet anyway.

Don’t cry, you can always move to Europe when things get tough when we are isolated and independent to let the Tories have absolute power. Man! We’ll make even North Korea look like a more attractive place to live.

Peace….. hahahahahaha. We can dream.


Brexit. Rhymes with Fucked It.

Our decision, the vote to decide the future of Britain in Europe, is now less than a month away. Depending on which poll or which newspaper you read the out campaign are ahead as are the stay campaign and we are going to be booming economically regardless of what we do or completely bankrupted and all out of work too.

We have on the stay campaign, Adolph Hitler and on the leave campaign ISIS it would seem given some of the most ludicrous arguments being put forward by either side. It really is a case of schoolboys from Eton, who’ve both forgotten to bring teacher an apple, throwing mud at each other in order to get the gold star that neither of them have worked for or earned.

We have a leader in David Cameron with little charisma singing one tune and Boris Johnson who has charisma that oddly disappears quicker than an Alka-Seltzer in water, if scratched, or touched by a strong wind. A pair of wallies leading an unbelievable decision that will shape the future of this country for the next thirty or forty years when both of these clowns are long gone, retired, and dead. Mates from school with points to prove to make up for all of their differences whilst at school. A couple of point scoring idiots who want to be able to claim victory rights at the next Bullingdon Club Old Boys Reunion, the loser has to fuck a pig in the face, act like a bumbling buffoon, or some shit like that.

Let’s not forget that these pair of spoilt, rich, privileged, selfish, hoodlums has already written into history a get out of jail free card by making us all make the decision for them. When it goes great, or goes tits up, they will always blame the British public for voting for it and never mention the money, time and effort they spent in winning a bet they made decades before when they rowed in a dormitory, late at night, about who would be the bestest person ever to win a two man argument between two mates who would be given free passage into a public life that guaranteed them both (more) riches and power thanks to circumstances.

And despite this bleak description of a serious circumstance we have to make a choice.

And I choose, stay. Stay in Europe. I’m not scared of immigration because we already have control of it. I’m not scared of Turkey wanting to join, because we have a veto over their membership and I’m not scared of being told what to do by an unelected committee because we do have a say, the people who actually rubber stamp the rules into European law are elected by us and we have sovereignty as a nation to veto rules that are un-British or simply retarded. I also like being given top down rules by a group of nations that protect human rights and the environment. Things we will lose with the cross of a pencil if we are stupid enough to think that a Tory government, independent of consequence, would even consider keeping them. Individual rights do not sit with a Tory government. Have we learned nothing from the past? The fact that two Conservatives have the reigns of both arguments is a bitter pill personally for me to swallow. It does add more fog to an already cloudy debate.

The economics of the whole situation seems to play a big part in the debate but does anyone really think that Europe as a trading block isn’t working towards greater economic ties with China or Argentina, or Brazil or India? The idea that being out of Europe means we can trade with the rest of the world more easily is flawed. The EU does have an aggressive attitude towards trade, it may take time to write and ratify the deals but they are being made. Our absence from the club will affect our economy, that is without question. The EU is likely to become the major partner of all of those countries when it comes to trade. Outside of it you have to ask yourself one question. Will China deal with Britain and its 70m-ish people or will it first deal with the 300m-ish EU zone first? I know what I’d do, just out of blind capitalism and opportunity.

As far as defence goes, the EU has helped, but not solely maintained, peace in Europe. Peace in Europe has risen from two brutal world wars and a general lethargy of land locked or island locked nations for Empire building. Empires are no longer built from the stealing of land, as some recent appearances on the map will find out. But it’s a fact that Germany knows it doesn’t have to embody strength by invading Poland and France when it can sit back and reap the benefits of being mates with Poland and France. No one died from a trade deal or a diplomatic deal or a data sharing deal. Someone might get spam emails or maybe a new job, but no ones choking to death in a shower wondering where their belongings, hair and gold teeth ended up.

The decision we are making is easy and stark. A better EU deal or leave. We already have a good deal with the EU despite what the racists and nationalists would have you believe. I’d take a better deal all day long. Keep the membership, the influence and the economic benefits. It’s more advantageous for us than solitude and lots of men in Union Jack T-Shirts and tattoos shouting about unemployment being caused by those frogs legs and sausage munching Europeans withdrawing investment in all of the industries that we rely on that are already owned by them. Deals are deals, they are rubber stamped, don’t cry when a trade agreement becomes void because we voted to change the parameters. It doesn’t work like that. The number one bullshit argument in this whole debate has been immigration and we know that immigration brings more than it costs and the Schengen agreement is something we, as a European Union nation, opted out from as an Island nation, so we control immigration into and out of our island. There is no free movement of people into the UK at all.

