Europe is calling it ‘Black’ Thursday just to annoy the Brexit voters.

German Newspaper ‘Spiegel’ – “June 23, 2016 will go down in European history as Black Thursday, a day when a country succumbed to nostalgia and a yearning for freedom instead of following reason. Against the recommendation of a majority of its parliamentarians, against the advice of economists, politicians, academics, friends and allies around the world. It is a decision marked by national egocentrism, stoked by fear and world weariness, but it is nonetheless a democratic decision.”

After Leicester City overcame odds of 5000-1 to win the Premier League is anyone that shocked that the 5-1 odds the bookies where offering yesterday on a Brexit being over whelmed too? Well I am, I’m feeling shock, the kind of shock felt when you hear of the death of a loved one you’d ignored and neglected for years then suddenly you realise you will never see them again. It seems to me that many people today have been taking it in their stride as if they don’t understand the magnitude of the decision to leave, which again makes me wonder if the same people knew what the hell they were voting for at all. Or maybe those people haven’t had it sink in yet, they have other things on their minds and want to get Euro 2016 or their upcoming summer holidays out of the way and deal with it later, don’t want anything to get in the way of life ay? Of course unemployment could affect those things eventually but at the moment nothing’s changed, everything’s fine, it’ll take years for the effect to kick in, right?

I doubt that will be the truth of this situation. Already leaders of the European Union are calling for the divorce to be as quick as possible. And I don’t blame them. You wouldn’t continue to live with a partner where irreconcilable differences had made one party hateful and made the other half pained and vengeful. Trade deals aren’t going to be redrawn, wound down, left to run out or renegotiated between in and out parties; they are going to be torn up. Of course Europe will want to trade with us but where they are trading with us as EU partners are now null and void and so deliveries of goods and services could simply end. A lot of people saying that won’t happen, but it will. Of course EU nations will deal with us, but not with any seriousness, and from a point of view of administration and paperwork it might be easier to put those deals the way of someone else who is still at the party having a good time, not outside smoking and moaning and wanting to go home.

The German car market is sometimes mentioned as an example of where the UK will trade with the EU, but their cars will be more expensive when tariffs are added and who’s going to be buying them in the UK? The British economy, in the short term is going to stagnate as companies sit on money, reduce spending to only essentials and will stop employing new people simply because they will wait and see how this decision will effect them, people are now watching the markets and the exchange rate of the pound versus the Euro and the Dollar. As a result pay will stagnate because no one is going to be getting a pay increase, well not the majority of worker ants running around doing all of the work. No one will be able to afford a new BMW, because they’ll be worse off year on year for the next two or three years at least. Their just isn’t enough millionaire businessmen and highly paid bankers to keep the German car industry alive in the UK. The Germans might chuck out the cars and knock down prices for a while just to get rid of already built stock, but whilst doing that they’ll be working on new markets within the EU. Any supplier deals the German car market has with the UK will disappear, Europe will change its supply chain because of Brexit and we’ll not even be bottom of the list to supply batteries or window wipers, we’re no longer viable partners or preferred partners, we’ve tore up the open market deal. And this can be applied to many other sectors too not just cars and not just on UK imports, exports too. The benefit of a common market – “Let UK Widgets Ltd sell us parts because their country gobble up our cars.” When we are harder to trade with on the outside and have less appetite through lower incomes to buy the products, why buy parts from us? Where is the mutual benefit? They owe us nothing now. And it works the other way too. We can’t say that we will continue to sell any products that we make that are also made elsewhere within the 27 nation trading block anymore because they will always favour the guys at the table over the guys pressing their faces against the window looking in, tapping occasionally to remind everyone they are still around. Like David Brent after he was made redundant from Wernham Hogg, we will just be embarrassing ourselves by pretending we are still wanted, needed or relevant. We can hang around for a little while but essentially everyone wants us to just fuck off.

