You Rope If You Want To, I Rope when I EU.

Too many lies have been spoken about our position in Europe, our new position in Europe if we stay and the benefits of not being in Europe at all. So on the eve of the referendum to decide the entire future of our country and it’s standing in not only Europe but the World, my words are merely wasted moments, and time spent doing something when I could’ve been doing something else or doing nothing which is preferable.

But I feel so strongly about the breathtaking election that we have had forced upon us by domestic bigots, racists and selfish, self interested pricks from political movements that play to the lowest common denominator, to write these words.

We are, and have been for many weeks and months now tightrope walking politically. Our Prime Minister, who I’ve hated since his inception in his role, is my ally on this argument and it annoys me. It annoys me because he’s so awkward and untrustworthy with his facts and figures and truths, but not as annoying as the Brexiteers, or cunts as I call them, have been confident and outgoing with the utter lies, deceit and unqualified, undiluted bullshit that they have ladled on to the people of this country through the tabloids and TV media that they own or have access too.

What angers me is the sovereignty debate. We are a sovereign nation, inside the EU. We elect representatives to the EU parliament; and despite the ‘policy people’ in Europe being 28 people nominated to a committee by 28 parliamentary democracies of 28 countries, with no direct powers themselves; all of their policies are passed on to our elected representatives in Europe for rubber stamping before becoming compelling ideas that we choose to accept into law; we are told that the EU is undemocratic, its not. Don’t hate the rule makers, hate the governments that you elect, that elect them, who then let elected Euro MEP’s, who we elect, vote on their ideas.

The UK takes advice from its own parliament which is elected by its own people, the EU and individual sovereign nations in Europe (that too are all sovereign, democratic entities), before accepting laws that are rubber stamped in European Union ‘law’ by people, MEP’s, who we elect. And yes granted, we only elect our own officials and some of the decision makers are from France or Belgium or German et al, but they too have the same situation, where decision makers are from Italy, Britain or Poland. That for me is the crux of the anger and fear for bigots, they say “The French are making laws for us” without even considering for a second that Britain is also making laws for them, through elected representatives. It’s so basic when spelled out that it’s laughable, that’s why I point it out here. Many Britain’s think we are passive members of a group of countries that tell us what to do, when we are just a member of a group of nations that we can already effect as much as they can effect us. But I guess racists, nationalists and bigots can’t gain any benefit from knowing we are just as much a problem as a solution in the situation.

The UK is the 5th biggest economy on Earth, a top seat table sitter at NATO and the United Nations, a military powerhouse internationally, a financial monolith only bettered by New York and currently the only country in Europe with a deal that sees a tidy rebate, it’s own currency over the Euro and an exclusion from the Schengen Agreement that means we already are excluded from the free movement of people throughout the European Union. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal already and in return all we get are human rights, workers rights and health and safety rules that we never had or would have had under our own rule, certainly not as defined and protective of the individual.

And yet a bunch of radical and foolish nationalists, who are already millionaires and have the means to take care of themselves, decided that this was not a good enough deal and so used the freedoms that we extend to them in the democracy that we all cry so loudly about, to form a coalition of individual politicians from all parties as well as ridiculous political movements such as UKIP, to drive us out of the European Union because they think that we spend too much on the European Union, all based on lies and false figures, just so that they (we?) can spend that money saved on projects that they would never, ever even consider after an exit from Europe, they won’t invest in the NHS! But they say they will because they want to con us all into thinking they can achieve some ideological position where the United Kingdom is now “free” and “fair” from “Johnny foreigners dictate” so that we can build a “utopian society” that is frankly unreal and beyond unlikely.

They want to isolate the country from markets it relies on, from allies we’ve had for eighty years, jeopardise our economic future as well as the current mutually beneficial business ties we already have in Europe, jettison a free trade of goods and services in favour of flag waving to the rest of the world, just to prove a point that the rose tinted spectacles they have of how the UK once was, when it ruled the world (at the barrel of a gun by the way) and had an empire and was actually important. They want and think that is still relevant. It may be to their own personal, ridiculous ideology of the way things ought to be, but its dinosaur politics in a much more evolved time. They scream about the fear of foreigners despite being descended from foreigners or married to them or just scared of them (probably because they know they can do a better job than they can) but it doesn’t stop them shouting loud and hard just in case a few ignorant or idiotic voters are within earshot, gotta get those votes where you can!

I just feel that the louder a politician has to shout the more desperate his claims are. Make a case that is sensible and people will buy it on its merits, shout and scream and lie with a bare face and you’ll get no where. The louder you scream, the more questions people ask along the lines of ‘Why is he having to shout so loud?”

If the Leave Campaign had made a sensible, reasoned argument, just once, I’d have stopped and considered it. But they haven’t. I’m open to suggestions and facts if they are facts. I could vote to leave just as easily as anyone who is determined too but I can’t and won’t based on the campaign we’ve seen. Its been lies, lies lies on the Brexit front from day 1. And I don’t want to exonerate the Remain Campaign, they’ve dropped the ball and talked shit too on occasion, but they’ve dropped nothing like the endless and continuous lies that the Leave Campaign have and when I hear a campaign of lies I see a campaign I cannot support. It would be treason in a debate like this to support such bullshit.

I fear what we’ve lead ourselves into and where it may take us. But I hope that we vote to remain and hopefully, if we do, as the only nation in the EU to hold such a referendum it strengthens our hand. Because if we remain after such a vote we can only be empowered because no other member of the European Union will be able to stand up and say, we endorse the union in 2016 with a vote by our people, the rest are still endorsing the 1970s, 80’s etc.

Nothing like this has happened before in the EU. It may not again but if we leave it could start a chain reaction amongst nationalists that could destroy the EU and leave us with an uncertain future.

Let’s not forget, us Europeans have a history of falling out. But it would be good to do any rowing diplomatically as one, rather than risk any of those pesky wars we used to have. Remember? Remember when millions of people died for nothing but someones short term thinking and ideology? Want that again? Do you?

I thought the bad old days were behind us.

And I still hope they are.

We are Europe, I am European, British, English and Yam Yam all at once. I hope I can say I’m still European at the close of play today. Together we are stronger and so is the future. I hope my great country isn’t scared of being friends with buddies, old adversaries, who forgive us and apologise all at once, for the past with handshakes and warmth; that could easily be poison tomorrow.

It’s up to us now. Make your vote count. I hope you’re with me.



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