The lies and bullshit about the European Union are more well known than the facts. I’m not saying it’s perfect, I’m not saying it benefits us all of the time, but the cost and effort of being a member is outweighed by what it brings to our table.

And as a the 5th biggest economy in the world, a UN security council permanent member, a NATO member and the fathers of democracy and the rule of law we should stay at the table we helped to create. If we leave now we are just a spoilt kid taking his football home because he was asked to go in goal for ten minutes of headers and volleys. No idea about the big picture, just wanting to satisfy our immediate urges without considering the consequences later on.

If we do leave, moaning only please from the ones voting to stay in.

Otherwise, we should shut the fuck up and remember the devastation we brought upon our children and grand children through our own clueless ness and selfishness and right wing nationalism.

The world as it exists right now is uncertain, it’s complicated and it’s downright dangerous. We cannot swap our place at the top table just so we can wave a flag and dream of the good old days. Good old days that we built back then on the help and support of many nations around the world that sacrificed a lot so that we can even be here at all.

No one seems to realise that. We are great because we have been great, together with many nations, for centuries. The world is moving towards more tolerance and togetherness and we are voting soon to decide whether we want that or whether we want to be isolationists, living in the past, and dinosaurs with rose tinted spectacles of how thing used to be. Tomorrow surely is more important than yesterday?

Together we are safer, stronger and more prosperous.

But you can’t say it. Somehow wanting the best for yourself and your friends, family and your country isn’t cool, right or acceptable.

What a time to be alive. Our voters can be more destructive than anything the evil doers and the enemy of freedom could ever wish to achieve. It’s up to you and me, I guess.

You won’t see it reported but this vote is big. It’ll ratify our destiny. I hope we don’t fuck it up with patriotism, flag waving and a Vera Lynn sound track.


Un Fin.

Like a serial killer returning to the scene of his crimes I’m back writing here after being adamant a month or so ago that I wouldn’t. (Well, apart from one drunken Wolves rant slip up in April…)

I’d like to say that I don’t know what happened but I actually do. My dog, Tim, had to be put to sleep on the 16th of March after being my homey and shadow since September 2004.

I understand that losing a pet dog may not mean anything to people who don’t have pets or can’t stand dogs and I know that people would think that a dog is not a person so I should shut up, but I’ve known more than my share of death when it comes to homo sapiens that I’ve known and loved and sometimes it can be the loss of a dog that brings everything to the surface.

The problem with his death was the loss of an innocent soul. He had no agenda, he wasn’t trying to get rich quick, he didn’t envy someone having a new house, car phone or TV. He had his immediate needs that consisted mostly of weeing and/or shitting, eating and a comfy space to flake out then deny the farts he emitted in industrial quantities whilst horizontal on his awakening.

I could moan and groan about my problems for hours and he never judged me or got bored and walked away, he just looked at me with eyes that said, ‘In a minute when he shuts up, I’m going to ask him for some of that shit he’s eating’

He knew the rules, played the game and always made me smile.

He was my partner for every blog post here, and with me every minute of the research and writing on everything else I’ve ever published.

As an old man he was a constant worry. I’ve shot out of work on more than one occasion to make sure he was OK. I guess I’m lucky to have pet loving colleagues.

He cost me an arm and a leg at the vets to treat his thyroid problem, his arthritis and his sticky eyes. I almost miss beans on toast for tea because Tim needed medication, crazy really.

And I could talk about him for hours, but it would be meaningless and without context to a stranger on a blog.

But if you have a dog, have lost a dog or just love dogs you already know what I want to say.

I’d have never thought that a little black terrier could have such a deep impact on my life. But I’m glad for the time we had together and I’m glad I did all I could for him and his ailments of ageing and illness and that he didn’t have to suffer during his life and went peacefully when the final decision had to be made.

If there is one thing I envy him it’s that. Had he been a human and I’d assisted his death I’d be serving life now. What a species we are. The law is more humane to animals than humans.

But that’s a rant for another time.

Tim, eating Maltezers and Pizza just aint the same without you.

Rest In Peace.

Tim just catches his breath after a long walk along the beach.