David Cameron

The decision to hold a referendum on our future in Europe was a mistake, and that’s not hindsight talking, well it is a little, but given the rise of the far right in the UK over the last decade it was a mistake before this result too. Britain has always had a chip on its shoulder and we are all raised to believe we are bigger and better and more important than we think. “We used to have an empire the same size as ¼ of the entire globe, magna carta, we kinda invented America (we didn’t), we invented the TV (thanks Scotland), we have the rule of law (unless you’re Irish, ask the Birmingham ‘pub bombers’ about that), we invented football and concentration camps and we had great success with 50% of them (what an export!), we beat Hitler (with our allies and colonies, and I’m not being flippant towards OUR heroes, MANY heroes from MANY countries beat Hitler – they are ALL heroes), etc etc.”

When Scotland get independence and actually have a proper independence day we’ll have no tennis players so I can’t use that one and Greg Rusedski was Canadian and Tim Henman was just awful. We’re still good at cricket and science but cricket makes you fat because you are obliged to stop for three meals a day, one of which has pudding that contains five gallons of fresh cream, during a five day game and science in Britain is (was) heavily supported and governed by the European Union and the funding they take from us first and then legislate for, then give back to us, that is specifically for science stuff only, a situation that won’t happen now because our Tory government will scoff that cash up for quangos or just sit on it claiming poverty, I’m sure its only days before we see headlines claiming the £350m bullshit figure we are now saving, is being tied up in red tape and lawyers fees.

David Cameron made a pledge at the last General Election promising an in/out referendum on our membership of the European Union. He did that as a knee-jerk reaction to the sudden popularity of UKIP, lead by the ever-Admiral-Akbar-looking Nigel Farage. Cameron was scared that his votes were being mopped up, and they were being mopped up, by this fledgling replacement for his ever so redundant, right wing, directionless, selfish party of the rich and chinless. UKIP, a one policy party with thin secondary policies that were padding for the main policy, gained ground as all severely right wing parties do by convincing people of all political persuasions to join the new guys who have found the best way of appealing to your left or right leaning sensibilities by attributing blame not to each other but those pesky foreigners, and people believed them. Thirty years of apathy, and failure to address real concerns about immigration and poverty reduction in Britain was met with UKIP and the result was always going to be one winner. Want political change, appeal to all sides, not one or another. And given that, during those thirty years, education in Britain has suffered and been more watered down with “improve the pass rate with lower pass rates not better teaching” policies distributed through privately financed schools and academies privately owned by self interested groups that are largely religiously focused, privately funded and independent, and UKIP is what you get. Britain has, by its own apathy raised a population that hates the system and wants to see change. It’s self destruction. UKIP has fed on a clear mistake by governments gone by. Under-funding of state schools & privately funded schools has given us a population in its 20s and 30s that isn’t well educated and as a result of a lack of opportunities and knowledge has had the gap filled in minds, a need and want to learn, with tabloid headlines, propaganda from UKIP and anything, ANYTHING.

And this has been allowed to go on, under Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron. They have all played a part in allowing the UK to be where it is today. Anyone with any sense would’ve voted differently. You cannot blame people for voting, you cannot criticise democracy, it is what it is. But you can trace it all back and then it’s shameful and unacceptable and also too late. Some of us have known it for ages and have raised complaints, no one listens. Most people these days fill the gap in their knowledge and their innate need for input with smart phones, apps, push a button and get your satisfaction, TV reality shows where a man with a generic name like Dave or Boris or Justin or Simon is likely to win and everyone knows who they are. You ever had a chat at a water cooler and then you say “Justin” and someone jumps in and runs away with “Yeah he’s great, his voice is so good, I loved that Queen song he did, it was amazing, I want him to win, I voted, I voted twice actually, he’s gonna win and Simon Cowell is gonna be so rich cus its Christmas Number one for him, yeah, Justin, he’s my favourite” and you just say “Justin in accounts is getting Christmas number one? – What?”

