Pointing fingers leaves the fingerless out and ignores the actual issues.


So a guy walks into a nightclub in Orlando and shoots fifty people dead with guns he obtained legally.

Sounds like a line from a sick joke that no one wants to hear. Cus it would be shit. What’s the punch line? “And they turned out to be fifty Englishmen and the Asian guy who did it was upping the anti in reply to the fifty weird things the Irishman and Scotsman did.”

Well, the recent massacre of innocent people in America has shocked anyone with decency and hope of a better tomorrow. It sure has. It seems that if you are that way inclined, and you are Muslim you can act with impunity to further a narrative of fear and hate and tag yourself to a sickness in this world without any link to it other than your own selfish fear of people who are different to you, just so you can justify it.

I can identify two issues in a terrible event like this, the criminal act and also the need to justify it by the perpetrator so that they might have some meaning to someone, somewhere who will uphold their actions as justifiable. The killer is a selfish ass-hole, plain and simple. A dyed in the wool cunt who cannot justify his own failures in life so he takes the lives of people who offend him with their own openness and honesty with themselves and the world. He’s a disgusting cunt who would’ve been better off aborted by his mother and fanny farted into a Petri-dish for incineration. He is but a cunt of a being who cannot be called human. He’s not anything but that. Not anything else. Fuck him.

I can’t begin to imagine what life is like if you are a person of the Muslim faith living in the West. I get sick of hearing how Muslims are our enemy and how they are attacking our way of life. Our way of life, is their way of life. People, whoever the people, want to work, want a home, want a family, and want the freedom to spend spare time doing what they want. Some of us play Xbox, some of us drink, some us go to Mosque, but we all want a peaceful environment and a safe place to do it all in. Some of us actually go to Mosque and play Xbox, it’s not a mutually exclusive deal at all. I’m just sick and bored of all of the pigeon holing.

I’m not a Muslim but I know Muslims are like me. They hold different beliefs of course, but at the basic level we’re all the same. I’m as bored of people killing in the name of Islam as they are. And they are. Muslims are sick and tired of death and destruction in their name. Muslims are not the enemy of anyone, they are people. They are people who are trying to live their lives. We cannot continue with the ridiculous, divisive narrative of separation that sees people with a Koran under their arm as the enemy. It’s fucking stupid. If the 2.5m Muslims in Britain were our enemies we’d be looking at civil war, but we aint, surely if you’re a bigot or a racist you have to ask why? And the answer is so simple it makes you look stupid for wanting to ask it, they are watching X Factor with you, not plotting the end of the world. It’s fucking simple. They eat chips, they watch football and they queue and moan about the weather.

And so I return to what I opened with, the Orlando massacre that has made global headlines with its senselessness.

It’s a hate crime and its terrorism, neither one or another, it’s simply both. Terrorism is born out of ideology, often a sick political ideology as all terrorism is, and is targeted at a group that they disagree with and hate. Terrorism has no religion, it never has. It’s been labelled in the last few decades but really it is a warped idea that latches on to something tangible in the real lives of real world people to try and gain some justification and traction. But is largely ignored by many people that are unfairly connected to its poisonous attempts to be righteous simply by the association the terrorists try to give it.

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only white, working class, atheist, male that thinks like this. Largely everyone I know opposes my point of view. They consider it some wishy-washy, liberal, weak point of view. Which of course angers me only privately because I’m too awkward and quiet to shout about their ignorance to their faces for fear of having to have a stand up fight about an idea or an opinion; that would just be ridiculous and is simply beneath me and anyone I dare question despite how much they insisted on stamping on my throat.

I think that’s the difference between the right and the left, the level of swearing, contempt and violence. I suppose it goes with the territory. It’s a kindness I suppose because the silent anger of liberals everywhere would cause more damage than the in your face, me-me-me, selfish, bullshit, anger that we see in the world today causing so many deaths, so much destruction to individuals, families, communities and countries, these selfish pricks would end the world as we know it given half a chance.

If only liberals could harness that anger, in an acceptable way, we’d see a better world. One where your faith is not the headline but the crime you committed backed up by nothing than that crazy ideology you subscribed to on the back of being a bit annoyed with your own self and station in life.

It’s a difficult situation for liberals and Muslims alike in 2016. Change one mind at a time, with hope, is all we have. We need to up our output and change the world for the better because at the moment it’s on a path of self-destruction because the weak minded, comfort zone, social media and apps that deliver food dickheads are winning and they think everything is fine… and getting better with every bullet, bomb and torturous death.


The world is full of them. But we can’t let them win.



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