It still feels like limbo. What to do next?

Previously here I wrote in reaction to the result that had just happened and was extremely angry and drunk, thanks Brexiteers for that. It has taken me days to calm down inside, I simply cannot believe that England has so many unenlightened people who treated such a big decision as a one issue ballot. Its breathtaking in its ignorance and stupidity, and will remain that way for ever. History will certainly judge that vote as the day that Xenophobia won an election over what was actually good for the nation and its future. I know in my heart that people will cope and we’ll have to move forward and simply deal with all of the fall out but I doubt that this is an issue that is over and it’ll roll on for many more years to come. It’s just such an extraordinary thing to have happened and given that we now have no Prime Minster and a treacherous opposition in Labour with their ousting attempts on Jeremy Corbyn,

I’m angry at the total lack of a post Brexit plan. Why wasn’t there one? Surely if you fight an election campaign, like the one that we saw fought by the racists and the Xenophobes, you’d plan for your new British, white utopia, free from immigrants and global investment? But we’ve seen nothing and many politicians, including MEP Daniel Hannan, have spoken out that they simply didn’t have a plan because they didn’t expect to win. Hannan said on Newsnight, “Frankly, if people watching think that they have voted and there is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be disappointed.”

Don’t fight for something you don’t want, because if you get it, you will have to own it and understand me, people will make sure each and every one of the Brexit leaders will be made to account from now onwards for what happens to this country, for good or bad. They have won a race they didn’t want to and now are shying away from ownership. If you ran a sneaky campaign that talked about immigration and then say that immigration actually won’t change anyway, and the decision to leave is simply about being outside of the EU, then you will be just as accountable to the voters who supported you, who don’t want that, as you are to those of us who didn’t want our membership of the EU to be ended.

It’s not David Camerons or George Osbourns fault, they campaigned to stay, and I strongly agree with Cameron’s decision to leave office and refuse to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. The odds are that the next PM will be a Brexit supporter and its right that one of those clowns goes down in history as pressing the button, why should Cameron damage himself any further? He’s already allowed the referendum to happen in the first place (of all the manifesto promises to keep David), and he wanted to stay, I finally have some respect for him for as good as saying “Sleep in the shit-pile you made for yourselves, I’m done!”

Nigel Farage has been an outspoken critic of the EU for decades and so we already knew what his position and agenda was. We cannot argue that he wears his ideology and his opinions on his sleeve and so no one supporting him doesn’t already know what they are getting into or who they are dealing with, unless they are completely fucking stupid, which is also likely. We also have to remember what he represents and which party he is leader of. UKIP is the acceptable face of the right wing in the UK, the far right. I spoke previously about how they have stolen supporters from all parties by blaming ‘foreigners’ rather than each other and Farage is extremely good at being able to say what anyone, who is apathetic and wants to hear something different, wants to hear. He has made intolerance and blind, flag waving patriotism acceptable and the undercurrent of racism that exists in Britain has been a well that he has tapped into perfectly and the narrative of this campaign has seen his will and people’s ignorance come together and explode like a volcano of prejudice that has now leaked its intolerant magma into the streets and homes of us all, whether we wanted to be coated in its soul destroying heat or not.

The morning of the result this purple rosette wearing, frog faced, oxygen thief appeared on Good Morning Britain with the easy on the eye Suzanna Reid and a carbon based life form of little note called Piers. During their chat, Reid asked him about the £350m a week figure to which he admitted ‘it was a mistake to say that.’ This interview is worth watching, many of you will have seen it, as he as good as admits the Leave campaign was not a cohesive, coalition, because he says that the campaign wording was a mistake and says that it was also not his words or part of his campaign. Watch it. Its pitiful. It’s more proof that the lunatics saw a flag to wave, an agreeable protest they could shout about, and they just ran with it and the media just lumped them altogether as THE LEAVE CAMPAIGN. The ill-planned, ill-organised, ill-informed side won. They did it simply, with lies and deceit. Of course they have no plan, they are collection of idiots who got lucky with lies.

In May, Farage said “In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way.” referring to a decision in favour of Remain. But when achieving just that with Leave he is keeping quiet and not calling for another referendum. He announced his intolerance with a close result before the votes were cast, and yet the Leave campaign are brutally critical of the Remain campaign being outspoken about the very same result. Win by a margin you disagree with is ok but lose by the same margin it’s unacceptable. Shut the fuck up, idiot. Remain are the ones saying what Farage said himself, “This is unfinished business, you pug ugly, racist cunt!”

We also now have a parliamentary petition, set up before the result in anticipation of a vote to Remain, by a Leave campaigner that has been hijacked by Remain for a second referendum. It’s a twist of irony very similar to Farage’s 52-48 unfinished business. The winners prepared for defeat, they had no plan to win and are now crying about the opponents doing everything that they had prepared for, another battle. The result was so close and all of the bullets the Remain side are now firing were made by the winners. Thanks for that. Its made life a lot easier for us, dickheads.

Maybe I should go into detail about all of the Leave voters who openly admitted they didn’t know what they were voting for or that they didn’t understand the facts, or just thought that a vote for LEAVE meant you could go down the road and knock on Mohammeds door and simply say, “We won, LEAVE!” but I won’t, its too bleak a path to tread at the moment given the rise in hate crimes and racism we’ve seen in the last five days.

And the simple fact that Remain protests in London were not reported by the BBC on its main news site, and only mentioned in brief on Newsbeat, is incidental of a public broadcaster that has a remit to fulfil that includes, ‘Shut up and do as you are fucking told!”

This aint over by a long stretch. The worse is yet to come.

To Be Continued, I’m sure.


Note: I was talking about Brexit and the fallout today and I had to laugh at this comment by a colleague. It was said at the height of a conversation that was escalating quickly to give context, “It’s amazing we now want to send all black people back where they came from, given half a chance they wouldn’t be here anyway, didn’t we drag them all here from Africa at the barrel of a gun to do all of the work for free in the first place?” – I’m paraphrasing the comment and adding my own slant of course, but it has some truths. Work for free, now I’m rich, FUCK OFF is the establishments angle. How arrogant of us to include the word Great in our countries name. No ones moaning about immigrants when they benefit from it, and politicians can justify ill treatment of everyone by blaming them. That’s the oldest political trick in the book. Divide and conquer I think they call it and race and nationality is the simplest way to do it. They do it so we take the eye of the ball and don’t keep an eye on what they’re doing. Classic bullshit, that’s politics!


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