Send the buggers back, put up the shutters, and die.


Let the nationalists win, because that’s all the EU debate is about, will the racists and nationalists win?

It’s not about economics, public services or the future. It’s a game of poker between the dinosaurs and the future. A battle of ideas.

Are we an idea that can be marketed in The Sun or the Guardian?

Britain gave the world the modern style of free and open parliamentary democracy, co-operation and hope for all people to maintain freedom.

A vote about the future of everything has become a debate about immigration and a vote about the cult of celebrity when it should be a debate about the facts, the future and the effects of staying in or leaving.

I’ve never seen a more foggy debate about anything.

Lies, bullshit, self interest and fear rule. But only so that people of weak mind and undecidedness are commodities available right up until the last second before the ballot box opens.

People need to do their own research or sell this country down the river because of lies, bullshit, self interest and fear.

Europe isn’t our enemy.

Well not yet anyway.

Don’t cry, you can always move to Europe when things get tough when we are isolated and independent to let the Tories have absolute power. Man! We’ll make even North Korea look like a more attractive place to live.

Peace….. hahahahahaha. We can dream.


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