Those are the minds who are among the voters. They vote for Russell Grant in Strictly Come Dancing, they vote in EU referendums because they only know it’s something to do with foreigners and mommy and daddy told them how Hitler bombed our Fish N Chip shops. Wunderbar!

David Cameron agreed to this referendum knowing all of this, knowing how the generations of people alive, to vote, had been sold down the river by past generations of politicians with their fluffy, empty policies that left the country a few IQ points lower year on year since the 1970s when we signed up for all of this. He assumed a few words in a general election campaign, to try and assure his re-election and defeat the far right, would be enough. He didn’t think that he was doing their work for them, he assumed he was saying what he needed to say in a situation to get what he wanted, and he did, but he left himself open to today’s result. He created Brexit, he gave birth to it, he short sightedly sold not just our European Union membership but the United Kingdom as a union down the river to win a second term that he has now forfeited.

He lied to Scotland, who voted to stay in the United Kingdom, in the EU, down the river. He has created a situation where Scotland wants a referendum and we don’t need to even give them a vote on independence a second time to know what the result will be. He has betrayed the people of Northern Ireland who are now even talking about a reunification of Ireland, something unthinkable just 24 hours ago and even might have to concede sovereignty of Gibraltar too. He has destroyed the United Kingdom to the point that the name of our nation, that has existed so long, is almost meaningless. David Cameron did that, his advisors, his team, his party, whoever. They are responsible for reducing the 5th biggest economy to a something that resembles a shattered egg. There is simply no rebuilding that can be done. I envy the Irish and the Scots the choices they still have. I don’t envy the twin-ity of England and Wales.

David Cameron already had his place in history simply by virtue of his status. Now he may go down in history as doing something that countless enemies, fascists and invaders simply couldn’t do with armies and that is destroy the United Kingdom. Because for all of the hate the Remain campaign might have, it was PM Cameron who announced, agreed and accepted the vote for Brexit.


I believe that a man is worthy of judgement based on what he does and says, how he carries himself and what worth in good deeds he shows to his loved ones. All men are created equal we are taught by faith in schools and it’s the only bit of religion that has any worth. All men fuck things up of course, because they are men, and so are worthy of forgiveness, unless they fuck up the future of a country, then they have to live or die by the reaction of its populous. But that’s covered.

My working class, Black Country, experience of the Brexit debate has been far from what I would call sensible. Many people, and the result shows it, don’t like immigrants. In my own straw polling of people I meet, family members, friends and all the useless toss rags I get to see day to day through work I have gauged that somehow a Romanian picking cucumbers for a living on a farm in Cleobury Mortimer is taking valuable jobs from decent honest white men on the dole in Britain. The fact that those white men have never had any meaningful jobs or their longest ever period of employment was two weeks to please the job centre is irrelevant. Somehow they are being robbed of opportunities by a man, travelling hundreds of miles, to work twelve hours a day for minimum wage, speaking in a second language and not moaning about it.

I couldn’t work for minimum wage in Romania picking cucumbers or strawberries or whatever and speak Romanian. It would be hard work for me. And I’m an educated man who knows I need to just do what it takes to survive (that’s what it’s all about this life you know) without complaining too much. I couldn’t do it. But they do, and they are hated by professional dole-dossers, rich people who employ them in cucumber fields and tabloid newspaper editors who send reporters to do stories on them.

I don’t mind dole dossers. As long as they don’t spend their dole on beer, fags and John Bull outfits. I believe in a safety net, I believe in benefits, but the professional class of benefit scum in this country is part of the narrative that has lead us to today. I hate my job, its boring, meaningless work for a man of my intelligence but I do it solely for my benefit and the benefit of my family. We live, eat, pay the bills and don’t sleep in a ditch. I know that you do those things too but as you do I have my pride to keep me warm. On the dole at 40, never had a job – you have no pride. Gimme a call, I’ll find you a job, you might have to get up before 12pm but I’ll do it, it might be shit but you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror every day.

Like I said, safety net, not lifestyle choice. You dole around for a few years if you like, don’t bother my ass, but long term, you are the problem, not the immigrants. Stop voting against them. Stop blaming them for taking a job you don’t want. When they all go home the Tories will make you do that shit, you haven’t thought this through have you?

You can be racist if you like, but when you get what you want, you gotta step up. There will be nowhere to hide when England and Wales come calling and you say “Oh immigration, no jobs” and the system says, “You voted to fuck them all off so we need you to man the threshing machine at 6am for £4 an hour.”

See what you did idiot classes? You fucked yourself, and their will be no European Union to protect, yo ass!


The balance of power was in the hands of the older generation who decided to destroy economic certainty and stability on that front with a vote for leave. Fair enough, it’s your pensions that are index linked to share prices, mine will recover if I’m old and alive enough to claim it when I’m 75 which I won’t be, that is a fact you can bank for sure. Ladbrokes won’t even let me bet on that. They are right to do so.

The uncertainty on the market is reasonable but also a social media dream. When you live second by second on twitter the idea of the FTSE ever gaining again is impossible as it falls. Twitter is like watching commentary on the erosion of the mountains, everyone is right and wrong all at the same time because nothing is happening. But plenty of well delivered comedy one liners will keep people retweeting for hours.  I am guilty of all of the crimes in this paragraph, sue me.

We left Europe, we haven’t left capitalism and for good or bad, richer or poorer, the markets are going to be their. Don’t worry about the FTSE100 index, it has little to do with the UK it’s just an international channel, low on any regulation for all kinds of insidious and nefarious currency and investments to grow and move on. That scheme is going nowhere, and tax free. Where’s you’re £350m a week going again? The NHS? Stuff the beds at New Cross doctors, we want this average, poor person comfortable…

Personal Effects

The referendum will inevitably leave me without income. The slow burn to death of my employment is guaranteed by it and the lack of future forsight of the people I work with and for. They say the usual, frightening things that they always do but really care little about the units that have made them rich. I’m OK with that. Mostly because I felt I was a pointless unit way before Brexit, this just gives them the situation to justify it. So I will continue to lobby the case and they will continue to lobby the case and the case will end up in a canal with my corpse in it, and the corpses of all of my colleagues, thank God for that. No one wants to sink into the briny, silt, folded like a letter, alone.

I joke of course, I work for good old fashioned salt of the Earth people, who will make me dig my own grave before kneeling down next to it and waiting for the muffled shot of a six shooter. Quick and easy, they owe me that, what good privileges we have ay? Are you jealous, you should be.

Expect Us.

The vote leave campaign have given themselves a big job. They have unemployed themselves as MEP’s, they have drawn the country from the European Union, they have won their debate and they are now dealing with all sides of an argument and positions they created.

They have also put themselves in the spotlight, made promises and raised their profiles and agenda. They are accountable. They created this situation. For good or bad. They are now being watched. The people who voted for them expect, the people who didn’t vote for them expect what they promised with irony and anger that they can’t. You silly fuckers are accountable now. You can’t blame the EU anymore. So where is Britain? Our better Britain? Where is Scotland? Where is Northern Ireland? Where is the £100m for the NHS every fucking week? You haven’t thought this through have you? You never thought you’d win and you did and you made no plans for it at all. Roulette wheel politics, sometimes it fucks people up, thanks for playing roulette with my future. You bunch of cunts.

You have only yourselves to blame, not us.

“The UK voted for this, the PEOPLE decided” that isn’t enough. You took us for cunts, took us for granted, directed the fools.

Where is our £350m a week and where is it going? You know that figure is a lie and it will haunt you as this country demands its £350m extra a week. Can you provide it, no you can’t.

Make it up as we go now. Dance an un-merry jig of failure. We had something good and lost it. Oh well.

This is this. And it really is this. Fucking ridiculous.



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